Appalling !!!!
Appalling !!!!
Patients forced to make way for Kylie

ELDERLY patients needing heart surgery at Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne were kicked out of their beds to make an entire wing available for Kylie Minogue.

The pop princess, who is being treated for breast cancer, was allocated eight of the hospital's 18 cardio rooms in a move that angered Cabrini doctors and patients.
Minogue's management yesterday said she had not asked for patients to be moved, had not dictated her treatment, and had only directly hired one guard.

Those visiting heart patients on the same floor as Minogue were forced to walk through intensive care and put through rigorous security before they could see their sick loved ones.

Some visitors were stopped from seeing patients altogether by security guards who, when asked, said they were not employed by the hospital.

Medical staff were angered by the hospital's treatment of patients.

"It's unusual that a patient with non-cardio problems that doesn't require monitoring is placed in those beds," a doctor at Cabrini said.

"The intensive care unit was treated as a thoroughfare. It was very distressing and very inappropriate."

It is understood Minogue, a cancer patient, was placed in the cardio ward because it was the most secluded.

Patients reported a security guard was on duty at the end of Minogue's corridor.

The star's parents and boyfriend Olivier Martinez are believed to have stayed at the hospital with her.

Cabrini spokeswoman Jackie Meiers said none of the hospital's patients were compromised as a result of Minogue's stay and "it was business as usual".

But the doctor said the night before Minogue arrived, patients awaiting surgery were moved out of their rooms so the star could have a wing.

A security guard was placed at the end of Minogue's corridor and at least one nurse was dedicated solely to her needs.

"We thought it seemed a little bit over the top," said an elderly woman at Cabrini for heart surgery who was moved out of one of "Kylie's rooms".

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