a village, problably in present Macedonia
a village, problably in present Macedonia
stan I'd like to know about one village. It's most problably Macedonian, but it may be Serbian or even Bulgarian. In Bulgarian it's name is "" or something like that (in present Macedonian - "" or "").

I'm trying to make something like family tree and my grandmother's grandfather is from that village. She doesn't know where it was exactly, but told me that is somewhere "at the border". I cheked and I didn't found anything about that village (or town - I'm not exactly sure).

My grandmother's father was born in 1886, so problably my grandmother's grandfather is born around 1856-1866 in that "village".
May be the name have changed, may be that village does not exist now, I don't know.

Do you know somehting about village like this?
Have you met this name in a historical documents, notes or letters?
Jakov Stan, daj nekoj podetalni informacii ili nasoki. Pokraj koja granica stanuva zbor, vo koj predel. Dali e pokraj nekoj goelm grad i koj. I d ane postoi toa selo mozebi ke moze da se locira. Dukot neveruvam deka se vika moze da e Dukat, a moze i nekoe slicno. Najdi nesto plus pa ke se otkrie samoto.
stan Thanks for the help Jacob. It took me 3 days to find that village and it's really called "Dukat". I'm sorry for that offtpic, because it's in present Serbia, near Bosilegrad - about 10 km from Macedonian and 16 km from Bulgarian border (by air). Small village settled by 394 people with only one telephone number for the entire village. Thanks again :)
Jakov No problem!