London wins 2012 Olympics
London wins 2012 Olympics
OooOo London wins 2012 Olympics London today won the race to host the 2012 Olympic Games, beating the long-term favourites, Paris, at the finish line to secure one of sport's greatest prizes. Watched by a television audience of billions, the result was announced after the IOC president, Jacques Rogge, opened an envelope containing the name of the winning bid at 1246 BST in the plush ballroom of the Raffles city complex. The UK capital beat Paris in the fourth round of voting in Singapore after a secret electronic ballot of 115 members of the International Olympic Committee. After opening the envelope, with tension high in the hall, Mr Rogge said: "The IOC has the honour of announcing the Games of the 30th Olympiad in 2012 will be in London." The result sparked jubilation in London's Trafalgar Square where supporters of the bid had gathered to greet the result. As expected, the voting went to a fourth round after first Moscow, then New York and Madrid, were eliminated in quick-fire rounds of voting. Lord Coe, the London 2012 bid leader, had earlier presented IOC members with a passionate final presentation in which he said a London games would show "magic happens", and inspire young people around the world. The London games will be based in the east of the city where a large area in the Lower Lea Valley will be regenerated. London's chances grew after no city won more than 50% of the votes in the first round, meaning there was no instant victory. The London 2012 tactic had been to court Madrid's supporters if the Spanish capital was eliminated. The prime minister, Tony Blair, who has led three months of frenetic campaigning and who left Singapore last night to host the G8 summit at Gleneagles after two days of last-gasp courting of IOC members, has promised work will start on preparing the games "within 48 hours" of a winning result. David Beckham and a host of sporting celebrities have been in Singapore pressing for a London games. London last hosted the Olympics in 1948 and will become the first city to host sport's biggest event three times. Today's result is a huge victory for Lord Coe, who has transformed a bid which was originally seen as something of a joke. In an IOC evaluation report last year, London was ranked third in the race behind Paris and Madrid and its transport system was castigated as "obsolete". But the London team improved its bid and assuaged concerns about transport to secure a much better write-up in a subsequent IOC evaluation report published earlier this year. Paris had the advantage of having its main stadium, the Stade de France, already built but London's plans for a new stadium, and its ambitious regeneration ideas, won the day. The winning bid team will host a press conference at 1330 BST.
AaaAa Da gi oneduvam.... jas mislev ke se brkavme so bombi po New York :( Steta bash. Aj so srekja neka im e.
OooOo New York nemashe shansi ushte od sam start ... dodushe oni odpadnaa odma ... mene mi e krivo shto Paris ne pobedi ... ali toa e ..
AaaAa Krivo... ne be, jas samo navijav po sosedski odnosi :)
OooOo Teshko na tie shto zhiveat u London. Ionaka gradot e skup, ustvari e megju najskupite u svet, tek sega koga kje pochnat da ripaat ceni na se i seshto kje im se e*e mamata ;)
vardarce Abe dodeka dojde 2012 godina ne znaeme kakvi ke bidat cenite. Moze V.Britanija ke stane i republika do togas.
RaGeAnGeL niso AaaAa per sega ke trebiT da letame London...vremishteto ne mi se svigat tamu ladni se tia britancive im eem
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Abe dodeka dojde 2012 godina ne znaeme kakvi ke bidat cenite. Moze V.Britanija ke stane i republika do togas.
Pa ne e bash deka neznaeme. Eve ti perimer ... samo shto obajvija deka Vancouver kje bide domakjin na zimskite olimpiski igri vo 2010 godina site hoteli bea rezervirani za pomalku od 10 minuti, cenata na zemjishteto ripnalo astronomski i kiriite pochnale da skokaat.
AaaAa i posle buble burst per ;) Rage... ja go obicam London, a i Londoncani, carevi se, moze da se isplanira eden put... so vreme :)
RaGeAnGeL obicaj per...ti kartite jas smeshtajot i pichime....ama pak ke recam London e mracen mnogu jas sakav ili Madrid ili NYC da pobedit
wolf_pack Paris trebashe...
beaver hunter Moskva... shteta shto rano izleze od igra :(