South Park
South Park
RaGeAnGeL koj gledat??jas sekoja vecer se krsham od smeenje ludilo se
naj jak mi e Cartman(Eric)

Cartman: Respect My Authority!

Cartman: It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a women's separation; this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.

Mr. Garrison: Does anyone know what sexual harassment means?
Cartman: When you are tying to have intercourse with a special lady friend and some other guy comes up and tickles your balls from behind.

Jewish Kid: Is anyone else having problems concentrating on this? I just can't seem to concentrate.
Cartman: Maybe we should send you to a concentration camp.

Cartman: I would never let a woman kick my ass. If she tried something, I'd be like, HEY! You get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie!

Cartman: I used to think disabled people were here for my amusement.

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darkjesus izgleda slabo gi gledame tie amerikanskite sranja[;)]
slasa rage gi imame na piratebv ako sakas da si gi zemis site emisiii
The`bItCh Eve topic za [url=""]south park[/url] be[;)] btw, rage jas gi gledam ko kje gi nachekam i urlam od smeenje[:D] a ovie dvajca mi se zakon[:D][:p] [img][/img]
Originally posted by The`bItCh
Eve topic za [url=""]south park[/url] be[;)] btw, rage jas gi gledam ko kje gi nachekam i urlam od smeenje[:D] a ovie dvajca mi se zakon[:D][:p] [img][/img]
Zlatce moram da ti kazam edno od tebe po zakon nema [^]
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izgleda slabo gi gledame tie amerikanskite sranja[;)]
[:D][:D][:D] ama zatoa ima edno super shou, kanadsko be, vika se Trailer Park Boys. Shouto e super, trojca prijateli sho zhiveat u prikolki-domovi samo se opivaat, pushat i prodavat hash i marijuana, non-stop neshto kradat, polno e so komedija itn. mozhe da se vidi na BBC-Amerika mislam (za amerikancite) ama znaesh kakva e nivnata paranoia, oni epten Edit sakat da udrat pa nekako ne biva[:D]
StormAngel Oh My God, they killed Kenny again. Those bastards. :D A najzakon e toa so site go vozat Kenny kako sto sakaat. Gi sakam South Park!
The`bItCh i stalno kenny e pogoden so neshto[:D]
vardarce South Park se dobri ama mene licno mnogu poveke mi se bendisuvaat Simpsonovi. Imali pogolem balkanac od Homer [:D].
suschestvo Hahahaha Pashe, ludilo show. Ali nemam moznost da gi pratam cesto [V][V][V] Ova da uplodiras po topicov tekstcina ti e Zakon idea. Looking forward [^]
RaGeAnGeL Cartman: Hey! I'm taking my pig and ... screw you guys, I'm going home. This whole idea's stupid anyway. Kyle: What the hell would you know you fat sweaty Mongoloid, you never get higher than a D. Cartman: Hey! Why don't you go back to San Francisco with the rest of the Jews? Kyle: There's no Jews in San Francisco, you retard! Cartman: I'll kick you in the nuts! Cartman: Shut up - you fucking jew!! Mr. Garrison: Eric, did you just say the 'f word?' Cartman: Jew?? Cartman: Maury, I am out of control. Yeah, I use drugs. I can do what I waunt, biatch! Yeah, I have sex, and I don't use protection! It's my hot body; I'll do what I waunt! I don't go to school and I kill people! What-evah! I'll do what I waunt! Cartman: Shut up Kyle! Shut your Goddamn' Jew mouth! You're the reason that there's war in the Middle East.
The`bItCh Stan: "Hey guys Im getting that football helmet I always wanted ofr Christmas!" Kyle: "Wow,how do you know dude?" Stan: "Well,I sneaked into my parents closet last night and I saw it." Cartman: "Oh yeah?Well I sneaked into my moms closet last night and guess what Im getting." Stan: "What?" Cartman: "The Ultra Vibe Pleashure 2000" Kyle: "Whats that?" Carman: "I dont know but it sounds sweet."
The`bItCh Cartman:"My mom says theres a lot of black people in Africa" Cartman:"Screw you guys,Im going home." Cartman:"Im not fat,im big boned!" Mr.Garrison:"Eric,did you said the F word?!" Carman:"Jew?" Kyle:"Oh my God,they killed Kenny!"(looks thoards Stan) Stan:"What?Im not talking to you." Stan:"Wow,Cartman,you acctualy felt bad about what you did to those people and thats why you couldnt laugh." Cartman:"What?No dude,I blew a funny fuze" Mrs.Choacksondick:"OK children,lets all gather around the nice redneck,I mean rancher." Philip:"My name is Philip,but everyone around here calls me Pip(taka se izgovara,ne znam kako se pishuva),because they hate me. Damien:"Then I shall call you Pip." Kyle's Father:"Thats it youngh man,youre not opening youre Honnaka presents tonight!" Kyle:"Its probably just another stupid dradle anyway..." Kyle's Father:"What did you said?" Kyle:"I said Ayk's on fire." Kyle:"Hey officer Barbrady!" Officer Barbrady:"What?" Kyle:"Is it allowed for Jewish people to eat Christmas snow?" Officer Barbrady:"(silence)Yeaaaah." Kyle:"Ah,god damnit!" Cartman:"Well then who put his who-who dilly in my mothers cha-cha?" Cartman:"Mom,can I ask you a question?" Cartman:"Shure hun'" Cartman:"well,you know how my friend Stan has like,a dad?" Mrs:"Yes hun'?" Cartman:"And my friend Kenny,he also has like a dad?" Mrs.Cartman:"Of course hun'" Cartman:"And my friend Kyle,he also has like a dad." Mrs.Cartman:(silence)Well hun',what was youre question?" Cartman:"God damnit mom!Why dont I have a dad!?"
The`bItCh Butters: I can't eat no more, i just keep pukeing it up * Butters Throws Up Cartman: then eat your puke! Butters: NO! Cartman: Oh, C'mmon, japanese girls do it [:D] aj utre pak.. ne mozham vekje me mrzit[:)][:p]
StormAngel Cartman: Damn, shit, respect my fuckin' authority! Sadaam Hussein: Ahhh! Cartman: Yes (zaps him)! Sadaam Hussein: Hey, you need to watch your mouth, brat! Cartman: Dog shit Taco (Zaps him again)! Sadaam Hussein: Quick Satan, do something! Cartman: Try this on for size. Blood-drenched, frozen tampon popsicle! Sadaam Hussein: Hey buddy, I know I was mean before, but don't worry, I can change! Cartman: Okay. Not. Fuck, shit, cock, ass, dildo, boner, bitch, pussy, butthole, Barbara Streisand!
StormAngel Mr. Garrison: Hey, guess what everybody? I'm gay! Principal Victoria: Mr. Garrison? Mr. Mackey: What? Mr. Garrison: I'm as gay as a gymnast on shore leave! Principal Victoria: You admit it? You admit it!!! Mr. Mackey: Oh, that's great, Mr. Garriosn. You've finally come to terms with yourself! Mr. Garrison: Yeah, it feels really good! Principal Victoria: Well, congratulations! Mr. Mackey: Yeah, congratulations! Mr. Garrison: You know, I feel like I can start anew. If it's not alright with you, I'd like to go back to teaching the third grade. Principal Victoria: Oh. I'm sorry, we don't hire gay people. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Cartman: Attention shoppers! Outside today, we have a cripple fight. Cripple fight, outside! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Stan: Hey, do you know where I can find the clitoris? Cartman: What is that like finding Jesus or something? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Cartman: I used to think disabled people were here for my amusement.
The`bItCh South Park - The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers "There are 4 of us! Kenny's soul remains in Cartman's body!" - Kyle Randy Marsh: You see, Token, when a man and a woman really love each other, the man outs his penis into the woman's vagina. It's called "making love" and its normal. Token: And when the woman has 4 penises in her, and then stands above the guys and pees on them, is that love making?.....5 midgets, beating a man covered in 1000 Island dressing. Is that love making? Some guy: The video s-staples. Randy Marsh: Now what's a video staples?! The sandwich. Jimmy: No you retards, the v-v-video s-s-store. Kid: I cast a spell on you wizard. Cartman: What are you doing? Kid: Were playing Harry Potter. Cartman (walking away): Ha, fags! BUTTERS: My movie, my awesome cool movie! my......precious..... [Jimmy trying to speak] Jimmy:We will never pu... We will never pu... "We're not lost, Jewgar of Jewlingraad!-Cartman" Harry Potter Kid: We're playing Harry Potter. (The Fellowship begins walking on) Cartman: HA HA HA! FAGGOTS! Stan: There's someone back there! Cartman: It's Butters. [b]Stan: Butters? Cartman: Yeah, he's been following for like 2 hours. Kindergartener #1: "This looks too tough. We're going to play Harry Potter with the other kids." Kindergartener #2: "Me too." Cartman: "Fine. Go on and play 'Harry Butthole Pussy Potter'." Parents - There you are. Oh God you are safe! Kids - O hey guys, we were just about to come home we had to return the video. Parents - Alright, now-now listen kids, there's some things we need to put into context for you, you see a man puts his penis into a woman's vagina for both love and pleassure, but sometimes the woman lays in top of the man facing the other way so they could put each other's genitals in their mouths this is called 60 90, and it's normal. See boys, a woman is sensative in her vagina and it feels good to have a man's penis inside it. That's Right! But sometimes a woman chooses to use some other things, telephones, staplers, magazines, it's because the nerve inside the vagina are so sensative, it's like a fun tickle! Now, onto double penitration boys, you see, sometimes when a woman has sex with more than one man each man makes love to a different orfis. That's Right. It's something adults can do with really good friends at a comfortable setting. It is also important that you understand why some people choose to urinate on each other. Going #1 or #2 on your lover is something people might do, but you must make sure that your partner is ok with it before you start doing it. Ok boys, do you have any questions? [boys stunned] Stan - wow Kyle - Butters, we said you can't watch it, we have a quest. Butters - Then, Then let me go with you. Kyle - Ok, Fine Butters! But if you're gonna hang out with us you have to play like lord of the rings. Butters - Ah! Ok! [Butters starts humping Kyle] Kyle - Butters what the hell are you doing? Butters - We're playing lord of the rings. [Butters keeps on humping Kyle] Kyle - GET THE HELL OFF ME! YOU'RE A FREAK BUTTERS YOU CAN'T PLAY WITH US. Butters - Let me have the tape! Stan - No, we have to return it. Butters - My movie, my awesome cool movie. My... precious. Stan: I will take it! I will walk to the video store. Clyde: It is too far and too dangerous to go alone. Take with you the wizard, the dwarf, the warrior, the cleric, and the Jew. Kyle: Paladin! Craig: Only the six of us are to go? Stan: No no, there's seven of us. Kenny's soul is still trapped in Cartman's body, remember? Cartman: Yeah, stupid. Kenny (talking from Cartman): Yeah. Luckily, Cartman's body is big enough for the both of us. Cartman: Shut up, Kenny. CARTMAN: And so they set forth; the mighty wizard, the noble ranger, and the covetous Jew. KYLE: I'm a paladin, Cartman! CARTMAN: Jew's can't be paladins. (after Token has watched the tape & is asked what was on it) Token: I'm not playing anymore. (he walks off) Stan: Wha- wait! What'd you see? Token: I don't know. I don't wanna know. I'm out. Catrman: "Thank you, High Elf of Feragon" Clyde: "It's Paragon, Asshole!" Cartman: "We're not lost, we just don't know where we are!" Kenny (as cartman:"That's what lost means, dumbass!" Cartman: "YOU SHUT YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTH KENNY!" (The 6th graders have the video) 1st 6th grader: Dude, what should we do with it? 2nd 6th grader: I dunno! (Butters comes out dressed as a storm trooper) Butters: We should use it to power our death star! (6th graders just stare. Butters turns around and walks away.
The`bItCh Stan:"Hey look dude, it`s Jesus!" Cartman "What are you doing in South Park Jesus?" Jesus: "I come seeking retrebution!" Stan: "Shit Kyle,he came to kill you cause youre Jewish!" Kyle: "Im sorry Jesus!" [:D] Kyle: "OK Ayk,kick the baby!" Ayk: "Dont kick the god damn baby..." Kyle: "Kick the baby." Ayk: "Suck my balls." (Kyle kicks Ayk) Kyle: "OK its time to go to bed." Stan: "Ill keep the first watch." Butters: "Goodnight Stan,goodnight Kyle,goodnight Cartman,goodnight Mery,goodnight Shelly,goodnight Lumpy,goodnight Sasy,goodnight..." Cartman: "Butters Im gonna kill you over and over again." Satan: "Jesus,Im gonna destroy you in a very painfull way!" Jesus: "Oh yeah?" Satan: "Im gonna crush you like a bug!" Jesus: "O-oh yeah?" [:D][:D][:D][:D] Cartman: "Buch is the toughes dog in whole South Park." Stan: "No he isnt,Sparky is." Cartman: "Oh yeah?Well lets see then.Go get him Butch,go get him!" Stan: "Sparky,go get him boy,Kick his ass!" (Sparky stars fucking the other dog) Cartman: "Oh,hes doing something to his ass.But he shure isnt kicking it." Cartman: "Stans dog is a gay homosexual!!" [:D] hahaha..
The`bItCh Kyle: Hey Stan. Did you see that rainbow this morning? Stan: Yeah. It was huge. Cartman: Eh. I hate those things. Kyle: Nobody hates rainbows. Stan: Yeah. What's there to hate about rainbows? Cartman: Well, you know. You'll just be sitting there, minding your own business, and they'll come marching in, and crawl up your leg, and start biting the inside of your ass, and you'll be all like, "Hey. Get out of my ass you stupid rainbows." Stan: Cartman, what the hell are you talking about? Cartman: I'm talking about rainbows. I hate those friggin' things. Kyle: Rainbows are those little arches of color that show up after a rainstorm. Cartman: Oh. RainBOWS. Yeah, I like those. Those are cool. Stan: What were you talking about? Cartman: Huh? Oh nothing. Forget it. Kyle: No. What marches in, crawls up your leg-... Cartman: Nothing. Kyle: ...and starts biting the inside of your ass? Cartman: Nothing. [:D]
The`bItCh [url=""]South Park 3 Word Story[/url] ovie se nenormalni..[:p]
The`bItCh Why Does Kenny always die?
Yeah. That is why he cut out the {insert female organ} out of his dad's Playboy Book, has posters of half-naked woman in his room, wanted to hide in Stan's closet to see stan's mom naked, and constantly says perverted stuff.
StormAngel Ti pa se raspisa, mu onakvi mamata.[:D]
The`bItCh a gay homosexual[^][:D]
MissEviL Oh, shit The`bItCh they kill you again[:D] [:X]
outlaw e zakon se ovie epizodi gi imam na dvd 16 klipcinja se :)
RaGeAnGeL Mr. Garrison: Who was in charge of the feminist movement of the early '60's? Cartman: A bunch of fat old skanks on their periods. Mr. Garrison: Right. But who was the fattest, oldest skank on her period?