A Picture and A Thousand Words
A Picture and A Thousand Words

Behold the tomb of a modern prince. Earlier this week, Star critic Christopher Hume reported on the current construction of a memorial in Mount Pleasant Cemetery for grocery magnate Steve Stavro, best known as owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Shown in the photograph above, Stavro's tomb is topped by a statue of Alexander the Great seated on a rearing horse the conqueror's famous mount, Buchephalus.

Stavro was born in Macedonia, Alexander's home turf, which is why the horseman on the tomb is not Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte or some other equivalent world-beater. The horseman is a symbol of Stavro's roots.

That's not all there is to the memorial, either. More is on its way. "There are panels that have yet to be installed; they will depict the Stavro story from the opening of his first grocery store at Queen and Coxwell, all the way to buying the Maple Leafs and building the Air Canada Centre," Hume wrote.

Toronto Star

wolf_pack Too bad sho ne e veke sopstvenik na Maple Leafs:( Ali Steve Stavro i John Bitov se legendarni makedonski kralovi na Toronto[:)]
Strelec A znaesh li deka se bratuchedi tie dvajca?:)
wolf_pack samo znaev deka se neshto roda:)