Kolku e razviena atmosferata za bisnis vo MK
Kolku e razviena atmosferata za bisnis vo MK
DJ_SHEMA In Praise of Businessmen

By Jason Miko

I confess to admiring businessmen (of course this means businesswomen too). They put a lot at risk, to try to turn a profit and make some money. They put their finances, their reputation, their integrity and sometimes, their families at risk to do so.

And often, good businessmen become wealthy. And thatís why I have no problem with wealthy businessmen Ė they employ the rest of us.

I am not a businessman, though I do take risks. I just donít have the necessary skill sets to become one. In fact, about the only skill set I have is the ability to write (sometimes I can actually write some decent blather) and hopefully, there are some businessmen out there who can use my writing skills. So I have to rely on them to hire me.

This subject came to my mind this weekend for a variety of reasons. First, because businessmen in general seem to be under attack by the Government in Macedonia and because the climate of doing business in Macedonia needs to be changed, in other words, more reform. Second, because I think businessmen in Macedonia arenít fully understood by the public and because Macedonia has this unfortunate cultural problem with envy. Lastly, I wrote it because the World Bank and International Finance Corporation have just released their third annual Doing Business guide. This yearís is called Doing Business in 2006: Creating Jobs.

And that is just what we want Macedoniaís businessmen to do: create and sustain jobs. They should be praised for it, not penalized.

According to this yearís report, Macedonia ranks 81st out of 155 countries. The ranking is based on 10 indicators of how easy it is to do business in a country, and by default, how easy it is for a businessman to create jobs....

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