Македонски народни ора и музика
Македонски народни ора и музика
angel Македонија изобилува со богат фолклор, народни песни и ора кој најдобро ги негуваат и чуваат од заборав нашите ансамбли за народни песни и ора. Попознати песни и ора се следниве: КАЛАЈЏИСКО - кликни [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/kalajdzisko.mp3"]тука [/url]за да го видиш и чуеш. (950KB time 1:00) ПОВАРДАРИЕ - кликни [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/povardarie.mp3"]тука[/url] за да до видиш и чуеш. (565KB time 0:36) ТРЕСЕНИЦА - кликни [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/tresenica.mp3"]тука[/url] за да ја видиш и чуеш. (651КБ time 0:41) ПИРИН - кликни [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/pirin.mp3"]тука[/url] за да го видиш и чуеш. (947KB time 1:00) ВOДАРКИ - кликни [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/vodarki.mp3"]тука[/url] за да го видиш и чуеш. (639KB time 0:40) ЖЕТВАРКА - кликни [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/zetvarka.mp3"]тука[/url] за да го видиш и чуеш. (723KB time 0:46) СЕДЕНКА - кликни [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/sedenka.mp3"]тука [/url] за да го видиш и чуеш. (937KB time 0:59) ЕГЕЈСКО - кликни [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/egej.mp3"]тука[/url] за да го видиш и чуеш.(947KB time 1:00) ПРЕСПАНСКО - кликни [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/prespa.mp3"]тука[/url] за да го видиш и чуеш. (935KB time 0:55) ЃУРЃОВДЕН ТЕШКОТО ОСОГОВКА
angel "NEVESTINSKO" (wedding dance) - female folk dance [url="http://www.geocities.com/ensembleskopje/nevestinsko3.jpg"]види слика[/url] [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/nevestinsko.ram"]слушај ја музиката[/url] The costumes that are used in this choreography are not stylized, with natural materials made and they are the top of the quality and skill of the folks hand made dresses. Extremely rich and unique. Most specifically for the dancer's costume is that they are about 19-21kg weight. This choreography should be performed only in case of experienced dancers because of very difficult steps during the dancing. The dancers must run staying on the fingers all of the time. They are not wearing shoes but the specifically leathery footwear called in original "opinci". The dance is performing with orchestra suite component of traditional specifically domicile instruments called: "kaval", "gajda", "prim" and drum ("tapan"). Because of the fast rhythm and many different steps the game is performing by the best dancers of the Ensemble usually. The choreography "NEVESTINSKO" descents from the west side of the R. Macedonia. The name of the game tells that it's the game that the bride is dancing for the last time as a girl with her friends, before she is going to left her parent's house and change it with her future husband's house. This should be her last goodbye to her parents, relatives and friends.
dejan Fala mnogu Angel, super:)
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Fala mnogu Angel, super:)
Милo ми е што ја доближив Македонија поблиску до тебе.[;)]
angel Povardarie [url="http://www.geocities.com/ensembleskopje/povardarie1.jpg"]види слика[/url] , [url="http://www.geocities.com/ensembleskopje/povardarie2.jpg"]види слика[/url] , [url="http://www.geocities.com/ensembleskopje/povardarie3.jpg"]види слика[/url] [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/povardarie.mp3"]слушни ја музиката[/url] The choreography is mixed with the dances from surroundings of the capitol - Skopje and the area down the river Vardar. The dances were made of unknown popular author, aimed for the afternoon's resting of the young field - workers after a hard working time at the fields. They shows the strong spirit of a ordinary peasants and the energy and creativity they are used to give to make their own life's much easier. The costumes are ones of the most beautiful and richest in the Macedonian folk treasure. They are hand made - not stylized, made in red color mainly and scenic very effective. The choreography is performing massive with at least 24 dancers. The dancers are wearing the specifically leathery footwear called in original "opinci". The dance is performing with orchestra suite component of classical instruments like guitar, accordion, drum ("tapan") etc. The performance is component with several different solo - parts of the dancers and the other group - parts of the games. During the game the dancers are singing songs. The choreography is typically fast, strong and effective.
angel "TRESENICA" - female dance [url="http://www.geocities.com/ensembleskopje/tresenica.jpg"]види слика[/url] , [url="http://www.geocities.com/ensembleskopje/tresenica1.jpg"]види слика[/url] [url="http://geocities.com/pempi2/tresenica.mp3"]слушај ја музиката[/url] This dance has characteristic steps with alternate changing of foot-fingers and foot-back. The dancers must be conditionally very well prepared because of exhausting strong and hard steps full of energy. They have to have natural sense of rhythm and orientation. This is a dance from Mariovo - the area nearby the town Prilep - Central Macedonia. It express the women's main role at the traditional Macedonian family. The steps are very strong, balanced and gracefully. The costumes are exclusively rich and beautiful - mostly in red color with many patterns and details.
angel "OSOGOVKA" - male dance The choreography is from Eastern Macedonia descent. The game is performing with two groups of dancers with two different rhythms and the "tapan" suite. Typically is that the drummer is dancing also during the playing. The steps are characteristic with many scene's effects. The costumes are in white color and the dancers are wearing kerchiefs. The dance is performing with orchestra suite component of classical instruments like guitar, accordion, drum ("tapan"), "gajda" (bagpipe) etc.
angel Народните песни и ора се играат во богати народни носии. [url="http://www.geocities.com/ensembleskopje/zaedno2.jpg"]KLIKNI[/url]
angel Брусничко оро во изведба на Тале Огненовски ->[url="http://www.taleognenovski.com.mk/brusnichko_oro.mp3"]кликни[/url] Станчево оро во изведба на Тале Огненовски ->[url="http://www.taleognenovski.com.mk/stevchevo_oro.mp3"]кликни[/url]
angel Кликни на секој наслов и слушни ги македонските ора: [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/real/teskoto.ram"]ТЕШКОТО[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/nevestinsko.ram"]НЕВЕСТИНСКО[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/camce.ram"]ЧАМЧЕ[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/berance.ram"]БЕРАНЧЕ[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/real/sviraci_majstori/kasapsko.ram"]КАСАПСКО[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/real/tikvesko.ram"]СТАРО ТИКВЕШКО[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/real/Rusalii.rm"]РУСАЛИИ[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/crnogorka.ram"]ЦРНОГОРКА[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/potrcano.ram"]ПОТРЧАНО[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/baba_gjurgja.ram"]БАБА ЃУРЃА[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/cucuk.ram"]ЧУЧУК[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/adana.ram"]АДАНА[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/ora/berovka.ram"]БЕРОВКА[/url] , [url="http://macedoniadirect.com/music/real/sviraci_majstori/ratevka.ram"]РАТЕВКА[/url]
angel Macedonian Folk Dances The Macedonian folk dances have a prominent place in the Macedonian folklore and musical tradition. With respect to style, choreography and customs associated with them, folk dances can be classified into 5 groups or regions: western, southwestern, southern, northern and eastern. Western - Tetovo, Gostivar, Debar, Mavrovo, Kicevo, Krushevo and Porece Female dances are elegant and gracious, while male dances are firm, with complex movements (Teskoto, Nevestinskoto, Chamche, Metkalisteto) Southwestern - Bitola, Prilep, Ohrid and Prespa Lake, Lerin, Kostur, Voden These dances are characterized by epic choreographic elements and complex rhythmic structures (Komitsko, Berance, Masko oro, Kasapsko) Southern - Tikves, Gevgelija, Valandovo, Dojran, Strumica Dances from this region often contain combat elements (Kavadarka, Staro Tikvesko) and ritual elements ( Rusalii, Dzamalari) Northern - upper Vardar, Polog Valley (Tetovo, Gostivar), Skopsko, Skopska Crna Gora, Skopska Blatija, Veles, Ovce Pole These dances are tipycally fast-paced, with energetic movements; usually performed at gatherings (Crnogorka, Potrcano, Baba Gjurgja, Cucuk, Krstackata, Adana) Eastern - Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka, Delcevo, Pehcevo, Kocani, Berovo, Stip Radovis and Pirin Macedonia Fast paced dances, with stomping steps (Kopacka, Berovka, Ratevka, Malesevka, Arnautsko) Macedonian folk dances are numerous and varied. Their names derive from: place names, personal names, crafts, animals, instruments, type of dance, type of hold, customs etc. Macedonian folk dances are performed during religious holidays (Bozik, Vodici, Veligden, Gjurgjovden, Spasovden, Petrovden), state holidays and weddings, usually in the center of the village, in front of churches, schools and houses. The dancers form in a circle and hold together in several ways: by hands, by shoulder, by the waist, under arm and by arms down. Each dancer performs the same movements and steps, usually to the right (ccw), except in certain dances, which are performed to the left (cw). The dance melodies are played on traditional instruments: gajda, zurla, tapan, kaval, tambura, tarabuka, ut, dajre. The chalgii ensemble (which consists of a violin, clarinet, ut, lauta, kanon and dajre) is characteristic of the towns. Macedonian folk dances abound in choreographic movements: pivot turns, dropping to knees, jumps, hops, vertical movements, crossed steps, side steps, accented steps, kneel dancing and many others. Change in the rhythm is characteristic of many folk dances: fast, slow and a transitional part.
Lidija Angel, igraorka (igraorec!) si ili samo sakas epten mnogu folklor!
mArInCe angela sve sakat :)) edit: sakav da kazham, imat poznavanja od mnogu sferi od kulturata i opshto od zhivotot [;)][8)]
V irginia Mnogu ti fala , Angel ![:X] Bas mi interesira Ora i dr. balkanski ( makedonski ) folklor.
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Angel, igraorka (igraorec!) si ili samo sakas epten mnogu folklor!
Лиде, почитувам се што е обележје на мојот народ и на мојата татковина. Од играње фолклор освен правото на свадби ништо не знам. Срамота. Кога бев девојка денсавме во дискотеки на странски хитови кој и денес се вртат и подобри не измислија, за чудо. Затоа останав тапа за фолклор. И денес во потесно друштво пријатели се забавуваме на истиот начин и на истите диско песни. Така се забавувам но го промовирам и сакам сето она што е Македонско затоа што тоа сме ние. Какви сме такви сме, најдобри сме си. [;)]
Lidija Super si prajs za to, site so ne znat da vidat deka super folklor imame. Jas imam igrano nekolku godini vo Bitola pa ko ke se sretnime nekoj den ke te podnaucam nesto ako ne zaborajv i jas [:)]!!!
angel Лиде за тебе и за сите патриоти: SEDENKA Слушни и види го орото -> [url="http://www.geocities.com/ensembleskopje/Movie002.gif"]KLIK[/url] These are the dances from Eastern Macedonia. The choreography is one of the most joyful and dynamic game that was settled. The dancers are mixed (boys and girls) an there are solo parts played by two boys symbolizes duel between them for a girl's affection. This game is playing at spring usually. The costumes are original from Eastern Macedonia basically in black color with folk motives hand made. The dance is performing with orchestra suite component of classical instruments like guitar, accordion, drum ("tapan") etc. and at least 24 dancers.