Action Alert - Grcite lobiraat - Javete SE!!!
Action Alert - Grcite lobiraat - Javete SE!!!
DJ_SHEMA US DRAFT RESOLUTION URGES Macedonia TO STOP PROPAGANDA AGAINST GREECE Washington, 1 November 2005 (16:48 UTC+2) A draft resolution calling on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Macedonia) to put an end to its negative and nationalistic propaganda against Greece and cooperate with the United Nations and Athens to find a mutually acceptable name, was tabled in the US House of Representatives by the co-presidents of the Congress' Hellenic Caucus group, Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Michael Bilirakis. According to the "GreekNews", the draft resolution refers to the UN General Assembly decision to accept Macedonia to the organisation under the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in April 1993, to the 817/1993 Security Council resolution for settling the dispute over the new state's name, and to the 1995 Interim Agreement between Athens and Skopje. It is also pointed out in the resolution that Macedonia "has allowed the dissemination of negative and nationalistic propaganda through school books that teach pupils that parts of Greece - including Greek Macedonia - belong to Macedonia, and through maps that show a "Great Macedonia" extending to Mount Olympus in Greece and to Mountain Pirin in Bulgaria in the east, thus consolidating, among parts of its population, enmity towards Greece."
ProMKD Kolku sto znam jas, nie go razgledavme i go prifativme predlogot na nimitz za sporot so imeto, a grcite ODMA go otfrlija, znaci koj e nekonstruktiven?? I za toa vo ucebnicite, nie nemozeme da ja krieme vistinata za Makedonija.
DJ_SHEMA Shto moze da napravite vie? Onie od USA i Canada Javete se na slednive reprezentativci: Congressman Smith: (202) 225-3765 Congressman Engel: (202) 225-2464 Congressman Payne: (202) 225-3436 Congressman Menendez: (202) 225-7919 Congresswoman Harris: (202) 225-5015 Congressman Burton: (202) 225-2276 Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen: 202-225-39 31 Congressman McCotter: 202.225.8171(dosta ludje se javile tuka) Congresswoman McCollum : (202) 225-6631 Congressman Wilson: (202) 225-2452 Congressman Fortenberry: (202) 225-4806 Komentarite treba da kazat deka: We encourage the Congressman/woman to vote againstouse Resolution 521 which was referred to the Committee on International Relations because: The USA conveyed full diplomatic recognition to Macedonia by her constitutional name, the Republic of Macedonia Under the rule of international law, there is no precedent granting to any government the power or authority to dictate to an independent sovereign nation what that nation's name is or should be There is already an ongoing name recognition process and that any interference may negativly imapct these efforts. UN has named a US representative, Mathew Nimitz to lead this effort, in which Macedonia constructivly participates. Recently Macedonia positivly responded to a proposal while Greece immidietly reject the it!!! The stability of the region depends on Macedonia and that US should support Macedonia in its European Union and NATO efforts and vote against this resolution!!!! Summary od rezolucijata moze da se najde na ako ima error togash odete na i barajte 521.
DJ_SHEMA United Macedonian Diaspora sprema pismo koe utre kje bide dostaveno do site senatori protiv ovaa rezolucija. No toa ne e dovolno. Mora da se javat golem broj Makedonci i da krenat dzeva okolu ovaa rezolucija.
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