Swiss voters give e-voting via SMS a try
Swiss voters give e-voting via SMS a try
OooOo Swiss voters give e-voting via SMS a try The first ever SMS vote is taking place in Switzerland with the residents of B#252;lach using mobile phone text messages to decide on speed restrictions in the town. The B#252;lach vote will be followed by similar ballots in two other communities, after which the federal authorities will decide whether to roll out text voting throughout the country. The residents of B#252;lach in canton Zurich are casting text, internet, postal and ballot box votes on proposals to introduce a 30kmph speed restriction for vehicles. The result will be known on October 30. The pilot project will then be extended to Schlieren and Bertschikon, also in canton Zurich, on November 27, when the issues of shop opening hours, GM crops and integration courses will be put to a ballot. Project leader, David Kn#246;ri of canton Zurich's Office for Statistics, told swissinfo that SMS voting will bring Swiss voting technology into the 21st century, following a successful internet voting trial in Ani#233;res, canton Geneva, in January 2003. "Switzerland has fallen behind in this area, but this is a step in the right direction," he said. "We want to offer people the full range of telecommunications options and make it easier for disabled people to vote." Voting habits Kn#246;ri also believes the new technology will change voting habits in Switzerland. "We forecast that particularly younger people will take advantage of e-voting, but we have seen in B#252;lach that many middle-aged people regularly use SMS too," he said. "I don't necessarily think that more people will vote as a result of e-voting but I do believe that many people who used to send their votes in the post will switch to SMS." The system has been thoroughly tested for safety and underwent a trial run during student elections at Zurich University last December. Each user will be sent a unique user ID through the post. They also have to enter a personal code and their date of birth before they can send their vote, which is recorded to prevent repeat voting. The new technology has been broadly welcomed by the people of B#252;lach, but has also been viewed with some scepticism by some of the community's older generation. "I'm not sure yet if I will vote by text message," k*rt Klinger told Swiss television. "I'm not that used to these new electronic devices, but it's possible that I may try it."
StormAngel Ako vo Shvajcarija se ceni neshto mnogu, toa e vremeto. Bash zaradi nemanje vreme, lugeto ne izleguvale na izbori. Zatoa i ovaa ideja.[;)] Valjda ke im uspee, valjda i ne. Ama za proba, pari ne se zemaat.
VeGaS Jas sum siguren deka imaat povekje vreme od Amerikancite [;)]
wolf_pack Nemaat poveke be, treba pari da se brojat u tie svetski banki, neutralen mir da se chuva, sho mislesh ti:)
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Jas sum siguren deka imaat povekje vreme od Amerikancite [;)]
I jas taka mislev.
VeGaS Jas mislam deka se gubi serioznosta na glasanjata dokolku se odviva na ovoj nachin.