Secret Women's Business
Secret Women's Business
mafisKumA i bas vreme za zenite da si imame nase mesto [;)] kaj sto ke si mozime da si shepotime sto se samo zenski muabeti [^] dobro dojdojdete na zenski temi
riba eeee super...mi se sviga...falese ova! bravos [^] se nadevam deka i nie "pomladata populacija" na zeni mozeme da postirame i komentirame tuka iako ne sme majki [:)]
SpaceLily E..bravo!I mene mi se nadevam ke naucham nekoj raboti sho ne gi znam:)
Whitebaby Abe ajde... ushte ne ste pochnale da shepotite? [:0]
desijat84 Inaku zenite se poznati po mnogu zborlest pol:).A sega...:))
dalila Mashkive imaat pristap ovde, pa se sramime[:I][:D]
mafisKumA ok ladies, we need a theme song, which one shall it be? "I am Woman hear me roar" or "Sisters are doing it for themselves" [?][^][:p]
Originally posted by mafisKumA
ok ladies, we need a theme song, which one shall it be? "I am Woman hear me roar" or "Sisters are doing it for themselves" [?][^][:p]
LIKE HELL! If i have to roar then someone is in deep shit! Furthermore if i have to do it for myself ... then my question is what am i doing wrong? and what are the guys on this planet doing? Great topic Jules, maybe you can share some of your wise advise to us younger lassies? The advise that i could offer the girls will NOT be well received for as you know .... I DO live an alternative lifestyle that is frowned on by the masses ... basically, i do with my life what some people lack the courage to even think! By the way, do you know how i can remove a biro stain from my white linen shirt?[:p]
mafisKumA Legal as for the doing it for yourself (wink wink nudge nudge say no more) [:p][;)] now let's get down to business regarding the linen shirt. are you nuts? do you know how much ironing linen requires [:p] regardless try some cold water and lemon juice on the stain
Legal-Eagle I can tell you, that there has not been a lot of 'nudging and winking' this week, I am in the SIN BIN, apparently i find shopping at David Jones more exciting than the significant other. I will try the lemon juice, but as for ironing linen if you put your linens in a plastic bag while still damp into the freezer for a couple of hours it is really easy to iron and becomes nice and soft so the creases are not so definite [:D] How do i know all of that? I came home the other day to a freezer full of linen shirts and skirts, i thought my cleaner was out of her mind, but she said it works ... and what she says is the gospel. But unfortunately after 5 - 6 washes she cant get the stain out.[:(] Will let you know if it works