MK Businessmen from Aus. interested in 'Molika'
MK Businessmen from Aus. interested in 'Molika'
dejan Macedonian Businessmen from Australia Look to Take Over Molika By Branko Ivanovski Two Australian businessmen of Macedonian origin have put forward a major bid in taking over the well known Bitola hotel "Molika" on Mount Pelister. The Macedonians, Peter Ristevski and Justin Naumovski, are well known to the Macedonian community of Australia. Both have been heavily involved politically and culturally. They have organised, promoted and financed many events over the past 10 years that have benifited Macedonians within Australia and the Republic of Macedonia. Peter, who was born and lives in Sydney is a CEO and founder of a well established Sydney Accounting and Wealth Management Firm and is currently in the process of establishing a car company that will take the Asian market by storm. He has numerous pubs and gaming ventures within the state of New South Wales. Justin, who was born and lives Melbourne, is a Financial Analyst for a well respected Multi-National company and has many years experience within Australian Financial cirlces. He has strong ties with high profile Australian politicians and political parties. Both are jointly involved in business through an Event Management company and have numerous property devolpments in place throughout Australia. Ristevski and Naumovski are behind the newly formed Australian - Macedonian Chamber of Commerce which seeks to create greater economic and political co-operation between the two countries. Their aim is to create a strong lobby for the benefits of their beloved homeland - Macedonia. "We have in place a program that will bring together all major factors within the Macedonian community, whether that be businessmen, organisations or individuals. We value the importance of investing in the Republic of Macedonia and creating a stronger national economic strategy" stated Ristevski. Their interests in taking over the luxury Bitola Hotel stem from both business and national interests. Justin Naumovski believes that "Time has come for the Macedonians of the Diaspora to start giving something back to Macedonia. We believe that by investing in the homeland we can achieve both national and financial achievements. Lets follow the Israeli, Irish and Croatian models and work on creating an economically strong and prosperous Macedonia by investing our money made in those foreign countries we live in". The two will be in Macedonia within the next month looking to secure a deal in taking over "Molika". It is believed that a substantial sum has been offered for the take over. Bravo![:)]
OooOo Za shto bravo? Dobi Molika ponudi od eden francuski biznismen pred izvesno vreme. Bitolchani go izbrkaa. Ne gledam zoshto ova bi proshlo ...
dejan Pa izvini togas.
OooOo Nemoj pogreshno da me razberesh ... jas sum za investicii i gi podrzhuvam investiciite vo Makedonija ... ideata na momcive im e super, kje go vidime ishodot :)
toni_a kolku e procenkata za vrednosta na hotelot,znae li nekoj?
zlotty_co_380 jas mislam uste edna propala investicija ke bide, ili ke im napravat nesto slicno kako sto mu napravile bitolcanite na amerikancite