Во понеделник, парламентарни избори во Канада
Во понеделник, парламентарни избори во Канада
Strelec Canadian voters head to the polls in federal elections on 23 January. LIBERAL PARTY: PAUL MARTIN [img]http://www.lukaroski.com/forum/CanadaPaulMartin.jpg[/img] Paul Martin's minority centrist Liberal government was brought down in a vote of no-confidence in November 2005, after just 17 months in office. Although he was exonerated by a judicial inquiry, the prime minister was unable to distance himself from allegations of corruption in the French-speaking province of Quebec in the late 1990s when he was federal finance minister. Regarded as a fiscal conservative, he was credited with clearing Canada's large budget deficit in the 1990s. His struggle to stay in power as prime minister and shake off the scandal earned him the nickname "Mr Dithers". The Quebec MP succeeded the long-serving Liberal Party Prime Minister Jean Chretien in December 2003. Mr Martin trained as a lawyer and entering parliament in 1988. For 30 years, he was a hugely-successful businessman, owning more than 30 companies. Born in Ontario in 1938, Paul Martin is the son of post-war Liberal cabinet minister Paul Martin Sr, who made a number of unsuccessful bids for the party leadership. He is married with three children. CONSERVATIVE PARTY: STEPHEN HARPER [img]http://www.lukaroski.com/forum/CanadaStephenHarper.jpg[/img] Alberta MP Stephen Harper was elected leader of the right-wing Conservative Party (CPC) in 2004, created a year earlier by the merging of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. The new party reunited Canada's political right after years of disarray. The CPC may be relatively new, but Mr Harper is no newcomer to politics. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, he worked in the oil industry in Alberta and got involved in politics while still at school. After years of working as a political aide, he was elected to parliament in 1993. A fiscal conservative and federalist, he is credited with moving the party towards the centre of the political spectrum. A keen strategist, he is still the most conservative of the main party leaders, with strong views on taxation, law and order and same-sex marriage. He failed to defeat the Liberals in 2004, although his party reduced them to a minority government. His appeal seems to have strengthened however, with the latest opinion polls placing Mr Harper's party in the lead. The polls suggest he may even gain enough support to lead a majority government, which would make his the first Tory government in more than a decade. He is married with two children. NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY: JACK LAYTON [img]http://www.lukaroski.com/forum/CanadaJackLayton.jpg[/img] Born in Quebec in 1950, the head of the left-wing NDP comes from a family with a political lineage stretching back to the 19th Century. His father was a Conservative MP, and his grandfather resigned from the Quebec provincial government over its lack of support for Canadian participation in World War II. Mr Layton entered local politics as a Toronto city councillor in 1982, later earning a PhD in political science and teaching at university level. As an activist and local politician, he was involved in setting up Canada's first municipally sponsored Aids strategy and a number of environmental projects. Mr Layton was a city councillor until he was elected leader of the NDP in 2003, only entering the House of Commons after the 2004 general election. His party propped up the minority Liberal government for a number of crucial votes, in exchange for increased social spending, before backing a no-confidence motion late last year. He is married, with two children from a previous marriage. BLOC QUEBECOIS: GILLES DUCEPPE [img]http://www.lukaroski.com/forum/CanadaGillesDuceppe.jpg[/img] Born in 1947 in Montreal, Gilles Duceppe is the leader of the left-wing federal Bloc Quebecois, which is devoted to the promotion of sovereignty for the province and has close ties to the provincial separatist party, the Parti Quebecois. The son of a famous Quebec actor, Mr Duceppe says his separatist ideals were fostered by childhood experiences. A teacher once slapped him for complaining that French pupils had to stand in the aisle on school buses, and he slapped her right back, he told the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. Like many of the other major party leaders, Mr Duceppe comes from a political family: his father was active in local politics and was one of the NDP's founding members. He was the first MP elected under the Bloc platform, in 1991, and became party leader in 1997. The BQ won 54 out of Quebec's 75 seats in the 2004 election, and is predicted to do well again in the 2006 vote. Mr Duceppe is married with two children.
VeGaS Strelec za koj kje glasash?
wolf_pack Постои ли некоја партија во Канада што коалицира со сепаратистите т.е. Bloc Quebecois or Party Quebecois? Ко гомнарите кај нас...
Goran-Skopje Strelec, abe namesteno e?[:p] Goran-Skopje
Strelec Dosega na vlast bea Liberalite na Paul Martin, no poslednite ispituvanja na javnoto mislenje velat deka vo golema prednost se konzervativcite... Demokratite na Jack Layton se tretata politichka sila vo Kanada i ne zaostanuvaat mnogu zad ednite i drugite. Chetvrtata politichka partija koja e vo igra e partijata na Gilles Duceppe, koja shto (kako shto vi kazha i Wolf) e onaa partija koja shto se bori za otcepuvanje na Quebec. Inaku, i pokraj toa shto anketite mu davaat golema prednost na Harper, sepak ishodot e neizvesen poradi mnozinskiot sistem na glasanje koj shto povekje im odgovara na liberalite! Jas sluchajno dojdov do edno pismo, koe shto nekoj si Tom (pojma nemam koj e toj) mu go pishuva na Chris (i toj pojma nemam koj e)... No, sodrzhinata na pismoto e interesna: Chris, As with all parties, our competition has entrenched contacts in the Conservative Party. Do we have anyone in Harper's inner circle that we can help us with the recognition of Macedonia under the Constitutional name. Please note, Harper's press secretary is Dimitri Soudas a well connected Montreal Greek Canadian and his private party pollster is Dimitri Pantazopoulos. It would be good if we also had people this close. It should be also noted that we need influence at the level of Sen. Hugh Segal the co-campaign chair for the Conservatives. Sen. Segal was key advisor to Brian Mulroney in 1990 who advised the then Conservative government not to recognized Macedonia because of the backlash from the Greeks. Sen. Segal will likely be the leader in the Senate if the Conservatives are successful. If the Conservatives are successful, do our members who support the Conservatives have a plan of who and how to influence this possible government? Regards, Tom Jas ne kazhuvam za kogo kje glasam... Kje go zadrzham pravoto na tajnost pri glasanjeto!:)
јузер Гледајќи те на аватарот..Либерте` капа носиш место Либералите`, што значи за отцепување на Квебек ќе гласаш!:)
Strelec [img]http://i1.tinypic.com/n4faqh.jpg[/img]
wolf_pack Многу ми се свиѓа како овде повеќето у мојто маало не знаат ни всушност кои партии се главни[:D] Може да напраат една кампања овие Блок Ќебекуа, нека земат едно седиште и во Онтарио[:D] Колку и да е за зезање со нив, да ви кажам дека пред 11 години за малку ќе дојдеше до немир овде, дури и се спремаа за градски судири или војна...51% гласаа за да не се отсепат, па блиска е била математиката...
beaver hunter sho be .. izbori kje ima.... nikoj ne tropna na vrata nikoj upaljach ne ostai, nitu pak penkalce, nigde nema panoa so poraki nigde nema senarodni sobiri... sho izbori kje bidat... kiznae...
wolf_pack хехе шо викаш, еве пред еден саат ми се јавува некој и на display вели 'Conservative'[:D] И дамата ме пита дали имам минута? Sure и велам јас, и ми раскажува дека јас и мојта фамилија нема да чекаме во болниците, и дека GST таксата ќе била намалена за 1% ако победат и уште 1% 4 години подоцна[:D][:D] Јас и реков, "You know my number now, call me to give me my GST refund for the year"[:D]
Originally posted by beaver hunter
sho be .. izbori kje ima.... nikoj ne tropna na vrata nikoj upaljach ne ostai, nitu pak penkalce, nigde nema panoa so poraki nigde nema senarodni sobiri... sho izbori kje bidat... kiznae...
Edinstvena rabota shto ovde me potsekja na izborite vo Makedonija e toa kako se vregjaat kandidative eden so drug!:) Duri i beter se ovie!:)))
wolf_pack Paul Martin беше гостин кај нас у факултетот и одма библиотеката кај учат правниците ја преименуваа The Paul Martin Law Library, шо ти е дипломат ејјј:)) И булевард уште малку ќе му стават[:D] Колку е интересно ко видеш дипломиран лажач како ѓи лаже луѓето во очи[:D][:D]
Strelec Canadians set to end Liberals' reign If Conservative leader Stephen Harper wins, as all the polls and pundits are predicting, it will end nearly 13 years of Liberal Party rule and could shift the traditionally liberal country to the right on socioeconomic issues such as health care, taxation, gay marriage and abortion. Relations with the Bush administration would likely improve under a Harper government, as his ideology runs along the same lines of many Republicans south of the border.
OooOo na koja web strana mozhe da se prati odzivot na glasachi i slichni statistiki?
toni_a ne se glasa vo povekjeto drzhavi vo nedela? ponedelnik da ne e neraboten den vo CAN [:D]
OooOo tersene lugje ostaj [:D]
Originally posted by OooOo
na koja web strana mozhe da se prati odzivot na glasachi i slichni statistiki?
Na Tugjino Jabano imash link... najgore! Inaku, ova e sajtot kade shto avtomatski kje se registriraat site podatoci (onaka kako shto kje pristignuvaat): http://www.elections.ca/
OooOo Nekolku pati deneska poglednav na toj sajt, ama nema nikakvi informacii cel den ... ili jas nemozham da gi najdam :)
Originally posted by Strelec
Малку ме изненади кога прочитав: Communist Party
Na Queen & Danforth imaat i plakati duri :))
OooOo Od dvajcata Makedonci shto se nominiraa na ovie izbori Lui Temelkovski dobi nov mandat, a Jovan Boseovski ne.
Originally posted by Strelec
E bate drzhavata!?
strelec nemoj be taka da vikas, zdravje ako ne sega vo godina ke ima i se, pa duri i sol ako se moze :)) tuku, sala na strana , sakam da prasam nesto, OooOo podole spomna deka eden od Makedoncite dobil uste eden mandat a eden izgubil, vidovte nekoje fajde od niv, nesto pomognaa za makedoncite tamu, se izborija li za nekoj pogolmi prava, ili samo oni si gi napolnija dzebovite?
Originally posted by zlotty_co_380
tuku, sala na strana , sakam da prasam nesto, OooOo podole spomna deka eden od Makedoncite dobil uste eden mandat a eden izgubil, vidovte nekoje fajde od niv, nesto pomognaa za makedoncite tamu
Mene lichno ne mi pomogna, aj shto ne mi pomogna nego i me zaebavashe so meseci za eden problem shto go imav.
se izborija li za nekoj pogolmi prava, ili samo oni si gi napolnija dzebovite?
Paaaa na site oficijalni web strani na Kanadskata vlada Makedonija vekje ne ja pishuva kako FYRO-Macedonia tuku kako Macedonia. Veruvam deka on ima nekakov si udel vo taa rabota. Znachi suma sumarum: Dali mi e drago shto pobedi Lui Temelkovski poshto e Makedonec? DA! Dali go cenam kako chovek? NE! Za Boseovski mi e zhal shto ne pobedi, zatoa shto sega kje nemame predstavnik Makedonec vo novava vlada.
zlotty_co_380 premnogu iskreno, fair enough
wolf_pack Луи добил мандат? Значи Либералците пак победија? (Мрзе ме да видам на ТВ, како изгубија Maple Leafs ќе го скршам телевизорот:)
OooOo Jok, sega za sega kako stojat rabotite Konzervativcite se u vodstvo. Vidi tuka -> http://enr.elections.ca/ElectoralDistricts_e.aspx
wolf_pack Party | Candidate | Votes | % Votes Communist | Bob Mann | 374 | 0.8 | 0.8% Conservative | Frank Rukavina | 12,159 | 24.9 | 24.9% Green Party | Jo Pavlov | 1,489 | 3.1 | 3.1% Liberal | Tony Valeri | 17,078 | 35.0 | 35.0% N.D.P. | Wayne Marston | 17,696 | 36.3 | 36.3% Interesno, go staviv mojto postal code i vidi shto dobiv:) 374 glasale za komunistichkata partija[:D] NDP vladealo kaj nas, eee ne bi pogodil ni toa:)
Strelec [img]http://www.tugjinojabano.com/images/elections.jpg[/img] Многу интересна ситуација!:) Конзервативците ги добија изборите, ама им недостасува уште барем еден член за да формираат влада. Единствена можност би им била евентуална коалиција со ’сепаратистите’ од Quebec, која што е ептен нелогична со оглед на фактот што се работи за две ултрадесни (но и спротивставени) партии. А башка што една таква коалиција би била ’самоубиство’ за двете партии за следните парламентарни избори! Дали многу скоро ќе има уште едни избори?:)
wolf_pack Пивото го прогнозира победникот на изборите Макфакс 23.01.2006 Една пивара од Онтарио во Канада, дошла на интересна идеја - на шишињата да залепи етикети со ликови на главните кандидати на претстојните претседателски избори и на тој начин да спроведе еден вид истражување во гласачкото тело. „Минатиот декември на пазарот исфрливме четири пива со ликовите на лидерите на главните политички партии. Резултатите од продажбата се скоро идентични со резултатите од класичните истражувања“, вели Линдзи Кеј, портпарол на пиварата „Трафалгар“. Според него, конзервативците моментално водат со „испиени“ 31 %, пред либералите со 26 %. Во зависност од истражувачите, конзервативците водат со седум до 18 % во однос на либералите на актуелниот премиер Пол Мартен. [url="http://www.a1.com.mk/vesti/default.asp?VestID=57314"]..link[/url]
OooOo I ovie u Kanada si imaat svoe Kondovo ... Man drives truck over ballot box in Nova Scotia Updated Mon. Jan. 23 2006 7:11 PM ET New Glasgow, N.S. — Voters in a central Nova Scotia community have another Ballot Bandit in their midst. Police say a man ran into a polling station in New Glasgow, grabbed a ballot box, and drove over it with his truck. The bizarre incident, a few hours after the polls opened Monday in the Maritimes, was similar to another case in the same town during the federal election in 2000. In the latest incident, the box was reduced to a torn and crumpled mess, but the 57 ballots inside were recovered and placed in a new box, said Elections Canada officials. "They're OK, unspoiled and back in the box,'' said returning officer Lottie Stewart. "Everything is fine.'' Officials called police, who quickly made an arrest. A 56-year-old faces charges of theft and damage to property. Police also expect to lay charges under the Canada Elections Act. Elections Canada spokesman Dana Doiron said there's no official policy on what to do when a box is stolen. "It doesn't happen so frequently that we have rules,'' said Doiron. "It's just common sense. With witnesses from the candidates, they were able to gather up and put (the ballot box) back together so that they could continue and maintain the integrity of the election.'' New Glasgow is in the riding of Central Nova. In the 2000 election, a man walked into a New Glasgow polling station on voting day, placed a note in front of an elections officer, and fled with a ballot box containing 125 ballots. An off-duty officer caught the man, but not before he had thrown the box into a nearby lagoon. The box was recovered, but it wasn't clear if all the ballots were recovered. Voters were asked to cast their votes again, but only 76 returned to do so. Alexander MacKenzie, 51, of Pictou Landing, N.S., was later convicted and sentenced to 30 days of house arrest. He was apparently protesting Ottawa's decision to give $35 million to the Pictou Landing First Nation as compensation for pollution caused by a nearby kraft pulp mill. MacKenzie wanted non-natives to also receive compensation. "They have long-standing grievances and these families had no one who would step up for them,'' Hugh Muir, a scrutineer for local NDP candidate Alexis MacDonald, said Monday. "It's too bad an individual feels he has to go to such lengths to get his grievances heard.'' A few days before the 2000 election, a ballot box containing 140 ballots cast in an advance poll was stolen in Victoria. Seals on the cardboard box weren't broken, and local candidates agreed to let the ballots stand.
beaver hunter e bate izbori e bate ! se javuem na taksi kompanija da me odnese da glasam, a od tamu mi kazhuat, batka, mie nikoj za bespari ne vozime na glasanje! trgnuem, taka peshachkata i se prashuem kako kje go najdam mestoto za glasanje. si vikam, kaj i da e kje vidam kamionchinja polni so brashno, shejcher, zejtin pred mestoto kaj sho se glasa. stignav do mestoto za glasanje i sho da vidam: ni kamionchinja, ni plakati,ni butur ni katar. vleguam u salata za glasanje, gleam dvajca pored kartonskite kutii si sedat, i me prashuat: pokana da ne imate so vas? kako ne, mu kazhuem. me prashue ime, prezime i adresa i istovremeno glea u pokanata da ne sluchajno lazham.ni lichna karta da pobara, ni pasosh ni vozachka dozvola... bog da chuva i da brani! vo red, kazhue, eve ti go pusulchevo, koa kje go popunish, donesi go ovde, i staj go u kutijata. i taka ja zavrshiv taa rabota.... drug pat ako nema taksi, zejtin, brashno i shejcher, ni glasanje ni butur ni katar kje vidat od mene !
OooOo a na raka ti stavija pechat so nevidlivo mastilo?
Strelec E bate drzhavata!?
beaver hunter
Originally posted by OooOo
a na raka ti stavija pechat so nevidlivo mastilo?
ne be ... nishto nemaat.. ni pechati, ni mastilo, kamoli da e pak nevidlivo !!
Strelec Интересни ми се имињата на некои од партиите што учествуваат на овие избори!:) Малку ме изненади кога прочитав: Communist Party малку повеќе ме изненади: Marxist-Leninist Party а најмногу ме изненади: Marijuana Party
beaver hunter ako razno raznite partii delat rushvet: zejtin, brashno, shejcher, koj li znae shto rushvet kje dava Marijuana Party !
zlotty_co_380 I sega koj pobedi vo Canada na izborive? ili uste nema oficijalno .
OooOo Konzervite be :)
slasa bea izborite vo red nemase korupcija , Da ne treba Nadgleduvaci od Ebeno EU da gi kontroliraat :-))))
Originally posted by OooOo
Od dvajcata Makedonci shto se nominiraa na ovie izbori Lui Temelkovski dobi nov mandat, a Jovan Boseovski ne.
Vo koja opstina se kandidirase Jovan Boseovski?
beaver hunter Willowdale... sever-severo-istochen del na Toronto
OooOo Willowdale http://www.votejovan.ca/ridingmap.htm [edit] viJa beaver hunter'o bil pobrz za 10 sekundi :)
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