kako ke gi komentirate ovie reklami???
kako ke gi komentirate ovie reklami???
mitko2848 [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/Popoff.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/LHristoff2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/LHristoff1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/Hristov.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/Bakracheff1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/Lazoff.jpg[/IMG]
mnik Kako ke go komentirate ova............. We all know that this uprising is portrayed as Bulgarian, but let us see some independant accounts from New York Times. I found it interesting that, independent Journalists who were in the Region talked about Macedonians and Bulgarians. and sometimes the Bulgars showed their true face too. You can download the files in order to enlarge them and to read them better. This articles were copied from the Micro film which was made availble by my good friend, great Macedonian. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- here you can read about how the Bulgars arested Macedonian Revolutionaries, dispaching the resolution to suppress the VMRO. http://i2.tinypic.com/oupith.jpg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talking about Bulgarians, they are good liars, but put under preasure, they sometime give some interesting infos. Here you can read that the Ilinden was entierly national Macedonian movment organized by VMRO and Bulgars had nothing to do with the Organization of Ilinden. http://i2.tinypic.com/ouqe83.jpg I will just say that this is not the only one. in the Macedonian Knot, by Hans Lothar Steppan, we read that Bulgarian Ambasador in Cetine, Montenegro, was questioned by the German Ambasador, and was asked if it is true the accusation of some Serb News Paper where the Bulgarians in Macedonia kill Serb Teachers. This was in 1890. On this the Bulgar was persistive to convince the German that: This People are not Bulgarians, but work under cover telling that they are. But the Bulgarians have nothing to do with this murderers. The Author concludes: "If this people were Greeks, the Bulgar would not hesitate to name them as Greeks, so they weren`t, Serbs were they not too. As the Bulgar Ambasador said, they are not Bulgarians, so they must have been Macedonians, since such Political murders were done by VMRO. I say Bulgar under preasure is good Bulgar :wink: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ this two links are one article about the Macedonians. we were not able to make one entire copy from the whole article. http://i2.tinypic.com/ouqhdc.jpg http://i2.tinypic.com/ouqk1v.jpg Imagine, there are clear differentiations between Bulgarians and Macedonians. and note the Autor was there, and talked with Macedonians. one man told him story, and stated, "Im Macedonian engineer." If this is not in National sense, please tell me if there is any Tessalian who say Im Tessalian engineer instead of Im Greek ingeneer. pay attention that the Bulgars were trieing to suppress the VMRO and not to *****t them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ once again what did the Macedonians wanted, and pay attention they are described as: The Macedonians, hardy race of farmers and laberors.... http://i1.tinypic.com/oa9gu9.jpg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What were the Plans of the who, the Macedonians, : pay attention, the guy was there, and talked to them, so if they were Bulgarians, they would be named the Bulgarians :wink: or Bulgarians from Macedonia.... http://i2.tinypic.com/ouqmhc.jpg
mnik Kako ke go komentirate ova...... Interesting is the fact that reports are given by Journalists who were reporting or re-reporting from Sofia Bulgaria. and many ask what was before 1900. here is something that I translated from German from the Hans Lothar Steppan the Macedonian Knot, edited by Stevov. Pay attention that this is from 1900. (Pages 101 to 103 from the book “The Macedonian Knot” by Hans Lothar-Steppan) A Bulgarian document dated 1900 was discovered in Germany which is of immense importance for Macedonia. According to Hans Lothar-Steppan, in December 1909 the German Ambassador to Serbia came across a document which he forwarded to his Department of Foreign Affairs. The document, dated 1900, was a report the Bulgarian Government had sent to their Bulgarian representative in Belgrade, Serbia. The report detailed Serbian activities with regard to disseminating “stimulation for division” information in the Serbian sphere on influence inside Macedonia. In other words, the Bulgarians were concerned about Serbia’s approach to informing the Macedonian people regarding the partitioning their country. In part, the report reads as follows: “We have indisputable evidence from events that have occurred in the last few years that a vast majority of the Christian population in Macedonia will greet the division of Macedonia with hostility. Their own desires are very simple, they want: 1. Guarantees for their personal security, 2. Private property rights, 3. The right of freedom so that they can live in peace and run their own affairs in peace, and 4. Enjoy their rights as equal citizens of the Ottoman State in accordance with international treaties and the laws of the Ottoman Empire. Any attempt at division will cause great dissatisfaction among the Macedonians which will not only bring diplomatically damaging repercussions for us inside Macedonia but will disturb the entire peace in the Balkans and may provoke conflicts that will spill over into Bulgaria as well as into Serbia. A few years ago, when we posed the question of division in our sphere of influence, we experienced protests and hostilities from the Macedonian people. They adamantly fought against any division of Macedonia and insisted that they did not want to be under anyone’s guardianship or tutelage. The idea of self-determination in a separate state has become very popular very quickly among the Macedonian people and any attempts for kinship with other Balkan States will be met with resistance.” This is a rare text which has preserved the idea that the Macedonian people were not just simply victims of their aggressive neighbours but hints that there was a certain negotiation between them. We are left with the impression that the Macedonian people were simply the object of imperial greed, victims of their Christian neighbours, a tragedy of history, but seventy-eight years later, after their county was partitioned, even as a small part of what they were, they again appear as Macedonians. Every sentence in the above text expresses the Macedonian sentiment of the time: 1. The hostility of the Macedonian people against any division, 2. The desire for self-determination under the name Macedonia was manifested even before 1900, 3. Any attempts at dividing Macedonia would provoke the greatest dissatisfaction and conflict, 4. No peace and stability for Bulgaria or Serbia, and 5. The refusal of Macedonians into any kind of kinship with any of the Balkan States. This document, without a doubt, is clear evidence of Macedonian desire for self- determination. NOTES of interest: 1. Even though it was well known to all the Balkan nations that the Macedonians harboured desires for independence and had no desires to be annexed by Greece, Bulgaria or Serbia, their Christian brothers the Greeks, Bulgarian and Serbians took them from one servitude to another. It was their plan all along to liberate them from the Ottomans and subjugate them, forcing them to vanish from history. What is worse is that they almost succeeded were it not for the “spirit of time” and that the world no longer lives in “imperial times” but in times of human and minority rights. Unfortunately, the same States who didn’t hesitate to partition Macedonia in the first place still follow the Turkish Rules of deception which they learned very well and to this day are practicing them on European Governments and World institutions. Case and point: Greece is well versed with history yet it doesn’t hesitate to play the role of a victim when it comes to the Macedonian question, accusing the Macedonians of stealing their State, State name, and State symbols! Even in the 21st century, the same actors, to this day, still tell the same lies plotting and scheming against the Macedonians. They do this with contempt for international law which demonstrates to the democratic powers in the West, specifically the United Nations and the European Union of how weak their executive power is, when it comes to enforcing western standards and values. Isn’t it time they put an end to this? 2. People born from such a disadvantage feel tragically powerless; beaten down by history and robbed of their quality and innocence. Imagine if this Bulgarian document became available to the world not in 1909 but in 1900 when it was written and if the world knew the Macedonian peoples’ desire for freedom and independence. Would the West, Europe and Russia have reacted differently? Would the Illinden uprising of 1903 been supported and would it have succeeded? Most certainly the Macedonian people would have risen and regained their ethnic territory with its old ethnic borders in which they lived for at least fourteen hundred years. The Macedonian question would have been settled peacefully. The Balkan wars of 1912 and 1913 with all their injustices would not have taken place and would not have provoked new injustices. The Macedonian people would have achieved their total independence much earlier and would not have had to wait until 1989/90 to achieve only partial independence. Unfortunately, this history cares not for rights and laws much less for Justice. Bulgarians, Greeks and Albanians have written history in their own nationalistic and egoistic interests, which is not right. Only through Western Power intervention can the falsification of history be rectified and the damage done be repaired. 3. The words, as they were written in the Bulgarian document in 1900, hold true today as they did then and that is Macedonians want: 1. Guarantees for their personal security, 2. Private property rights, 3. The right of freedom so that they can live in peace and run their own affairs in peace, and 4. Enjoy their rights as equal citizens in their own State in accordance with international treaties and the world laws. Macedonians of the early 20th century possessed the wisdom to desire peace, not conquest, and to live free in their own homeland. Today’s Macedonians, in the author’s opinion still want the same things. The Macedonians are the only people in the Balkans who have learned their lessons from centuries of servitude to power-thirsty imperialists and who have no intention of repeating 19th and 20th century practices in the 21st century. Should the Balkan experts wish to correct the problems in the Balkans they must first start by righting the past wrongs. They must give the Macedonians consideration for what they stand for and for their high moral qualities. In response to the statement that Macedonians hate the Moslems for the five-hundred years of Ottoman occupation, which some believe ignited the war in Bosnia, Chris Voss writes, in his opinion this hate “is present less in Macedonia because of the long tradition of ethnic tolerance and because of the apparently lower ‘ecumenical identity’ than with Orthodox neighbours Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria.” Macedonian tolerance was the same then as it is now in the 21st century both inside and outside of the Republic of Macedonia. As the old saying goes; even the best behaved man cannot live in peace if his neighbour is evil. So the real question is; should the European Union continue to turn a blind eye to untruths and injustices or do something about it to remove them?
mnik I just wonder, why the Bulgars arrested Macedonian revolutioneries [?]
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I just wonder, why the Bulgars arrested Macedonian revolutioneries [?]
They arrested Thracian revolutionaries as well, not to mention members of the VDRO a few years later.
aaron The people that you talk this way are your brothers and sisters from Macedonia.Bulgarians from Macedonia!That's what your brainwashed by the Serbs, big and empty heads have to comprehend.
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Че кво ли пък друго ти остава? Имаш ли въобще друг избор? Немаш! Всички мишки и зайци в своите дупки се мислят за победители...........
Јас излегов на отворен мегдан со моите аргументи, ти Господине и твоите другарчиња не одговоривте. Се расправав со повеќемина од вас и кога ја поставив својата финална точка за која патем и не се потрудив многу да ја образложам, одеднаш исчезнавте. Така што на овој интернет мегдан се виде кој избега и се сокри. Исто така сеуште се гледа кој избегнува да се соочи со аргументите и да им даде одговор ако го има. Ти си тој кој се користиш со погрдни и омаловажувачки зборови, наместо ако ја имаш вистината да ни/ми ја образложиш. Но самите тие зборови со кои се обидуваш да ги квалификуваш оние од кои се плашиш зборуваат за тебе. Ем ти е страв да одговориш на моите прашања ем се вадиш со навреди. Јас за својата земја досега не сум избегнал од ниеден мегдан, ја имав честа и со пушка да се борам за неа. При тоа не мразам ниеден народ и меѓу другото не сум рекол овде ниту еден погрден збор за Бугарите како нација. Така прво на културен начин ти покажав дел од вистината, но за жал ти избега кога ја виде и не даде никаков одговор. Кога бегаш без одговор ти си страшливец од вистината кој се обидува да се сокрие со навреди. Ако имаш на ум некаков поинаков дуел освен овој форумскиот јас ти стојам на располагање за да се утврди кој се крие в дупка.
sardaukar Бидејќи долго време никој не даде квалитетен одговор на моите 10 глобални точки поставени во „Македонците во Пиринско“(забелешките од tervel се мизерни за да бидат коментирани и се однесуваат само на 2 точки од 10 кои ги напишав) кој ја потврдуваат самобитноста на Македонскиот народ објавувам. ПОБЕДА НА МАКЕДОНСКАТА ВИСТИНА НАД БУГАРСКИТЕ ЛАГИ Со оглед на тоа што не можевте да одговорите на прашањето каде ги поставив 10-те логички точки ќе ви дадам совет. Знам дека се најдовте пред прашања на кои не можевте да одговорите. Тоа нека ви биде јасен доказ дека има нешта кои не може да се сокријат. Колку и да ги менувате и изменувате вистинските факти сепак глобалната вистина му е очигледна на секому. Вадевте секакви документи. Ги вовлекувавте во шума од прашања и квази документи кои наводно ги потврдуваа Вашите тврдења сепак обичната вистина на обичната логика на обичниот човек не можевте да ја сокриете. Кога излеговме на чистина немавте што да одговорите. Затоа ве советувам. Наместо да се расправате со нас за нешта на кои ние нема шанси да им се потчиниме од причина што се чиста лага видлива како што видовте со најобично логичко размислување дојдете и навистина братски потрудете се да се зближат двата народи. Оставете ги вашите теории. Тие можете да видите во овие изминати децении не и донесоа добро на Бугарија, а нема да ви донесат добро ни вам како поединци. Само го зголемуваат јазот меѓу двата народи кои инаку би требало да бидат доста блиски. Со тие теории направивте нашите заеднички непријатели да имаат корист на сметка на двата народи. Гледаме како исламот од исток ги притиска и Македонија и Бугарија. И двете се под голем притисок. Нема муслиманите во Бугарија уште долго да бидат кротки првата шанса која гледам веќе им се пружи во Бугарија ќе почнат да ве уценуваат како што цело време ја уценуваат Македонија. Мислите дека тоа е невозможно? Не тоа е веќе започнато само што сега во моментов вие не можете тоа да го видите. Разберете ја нашата позиција. Ние сакаме да бидеме блиски со нашите соседи. Таква шанса имаме со Грција а посебно со Србија. Бидејќи тие иако се наши должници со меѓусебно попуштање можеме да се договориме. Но со нашиот сосед Бугарија со вакви лаги и тврдења не можеме никако да се помириме од проста причина што она што вие ни го барате е се што ние имаме. Едноставно немаме што меѓусебе да си попуштиме. Бидејќи вие просто не ни барате ова или она туку ни ја барате самата наша душа Македонска. Разберете го тоа. Се додека ни идите со вакви хегемонистички теории никогаш Македонија и Бугарија нема да се зближат како ни нивните народи. Сменете го начинот бидејќи тој и лично вам ви штети многу. Опседнати сте со хегемонизмот кон Македонија. Тој им штети и на вашите лични животи. Тоа ве тера да се радувате на неволјите на Вашите соседи и многу блиски Македонци. Секогаш кога нешто лошо доживува Македонија го гледате како аргумент да се ситите и да го искористите за притисок врз Македонците за да се приближат кон Македонија. Досега можевте да видите дека ние можеме да издржиме секаков притисок и можеме да живееме со малку. А пак во денешно време она што го имаме е повеќе од доволно за да опстанеме. Таквите ваши напади се злобни и од вас прават злобни личности. Приближете и се на Македонија и отстранете ги старите пропаганди и стратегии на некогашна Бугарија. Бидете модерни Бугари и на модерен нов начин направете да се зближат двете нации. Од вас се што се бара е да ја признаете денешна Македонија и денешна Македонска нација. За минатото да го оставите полека тоа да си ја каже вистината. Вие само денес она што очигледно постои признајте го Македонскиот народ како одделна и самостојна нација и ќе се уверите дека тоа ќе биде од голема корист и за двете нации. Зближувањето и конечното помирување на Македонскиот и Бугарскиот народ не е зависен од нас Македонците, зависен е од вашиот притсап. Така што во ваши раце е нашето зближување. Ако тоа не го сторите ќе и направите зло кое тешко ќе и се одрази на Бугарија, а исто така ќе си ги руинирате и своите сопствени животи. Посакувам разумот да победи над вашите емоции. Многу поздрав за сите добронамерни Бугари нашите блиски по многу нешта.
Duhot na Vovata Gospodine, ako me prasas zosto e zemnata topka postavena na ceteri slonovi a ti se vozat na zelva mozeme da imame diskusija po fundametalistika na istocnite religii. Koga postavis prasanija zosto marsijanite ne pobedia vo Vonata na svetovete ili kako stana taka deka pterodaktilite si sedeli samo na vo izgubeniot svet i ne frkali do Rio de Janejro, ke imavme diskusija za naucnata fantastika. Koga postavas glupi prasnija od oblasta na Vardarskiot son, koi imaad pretenzija da bidaat nekakva istoricka vistina i sakas da dobies odgovor od luge od normalniot svet, ne zaboravaj deka vo toj svet lugete ne se studirali vo RM Makedonija vo vtorata polovina na 20 vek i im pripaga nekako glupavo da gi vovlicat vo diskusija koja so Vardarski genezis, vardarski argumenti i za koja argumentacija ostanaliot obicen svet e nesvesen. Imas dolg pat pred sebe da oglasis ovie sonista na ostanaliot svet i ustepodolg da ubedis svetot deka sonistata se "vistina". Vprocem prvata cast na toj pat e prvon vnatre vo Makdonja, da se izjasnite vie prvom pomegu sebe vo unison za kakvi sakate da ve prifakame (osven, se razbira seopstata zelba da ne bidete bugari). Posto po soglasieto deka ne ste bugari kaj vas caruva poln haos. Da ti pomognam: Ako si anticki, razberi se so Jakov, koj ocigledno ne se smeta za takov, potoa se razberi so ovie so teorijata za izmesanata raza potoa se prebori so Katarziev koi smeta deka pred 44 "site masi luge se izasnuvali kako Bugari). Sled koga se opravite vo toj identicki mismas, istapite se pred svetot i kazete kako eden: "Ete, takvi sme. Toa e nasata vistina". Posto soglasi se prijatele koga nemate edna svoja vistina (osven nebugarstvoto, koe isto e pod prasanie nadvor od PM) tezko ke pobedite kakvi sto "lagi" so kokteil od "visitni". Vo edno si vo pravo. Segasnata vasa "vistina" e "Makedonska vistina" nesto nejasno, fluidno, kontroverzno - ista ameba. A za Bugarskite "lagi" ne beri gajle – tie se vo unison so mislenjeto na ostantiot lagoven svet. Nice try, ama slaba rakija si batevoto.
sardaukar Наместо да зборуваш во празно. Собори ги поставените аргументи пријателе!
eskalibur23 hey boys photoshop is something really interesting and funny program. you can do a lot of things with that :) So mitko_2848 i think it was donne a good job. By the way i am a designer my self and know very well that. Convice me if i am wrong ( wich i dont think so ).
aaron Where are you representatives of the " macedonian nation"? I can't wait to hear your interpretation that this people are acually pure "macedonians" but somehow they didn't know it at that time.
mitko2848 kato kliknete na slikata moжete da jа видите во по-голем размер.
f9 kako ke gi komentirate ovie reklami??? Kako pornografija na Bugarski pomoseksualci
mitko2848 обративте ли внимание од каде са родом лугето???
mitko2848 [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/rekl28.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/rekl31.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/rekl62.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/rekl3.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/bginus9.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/bginus1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/first_church_1911.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/mitko2848/bginus2.jpg[/IMG]
Pro Patria 2
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kato kliknete na slikata moжete da jа видите во по-голем размер.
Abe i vo najgolem razmer da e pak nisto ne mi znacit mene.Tatarco odi siri ja "vistinata" na nekoe drugo mesto.
Makedon Abe kakvi se tie reklami koga nikoj od tie sto se "reklamiraat" ne PISUVA JAS PRAVAM TOA I TOA, DAVAM OVA I OVAA USLUGA, ami se` se sveduva na: TOJ E BUGARIN OD TAMU, TOJ E OVA, SE NEKOJ DRUG PISUVAL ZA MAKEDONCITE. Zosto taka? A od kaj se tie reklami izvadeni? Prvpat vo istorijata da pisuva nekoj na reklama od kade e roden, toa ne samo sto e glupavo, tuku i debelno.
mitko2848 makedon аи не се прави глупав на сека реклама си пишува кои с какво се занимава и какво предлага-хотели,барове,фабрики за сирене,салони..........читаи по-внимателно
Originally posted by mitko2848
makedon аи не се прави глупав на сека реклама си пишува кои с какво се занимава и какво предлага-хотели,барове,фабрики за сирене,салони..........читаи по-внимателно
Ama kakvi se tie REKLARI SO SLIKI NA LUGETO KOI RABOTAT TAMU? Ako imalo oferti za sirenje, ke imalo sirenje na slika, pa kolku e ubavo sirenjeto, a ne slika na coek, pa od kaj e roden, pa demek i bugarin bil. Toa nekoja dubara od MNI ke da e[:D] Toa lici na propaganda, a ne na reklami. Bog da cuva i da brani.
Thunder from down under abe fabrika za sirejne imale bugarive picku mater, cudo narod ,razviena tehnologija jas celo vreme mislev samo japoncite imet fabrika za sirejne bravo be Mite,opasen si ej si nasol tekst napisan na bugarski i ti se cinit Atlanta e otkri bugarite od sekogas se voshituvale so nas i ne prikazuvale po vesnici i sakale da bidat poblisku do nas i da ne opisuvaat ama nie nikogas ne sme gi ebele ni 2%
Originally posted by aaron
The people that you talk this way are your brothers and sisters from Macedonia.Bulgarians from Macedonia!That's what your brainwashed by the Serbs, big and empty heads have to comprehend.
I brajka i sestri duri ni gi napraj ovaj :) od kaj k*ro brajka i sestri tie umrenite grdi se da ni bidat braka i sestri na tatari da ne ti licime nie umren eden :))) da mi prajsh "svirka" cel den:)
FireDevil A sho mi beshe muabetot... reklamirale za nivnite biznisi na bugarski jazik vo amerika? ili se reklamirale vo bugarija sakale da go proshirat bizniso oti poubo sirenje vadele od americkite kravi pa da donesat malce nakaj bugarija? Ili i angliskiot jazik e dijalekt na bugarskiot pa go razbirat? i mersi sho go ukradoja francuzite od vas sram da mu e:))) i eden profesor sho kazvashe deka picata e bugarska ne e italjanska deka pita se vikalo pravilno ama nekoj bugarski car ne mozel t da ja reci i pica vikal pa taka ja zavikale i na to italjancite sram da mu e sho lazat za takvi raboti... :))
rokom макеонизмат е лага!!!така ке [:D] коментирам!!![:D]
toni_a pijte koktA! jas sum toni_A od bugarijA!!! od korenite ne se bega... ha ha hA!
boris Do firedevil and toni_a Abe seliani negramotni.Daite mi adresite na prostite vi srabski maiki be bokluci mamicata vi deeba prosta!!!She gi shibam iako i vi obestavam ste ste vi se rodiat bratceta za cudo i prikaz ymni bulgarceta a ne manafi s razprani gazove i kato vas!!!
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Do firedevil and toni_a Abe seliani negramotni.Daite mi adresite na prostite vi srabski maiki be bokluci mamicata vi deeba prosta!!!She gi shibam iako i vi obestavam ste ste vi se rodiat bratceta za cudo i prikaz ymni bulgarceta a ne manafi s razprani gazove i kato vas!!!
Mozish samo da mi jadish k*rot ebate tatarko ebate site tirci bugari se kazvate so pravoslavni imina ebave tatarkovci
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vidi ja objavava: "Malajzija. Maranja. Mrsen minder,mnogu muhi! Khan mlashti moren minet na Mustafa manaf - "Mashala khane,mashala..." shifra: milo mi beshe - MM
yavorb Dobre de, otdeka sa tia reklami, nema li da kajesh?
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Dobre de, otdeka sa tia reklami, nema li da kajesh?
Od Photoshop be bugarche od kaj mozi da se? Mozi da se od new york times ama stariot na bugarski duri beshe posle amerikancite ko vi go zedoja i na angliski e sega ali pak amerikancite razbirat bugarski pa taka da gi procitaja reklamite i mu trgna biznisot poke na ovie petar ligushev-cite:)))
manhatten Bad Bills, 2/28/2003 - The Texas Observer Hellenes described the ancient population of Macedonia as barbarians and Phillip II and Alexander the Great greekness are rather dubious. Macedonia is not Greek but Bulgarian and this for 15 centuries. It’s all Greek to Him HR 107 • Rep. Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton) Texas has such a great track record of race relations that Rep. Dennis Bonnen wants to help out Eastern Europe with its own racial problems. Bonnen, who is half Greek, was asked by a Greek-American friend of his mother’s to introduce a resolution recognizing the ancient and current Hellenic ethnicity of the inhabitants of Northern Greece. Hellenes are considered the ancestors of the Greeks, so the resolution declares that Northern Greece is ethnically Greek and has been for 3,000 years. HR 107 is a word-for-word regurgitation of resolutions brought to the California, Illinois, Missouri and New Hampshire state legislatures by the Pan-Macedonian Association, which is comprised of Greek Americans. Absent from the resolution is an explanation of its real purpose. Since the early 1990s, Greece has waged a fierce political campaign against its northern neighbor, the newly-formed Republic of Macedonia, arguing that the use of the word Macedonia robs Greece of its cultural heritage. HR 107 is the continuation of this conflict within the Greek-American and Macedonian-American communities of the United States. Asked if it was prudent to rely on only one side’s account of a two-sided conflict, Bonnen said, "It is if they are factually right–which I believe them to be," and added that while the language was that of the Pan-Macedonian Association, the issue had been researched by his office. Historians write about whether the ancient Macedonians were Hellenic. According to Loring Danforth, a professor of anthropology at Bates College and author of the book The Macedonian Conflict, "The evidence says no." Seems that the consensus among scholars is the exact opposite of what is stated in Bonnen’s resolution. Danforth says that HR107 particularly disturbs him as a scholar, not only because of the historical inaccuracies, but because it further politicizes the ongoing tensions between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. "The subtext is that the Slavs across the border in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are not Greeks and can’t call themselves Macedonians. Behind it all is an attempt to deny a group of people the right to identify themselves as they wish." Apparently, the dispute is not just between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. A minority of non-Greek Slavs within Northern Greece also identify themselves as Macedonian and have suffered human rights abuses for their refusal to assimilate into Greek culture. So not only does HR 107 contain highly questionable facts, its lousy foreign policy. In Prof. Danforth’s words: "It’s a bad bill because it is bad history, bad diplomacy, and bad human rights!" USA
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