Болезнени Истини
Болезнени Истини
БТЦРК Прощавайте, аз сам български геј! ще бъдете ли така добър/любезен да ме слагате на възбрана (бан)?
БТЦРК сега... веднага
dejan I just felt like posting this quote by Teodisej Gologanov "We, Macedonians, have not experienced as much terror from the Turks, as we have from the Greeks, Bulgars, and Serbs, the peoples that want to partition Macedonia ..... the Exarchate is conducting in Macedonia the most miserable thing; it takes away the name of our people, the language ..... Macedonian spiritual leaders, rise up against the [Greek] Patriarchate and [Bulgarian] Exarchate and unite under the protection of the Ohrid Archbishopric as your true mother church..." Teodosia, mitropolit of Skopje, 1891
БТЦРК You say "our" language speaking of Makedonians, but tell me why is "your" language that close to Bulgarian keeping in mind that Bulgaria is a much older country than Makedonia? Although i don't want this to become a banality if Bulgaria really wanted Makedonia to become part of it just for the sake of saying "look at us Bulgarians! Look how great we are!" Bulgaria could of used force and in a week there will be no Macedonia. However it did not want you as slaves but as part of one great society.
dejan You are sick, you sound like a jehovas witness or something, go away! shuu no body wants to listen to your sik crazy ideas of a 'great society'
БТЦРК How did you get the feeling that they are mine ideas? I am not expressing my own ideas but the ones the people had when the argument started. Read carefuly/listen before you start acusing people like an unducated person! My opinion is that its a shame we were seperated, but if people don't want to be part of something they should not be forced to do so. However at the end at the day you are Bulgarian and the only reason i am arguing about this lost cause is to proove you that and not preswade you to make a union and take over the world or something like that. I have been argeuing for hours and hours with macedonian friends of mine. I have even argued while having sex and I know that there is no coming to terms whith you all and this is why I will always tell you to look at non-bulgarian sources if you don't bliefe us! Anyway you abstained my question which was: Why is macedonian almost the same az bulgarian keeping in mind Bulgaria is a much older county even by your rewriten history?