Ancient Macedonian Warriors - Phalanx
Ancient Macedonian Warriors - Phalanx
wolf_pack The greatest army ever, led by the greatest general of all times - Alexander The Great King of Macedonia -- Discovery Channel -- [url=""]Google Link[/url]
manhatten Greece has no right to be a member of the European Union. Greece should give back Macedonia to the Macedonians, which is obvious for any one not Greek. Article originally published in Denmark. MORGAENAVISEN JYLLANDS-POSTEN, 26.02.1999 Greece is an Unworthy European Union Member The Greek Web Site proclaim false 4000 years Greek Civilization in Macedonia. They forget intentionally the last 2000 years was Bulgarian Civilization there. If this can be called a civilization the 90 years Greek occupation of part of Macedonia since 1912, oppression, ethnic cleansing, erasing of the Bulgarian culture, forbidding Bulgarian language, schools, religion, and unscrupulous denationalization of the majority of the Macedonian population 75% Bulgarians? God should save us from such uncivilized Greek yoke. Does Greece belong to Europe? Sources proving that Macedonia is not Greek is very easy to find. Greek armed forces in 1912 occupied 52% of Macedonia with no justification or reason, immediately started ethic cleansing, forced 1 million Macedonians over the years to leave their own country, confiscate their properties and force them to migrate to the area of the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Australia, Canada and USA. At this time 1912 Macedonia and Thrace was inhabited 75 % by Bulgarians. There are still today more than 1 million Macedonians, who suffered human rights abuses for their refusal to assimilate into Greek culture. They live in Greek Macedonia with change name (Greek name), which don't have right to learn Bulgarian language in the school, but they do so in the family, prove very clear that Macedonia is Bulgarian and not Greek. When you enter in Greek Macedonia almost every one speaks Bulgarian. Historians write about whether the ancient Macedonians were Hellenic. According to Loring Danforth, a professor of anthropology at Bates College and author of the book The Macedonian Conflict, "The evidence says NO." The author of the following article is insulted and angry of the Greek uncivilized behavior towards Macedonians and believed that Greece have no right to be EU member, because of the oppression of the Macedonians. The direct democracy in ancient Greece was equality among citizens, liberty, and ******t for the law and justice. Today's practice is the opposite of the classical Athenian democracy ideas. Greece should be ashamed to turn today to #1 undemocratic state in Europe. Amnesty International Report prove it. Macedonia is not Greek, but Bulgarian, and this for 15 centuries.
wolf_pack manhatten, I'll bet that you'll last 'till Monday! Ако веќе збориш за Данската колумна, стави го правиот линк коњу тупав[:(!]
Greece is an Unworthy EU Member ... An article published in a Danish newspaper !. Posted by dimitar at 01 November 2005 Greece is an Unworthy EU Member An article published in a Danish newspaper MORGAENAVISEN JYLLANDS-POSTEN, 26.02.1999 By Gunnar Nissen If this chronicle gives rise to conflicts or trouble, it is not the fault of the Macedonians, nor me. When the politicians in EU countries don't speak out, it is due to ignorance or indifference. Denmark is a member of the EU. It remains a mystery that Greece is too....
wolf_pack Paraphernalia belonging to Alexander the Great The helmet worn by Alexander the Great [img][/img] The iron cuirass worn by Alexander the Great [img][/img] The royal diadem worn by Alexander the Great [img][/img] The large sword used by Alexander the Great [img][/img]