Macedonians in Albania
Macedonians in Albania
eskalibur23 Well as i have seen in this section you all talk about Bulgaria. May i ask you if you think that in Albani are also some people that call themselves Macedonians and still havent heard someone from you folks talk about them. Do you think that they are not so important or what?????
dejan Wtf?? What a worthless topic, can you please delete it before someone locks it for you!!
eskalibur23 really. is it so boring for you people that you cann't even talk about it or couse it is that you dont know a s**t about that fact. Shame on you that you call your self Macedonians. I was born in Albania and also my family borned there still my origin is macedonian i taka vikam pred site. Sum makedonec od albanija.
dejan What do you want us to talk about the Macedonians in Albania?? We barely know much about them, we know more about the Macedonians in Greece, but maybe if you looked really really hard in this forum and the politics forum, you'll find something about the Macedonians in Albania.
eskalibur23 so this is who's foult??? It comes couse all you do istalk about the worthless topics sometimes or maybe i am wrong???
Thunder from down under
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Zdravo eskalibur23, kazi malce poveke za situacijata na Makedoncite vo albanija od tvoj licni iskustva? Kako ziveete tamu?
kako vo Shvajcarija ceki :) eskalibur23 how many villages are Macedonian, i was going to sponsor a child in Albania with world vision but someone else took him, his name was Nikola most probably a Macedonian boy he was about 6-7 years old dejan nebrzaj ti be ushte si dete neznajsh dosta raboti za Makedonija:)
wolf_pack eskalibur23 welcome to the forum. Dr. Kimet Fetahu who is an Albanian with a Macedonian background was in Toronto last year lecturing some of the diaspora about the Macedonians in Albania. I beleive he is a professor of mining engineering at the Mother Teresa University in Tirana. [url][/url] edit: Klikni na linkot za 'activities' i ima informacija za novoto Makedonskoto Radio koe e otvoreno vo Albanija.
Ceki Zdravo eskalibur23, kazi malce poveke za situacijata na Makedoncite vo albanija od tvoj licni iskustva? Kako ziveete tamu?
dejan Nemoj odma da mislite deka e nekoj Makedonec od Albanija....moze i da e nekoj sik bugar od tip sto stalno ni se pojavuvat pa ni se me interesira inace ako ke dojde na forumov da ni zbori ovaka.
Rogi Dejan, "...still my origin is macedonian I TAKA VIKAM PRED SITE". Pa zborna i po nase, daj mu sansa na covekot pred da go kritikuvas. eskalibur23 : Kazi nesto za Makedoncite vo Albania, kakva e sostojbata na Makedoncite vo Albania? Kolku se, kakvi im se malcinstvite prava, itn? Cesto zboruvame za nasite vo Egej i Pirin a retko gi spomnuvame nasite vo Mala Prespa, Golo Brdo i taka natamu. Odamna najdov 'Audio File' kaj CNN ili BBC koe bilo za Makedoncite vo Albania no sum go zaboravil linkot do toa (ako go najdam, ke go postiram).
eskalibur23 dejan i am sorry that you think about that in this way. Wolf_Pack you are right about Dr. Kimet Fetahu and also i would like to thank you about the thoughts you have for my father. And yes i am one of the macedonians ( by origin ) living in Albania. Even for my younger age i have been following all the activities of the "MIR", "Prespa", "Gora" and the Union Of Macedonians in Albania since the begining. I feel sorry that someone like Dejan is always thinking about Bulgars or whatsoever but i would like to say to him and others that folks we shouldn't judge people from the abd experience of some persons. In response about the facts and history of Macedonians in Albania i would like to say that recently we have form a political party called MACEDONIANS ALLIANCE FOR EUROPEAN INTEGRATION and as soon as possible we will have our web-site with all the information and pics. Guys i want to say something wich i have always insted and also my father too. Despite the facts that we were born in Albania ( or other countries ), our origin is MACEDONIAN and no one can take it from us. Still we love out mother country MACEDONIA but also we ******t the country where we live and work and we should follow their rules. In Albania i was born and raised and studied, now working here also i have got a lot of my friends Albanians so i ******t this country and we are working day by day to get all our rights here but all this years i have been looking at something really strange. I am glad and in the same time angry couse the Albanian State when it comes the matter for albanias living in Macedonia they raise their voice and they become one but it doesn't happens for the Macedonian State. I haven't heard ( truly and openly ), the government of Macedonia to insist or help in all the request we have like a community here in Albania. It is a shame to think that i had to learn Macedonian language when i was 18 years old ( and it happened couse my mom is Vlav-Albanian ). Instead i wished i could have the chance to learn it at schools like albanians in macedonia have. So boys i think that also this problem should have been discussed in this forum thats why as long as i heard of this forum i wished to enter and express my self. Thx for the replies i really appriciate them and also i invite all the persons macedonians or not to discuss or at least have a little time to express themselves too. Best regards and good work to the administrators of this forum.
eskalibur23 P.s. Wolf Kimet Fetahu is a Macedonian from Albania, or better nationality Albanian but origin and heart Macedonian. :)
eskalibur23 hey i wrote ******t
wolf_pack eskalibur23 as for the Macedonian government raising their voice for the rights of Macedonians in Albania, hehe, don't expect much from puppets in rule by a third party[;)] Albanians in Macedonia have always had their rights (before and since the seccesion from Yugoslavia in 1991). What you might not quiet understand is that there was an influx of Kosovo refugees (around 360,000+) and most of them stayed in Macedonia in the aftermath. Plus since the fall of Yugoslavia, many Albanians from Kosovo have made their way to Macedonia in order to escape the conflicts with the Serbian government. So basically you're looking at a frustrated influx of refugees in the last 15-20 years that brought Macedonia to a boiling point in 2001. This of course, was greatly helped by the Macedonian and Albanian political parties led by you guessed it - third parties!! What you may find as a tourist is the parallel between Albanians that have roots in Macedonia for decades and the ones that made their way thru in the last 15-20 years. Huge difference in public opinion, ultra-nationalism, basic education... Just take a simple drive to the city of Tetovo and you will find that the locals there are actually in fair relations with one another. But you can't help but notice that some of the road signs for example are destroyed only because they're Macedonian, a great deal of disturbance is caused by the villages around Tetovo, populated mainly with illegal immigrants from Kosovo who like to emulate an anarchy type of life. These provocators greatly tarnish the image of the peacefull citizens hence why the media exploits these points and people like us in the diaspora remain angry. However, Macedonians in Albania are fairly calm and friendly people who ******t the local laws and authorities in Albania. I hope you post that website soon, give us some more insights about the Macedonians and their political parties in Albania. Will they soon have a seat in the parlament or the local authorities? Post any kind of pictures from the communities, conventions and so on :)
eskalibur23 ok in response to the other questions for thunder and rogi. Well there are quite a lot of villages in albania populated by the macedonians. Imame vo mala prespa, golobrdo, gora. Poveke informacii ke imate vo sitot sto ke se otvarat za malku vreme. Sakam da me izvinete ako mojot makedonski jazik moze da ima nekoi greski vo pisanieto.:) Wolf vistina e deka vo makedonija ne vladeat makedoncite ili albancite ma drugite ( znaete koj ) ama toa ne znaci deka trebaat makedonskiot narod vise da go trpi ova rabota. Na mojot mislenie moraat poveke da se raboti i od makedoncite sto na vistina sakaat sto e pravo da bide i od makedoncite sto se nadvor od makedonija da se kreni glass pred sovetot na evropa i drugite oraganizacii.
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