Seks so svinja
Seks so svinja
BorisVM GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - A criminal justice professor at Grand Rapids Community College has resigned after showing a video in class of a man having sex with a pig, students and a faculty representative said. A school administrator confirmed that Samuel Naves, 47, resigned Feb. 17, but would not comment on why he left. However, students and a faculty leader said the resignation had to do with the video. They said Naves was teaching an introductory criminal justice class earlier this year when he was going through video files on his computer. The video appeared on a projection screen and students begged Naves to show the 10-second footage, according to the accounts. Faculty association president Fred vanHartesveldt said the incident occurred this year. He said Naves was known for a blunt teaching style. "His pedagogy was to teach real life," vanHartesveldt told The Grand Rapids Press. "His classes were very earthy. Some students took to that very well, and some students didn't." Naves, who had worked at the college since 1997, declined to comment to the newspaper.
misko sho nema po svetov
mArInCe о Боже.. О Пресвета Богоројце..
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...has resigned after showing a video in class of a man having sex with a pig
ehh, could've been someone's fat mama[:D][:D]