Kako da baknuvate kako profesionalec :)
Kako da baknuvate kako profesionalec :)
BorisVM Great Breath - This is very important. Make sure you brush your teeth before going out on your date. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath. If your date consists of having something to eat before the actual kiss, make sure you have a mint on hand to take right after you finish eating. Don't take the mint just before the kiss or chew on gum. You don't want to have something in your mouth when you kiss. Moist Lips - You want your lips to be slightly moist when you kiss. Run your tongue over your lips once before you kiss. Don't wear lip gloss because that tends to make the kiss too gooey. And don't wear a lot of lipstick unless you want your partner to wear it too after the kiss. Slightly moist lips makes it easier to move your lips over your partner's and gives both you and your partner a more pleasant experience. Positioning - Stand close to your partner. As the two of you move closer together tilt your head slightly. If you can see which way your partner's head is tilting, tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction. Close Eyes - Just before your lips meet, close your eyes. Some people prefer to leave their eyes open during the kiss. But until you know what your partner prefers, it is best to close your eyes. Open Lips - Open your mouth slightly and place your lips over your partner's lips. Do not hold your breath! Breath through your nose. As your lips meet, press them gently over your partner's. You may wish to move your lips in a slow, circular motion or just leave them still over your partners. Closed Lips - This is like the type of kiss you'd give your grandma or aunt. Instead of opening your mouth when your lips meet, keep them closed. This is also a good way of letting your partner know this is as far as it goes. It also makes a great hello/good-bye kiss or a great first time kiss if you're nervous.
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Jas se uste ne znam kako! Moze nekojA da mi pomogne??[:D] hehehe
emi edno fildzanche stavi vnatre mraz i brkaj go so jazikot i ke se naucish:)
riba Sakate uste? [;)] [img]http://petlovers.date4all.com/img/content/kiss1.jpg[/img] The basics 1. Brush your teeth, get a good bath, nicely groomed and clean and fresh, before meeting the other person. There's nothing worse than kissing the rear end of a garbage truck 2. Get into a comfortable position - you can't kiss if your back feels like it's gonna break. Suggestion - Sit side by side on a comfy sofa. 3. Hold your lover , firmly but gently - don't cause pain. Suggestion would be to hold the shoulders, the neck or gently on the side of the face, one side or both sides. 4. Move your faces closer. Don't bump noses. Suggestion would be the guy angle his face slightly so you don't bump noses. 5. Kiss gently, normal closed lips kissing, and close your eyes. Closing your eyes increases the sensations you feel, and also sets the mood. 6. Continue kissing gently. Get comfortable with simple closed lips, lip-to-lip kissing before going anywhere else. 7. If fine till here, tentatively, slowly and lightly draw your tongue across the other person's lips. 8. Chances are from here, if the other person lightly parts her tongue, slowly explore the other person's tongue in a light licking motion. 9. The tongue has a very sensitive surface, which is why tongue to tongue is the essence of french kissing. 10. After you've tried lightly licking the other person's tongue, you can try sucking on it, wrestling with it ( see if you can hold it to the floor of her mouth ) and other things like that. 11. Explore the other areas of the mouth. Especially the roof of the mouth. Lightly lick, or tickle the area with your tongue. 12. Don't bite. whatever you do, don't bite. 13. Don't swing your tongue round and round like a windmill. Explore lightly, don't drill your way through. 14. Breathe through your nose. Breathe through your nose. I say again, breathe through your nose. 15. Follow so far ? You can lightly use your hands too, lightly rubbing the other person. Suggestions, along the waist, along the back, the arms, especially the inside of the arm, the neck, maybe running your fingers through her hair. Again, don't cause pain. 16. Continue kissing.
Unreal Ај сеа некој нема ми објасни зошто на сите филмови кога ќе се разбудат паровите од сексање цела ноќ прво што прават се бакнуваат,а овде супер си пишува: Најважни правила, ДОбар Здив и Четкај си ги запчињата[:D]
dejan Jas se uste ne znam kako! Moze nekojA da mi pomogne??[:D] hehehe