Дали знаете кое е ова знаме???
Дали знаете кое е ова знаме???
Great_Macedonian [IMG]http://i2.tinypic.com/r22tsh.jpg[/IMG] Znameto e od 1914godina Jas znam cije e znameto i sto oznacuva, no pred da kazam od kade e, me interesira da vidam dali nekoj drug go poznava znamevo!?
Great_Macedonian Dejan fakticki vi kaza deka znameto e makedonsko. Sto oznacuva konjot me interesira dali nekoj znae?? Utre ke dadam odgovor.
dejan Normalno, koj ne go znae?;) Vekje od damna znam od kade e i sve...ama i jas ke vidam dali nekoj drug go poznava znameto:p Zasto, koga vo 1991 ne go smenivme znameto vo ova?? Barem e po blisku do vistinskoto i dokazuva poveke od sto moze eden Bugar, Grk ili Srbin da dokaze so 'reklami' ili mapi. Inace, kako sto znam, pisuva 'United & Independant Macedonia' Eve nesto interesno od mestoto kade poteknuva znameto March 1, 1913 Memorandum on the Independence of Macedonia submitted by the Macedonian colony in St. Petersburg to the Conference of the representatives of the Great Powers in London. ...it is more suitable for all the neighbors of Macedonia that this country remain undivided, since by any division, sections of our living compatriots will remain under foreign authority and will perish. The Macedonians have won their right to self-determination over their whole recent history, as well...The Serbs and the Bulgarians deliberately say nothing about these huge Macedonian victories and permit nobody to write about them...As a result of all this, the Macedonian Colony in St.Petersburg, fulfilling its sacred duty towards its fatherland and conscientiously applying the slogan "Macedonia to the Macedonians", protests and cannot remain indifferent when the allied Balkan states (Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece) - our brothers in blood and faith - aim to dismember our fatherland....Here is what is needed for the Macedonian people; 1. Macedonia should remain a single, indivisible and independent Balkan state with it geographic, ethnographic, historical, economic and political borders. 2. A Macedonian national assembly should be established on the basis of general elections in Salonika in the soonest possible time, which would work out in detail the internal structure of the state and determine its relations with the neighboring states. - Makedonskii Golos, St. Petersburg 1913-1914 *** June 7, 1913 To the Governments and the Public of the Allied Balkans States The Macedonians have continually, over the centuries, risen up and fought for independence and freedom, and by their persistent struggle aided the liberation of Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria....More then on hundred thousand Macedonian fighters have fought shoulder to shoulder with the allied armies....Instead of Macedonia, celebrated by Alexander of Macedon, consecrated by the Apostle St. Paul, dignified by the activity of the holy brothers SS. Cyril and Methodius....instead of united, integral and free Macedonia, European diplomacy, and alongside it, you, too, our brothers - allies and liberators, are tearing us into pieces and defiling our sacred ideals....Remember, brother Bulgarians, Serbs and Greeks, that you were reborn to start a new life only after 14 bloody wars of Russia against the Ottoman Empire...Remember that a dismembered Macedonia will be an eternal apple of discord among you. Remember that also in the past times of history one after another state perished in the struggle for Macedonia and do not continue the bloody list of the dead in the present time.... Macedonia should be an independent state within its ethnographic, geographical, cultural and historical boundaries, with a government accountable to a national assembly...a national representative body should be established...in the city of Salonika, elected by general vote. Brother allies and liberators! We hope that our words will reach your hearts and minds.... St. Petersburg Signed by the authorized representatives Makedonskii Golos, St. Petersburg, pp. 52-55 Bi bilo dobro ako moze da se kupi ovakvo zname vo Makedonija, neznam dali e mozno?
Christian jas pa mislev ova zname e od nekoe vostanie.
dejan Bukefal? Ili nesto drugo...
Originally posted by Christian
jas pa mislev ova zname e od nekoe vostanie.
It just cannot be from uprsing since all are Bulgarian driven, and there could be only a lion on the flag :) This is with Greek symbols - Bucefal, the horse of Alexander the Greek and the symbol of the Greek Province. As far as I know this was the flag of the St. Petersburg colony.
wolf_pack hint: Krste Petkov-Misirkov :)
Great_Macedonian Znameto e od Bukefal, konjot na Aleksandar Makedonski. stan, the flag is macedonian, not greek.. and yes the horse is bukefal, alexander's horse.
dejan Ne vredi da mu odgovoris na Stan, sto da mu reces, on pak po svoeto.
sardaukar Фала многу дечки.
Great_Macedonian fala za sto?
Jakov Ili diskutirajte ili ke stavam kluc. Mircanje dole na seir ovde diskusii.