Macedonians in Australia
Macedonians in Australia
wolf_pack За сите случувања, собиранки, игранки, пикници на Македонците од Австралија - овде. Би сакал да ги информираме останатите членови за Македонските жители во осамениот континент.
wolf_pack Првин да се запознаеме со некои од фудбалските екипи на Македонците во Австралија: [url=""]Preston Lions Homepage[/url] [img][/img]
Since its foundation in 1947 and affiliation with the Victorian Soccer Federation (now Football Federation Victoria) in 1959, the Preston Lions Football Club has grown to become one of the most recognised and popular sporting clubs in Australia. Based in the suburb of Preston, Victoria, the Makedonia Soccer Club was originally created as a focal point for the newly immigrated Macedonian community to gather and socialise, and to provide the then Australian-Macedonian youth with the opportunity to learn and play this ‘world game’ that was so popular back in their homeland of Macedonia. A change of name to the Preston Makedonia Soccer Club in 1959 and promotion to the Victorian Division Two (South Competition), the club moved forward in leaps and bounds to become champions of the Victorian Metropolitan League Division One in 1966, and as a result, was promoted to the state’s top competition, the Victorian State League in 1967. The club first experienced championship success at the state’s top level in 1975 and again in 1980. As Victorian champions, Preston competed in a play-off against other state champions and in 1981 they were promoted to the then National Soccer League (NSL) competition. During this significant period of growth the need for much larger facilities became apparent and the club consequently moved from its home base of T.A. Cochrane Reserve in Collier Street, Preston, to its current home ground at B.T. Connor Reserve in nearby Reservoir. The Preston Makedonia Social Club was also established around the same time and is located directly opposite the ground. Preston continued to compete successfully in the NSL for the next 13 years, achieving their best finish in 1987 as runner-up in the Southern Division Championship. In 1992 Preston took out the prestigious Docherty Cup in a thrilling penalty shootout against arch rivals South Melbourne. However financial difficulties led to poor performances and in 1993 Preston played their last match in the NSL. Relegated back to the Victorian Premier League, Preston were once again crowned Victorian champions in 1994. Around this time, the VPL clubs agreed to abolish any ethnicity associated with their club names and the Preston Makedonia Soccer Club was renamed the Preston Lions Soccer Club. The club has since adopted the title of the Preston Lions Football Club, following the lead set by the sports’ governing body and keeping in line with how the game is known all over the world – as “football”. Preston would once again become Victorian Premier League champions in 2002, adding to its already impressive collection of titles. Today the club has over 200 players at both senior and junior level, with a further 50 people involved in coaching, training, volunteering and assisting with the running of various teams. This group is supported by a team of approximately 30 committee members who are responsible for the management and administration of the club at the strategic and operational level. Over the years, the Preston Lions have produced many champion players who have gone on to represent Australia at youth and senior level such as Warren Spink, Robbie Dunn, Phil Trianidis, Zarko Odzakov, George Jolevski, Andrew Zinni, Oscar Crino, Peter Ollerton, Gary Cole, John Markovski, Kris Trajanovski, Goran Lozanovski, and John Sapazovski who captained the Victorian State Team on their tour to China in 2005. With more than 5,000 loyal supporters, the Preston Lions Football Club boasts the largest following in the Victorian Premier League competition. In fact, during blockbuster games we can attract crowds in excess of 10,000 which is significant for any state competitive sporting event. The Preston Lions Football Club respects the strong Macedonian cultural influence that has ensured the success of this great club to date, however we also recognise that the club now has a bigger role to player in the wider community. We understand that the future of football and our club lies with our children and this is why we are developing junior development programs to raise community awareness of the Preston Lions Football Club and football in general. We also want to encourage and create a better environment for families, corporate partners, sponsors, members and supporters to attend our games and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere at the club. Given the club’s proud history and current position as a leader in Victorian football, none of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our predecessors, that is all our past presidents, committee, members, sponsors, supporters and volunteers, who were fuelled by the passion, loyalty and desire to help build what has today become an icon in Australian sport. We believe that the Preston Lions Football Club must continue to grow for the benefit and enjoyment of the people in our community who have now come to depend on its continued existence.
wolf_pack Bankstown City Lions [url=""]Wikipedia Link[/url]
Formally Known as Sydney Makedonia are an Australian football (soccer) team that plays in the New South Wales Premier League. The Bankstown City Lions are based in the Sydney suburb of Sefton and play their home games at Jensen Oval. The Bankstown City Lions have a predominantly Macedonian support group with an organised supporters group called Lions Pride which weere established in 2004. A rivalry exists between the fans of Bankstown City Lions and the Rockdale City Suns, who also have a heavy Macedonian fan base. Due to past ethnic tensions between Macedonians and Greeks, rivalries also exist between Bankstown City Lions and several Sydney based teams with a large Greek fan base. These clubs include Sydney Olympic FC and the Canterbury-Marrickville Berries....
wolf_pack [url=""]Rockdale City Suns Homepage[/url] [img][/img]
ROCKDALE ILINDEN CLUB HISTORY The Rockdale Ilinden Soccer Club was formed in 1969 by a group of Macedonian Australians who gave the team the name "Ilinden" which has special meaning for all Macedonians throughout history. The club’s first President Simon Zipevski laid the foundations as did the late Vlade Temelkovski who was President in 1978. The name Ilinden represents the Macedonian people’s struggle for freedom, justice, and recognition. On the field the highlights would have to be the Grand Final wins in 1984 and 2002. The 1984 Grand Final winning team was coached by Rockdale Ilinden legend Ilija Takac. The 3-2 win over Inter Monaro at Marconi Stadium is firmly entrenched in the memories of the Rockdale Ilinden supporters. The team was arguably the best lineup in the famous Red and Black of Rockdale Ilinden. The team included the following superstars: goalkeeper Nick Kotsohombos; defenders Bill Pilovski, Paul Degney, Darren Wilson and Jeff Wilson; midfielders Kenny Slaveski, Vince Nastoski, Terry Jones and Bobby Yousif; and strikers Ross Brown, Branko Karanfilovski, Jimmy Ristevski and Peco Trajanovski. It took 18 long years for the Rockdale Ilinden faithful to rejoice another 1st Grade Grand Final victory. In 2002 the coaching team of Mile Todoroski and Bill Pilovski led the team to an amazing Premiership/Championship double with only 1 loss in 24 games. The team was captained by the Black Cobra Spase Najdoski who scored the winning goal in the grand Final. The team was as follows: Peco Trajcevski, Ghenadie Costiuc, Tony Ju, Richard Plesa, Alex Kotevich, Malcolm Bideau, Ben Deighan, Jose Mendes, Peter Apolevski, Denis Alilovic, Leo Carle, Nick Bosevski, Goce Trposki, Anthony Adamo, Ivan Necevski and Spase Najdoski. The Rockdale Ilinden Soccer Club has been led by a wide array of coaching identities over their history. Some of the better remembered are: Kaz Kulak, Archie Blue, Ilija Takac, Ati Abonyi, Ljubo Gojkovic, Geoff Hoggart, John Fleming (1980s), Ljubo Jancev, Bill Pilovski, Manfred Schaefer, Risto Gojkovski, Rale Rasic, Doug Utjesenovic, Bill Temelkovski, Bill Boskovski, Gerry Gomez (1990s), Mile Todoroski, Ivan Petkovic and current coach Zlatko Nastevski. The list of illustrious players is no less impressive with the likes of the following donning the Rockdale Ilinden shirt over the years. Starting with the golden oldies like Bill Pilovski, Terry Jones, Ross Brown, Darren Wilson, Branko Karanfilovski, Zlatko Markovski to more recent stars of the NSL like Robert Spasevski, George Jolevski, Mike Grbevski, Alvin Ceccoli, Tony Perinich, Ivo De Jesus, David Aceski and Ben Blake. We have also had high profile players such as Tony Franken, Ivan Petkovic, Gerry Gomez, Paul Fernandes, Blagoja Kuleski, Tony Sekulic, Richard Plesa, Kresimir Marusic, Francis Awaritefe, Nick Orlic, Spase Najdoski and of course Zlatko Nastevski. Then there was the late football legend Joe Watson. The club recently rewarded former player, captain and coach Zlatko Markovski the honour of being recognised as the Most Popular Player in the club's history. Other highlights over the year’s would have to include our reputation both nationally and internationally. Few clubs would be able to boast having played matches against Macedonian clubs Vardar Skopje and Pobeda Prilep as well as former World Club Champions Red Star Belgrade. We have also played against the Australian train-on squad and had the Socceroos train at our grounds. In 2000 we also had the pleasure to host the Italian Olympic Soccer team during the Sydney Olympics. One thing we need to point out is that these events happened at the Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre which is something that we must all truly be proud of as representatives and supporters of the club. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the people who put their time and money (as well as blood, sweat and tears) into the project and made the dream a reality. We will be hoping to build on the efforts of past committee members and supporters with plans afoot to improve the Rockdale Ilinden Sports Centre. Subject to the Cooks Cove project we are hoping to erect a Grandstand and Lighting that would allow us to play at the highest level. Assisting us in the project will be the invaluable support of the Hon Frank Sartor MP as well as the continued support of the Rockdale City Council. Both the current Mayor Shaoquett Moselmane and Deputy Mayor Bill Saravinovski have been long time friends of the club and will continue to work with the club to ensure our long term future.
Natasa mozda ama jas ovde ne gledam nekoj da imat napisano nesto pojke za igranki piknici i sl,drugo bi sakala pojke da napisit nekoj za aktivnostite vo Avstralija od strana na makedoncite.
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mozda ama jas ovde ne gledam nekoj da imat napisano nesto pojke za igranki piknici i sl,drugo bi sakala pojke da napisit nekoj za aktivnostite vo Avstralija od strana na makedoncite.
Mislam deka toa e celta na ovoj Topic, ako nekoj nesto znae da napise za drugite da se informiraat.
dejan za site zhurki i sve vo Sidnej, mislam i Melburn.
dejan Wolf Pack, podobro mislam da napravis poseben topik 'Informacii za Makedonci vo dijasporata' i tamu site sajtovi i sve da se prefrlat...
BorisVM Ne mozhe taka Dejan, poshto zboruvame za ogromni razdalechenosti prostorno.
dejan Dobro, razbiram.
Natasa ubo aku imate neso pojke pisete bidete pozdraveni od mene
Great_Macedonian hehe.. ima ima, sepak najubavi zenski ima vo makedonija. Mozebi zas ima pogolem izbor, a mozebi i zas tamu site se slabi ;)
wolf_pack Dejan и Natasa: се мисли на сите настани, случувања во вашиот град, како еден вид опис да ни дадете како живеете на пример - каде излегувате, како е ноќниот живот, како е студентскиот живот, па нормално и ако имате нешто поврзано со Македонски пикници или собиранки опишете ги овде. Овој топик е за сите вас Македонци од Австралија, ние останатите знаеме нула:) Многу Поздрави
dejan Pa jas ne odam po tie igranki...piknici sto moze ednas mesecno ke se organizira. A i Brisbane nema mnogu vesti so slucuvanjata na Makedoncite, nisto posebno nema tuka.
Natasa So znam jas imase ovde ednas ili dva pati nekoja igranka ama ko za postari,ne e za mladi,ko ke imat nesto vo Sydney jas ke vi napisam zs ovdeka informacija samo na radio,preku vikend mozam da dobijam.Aj pozdrav
Great_Macedonian Za mladinata vo Pert, odete na Mozam da dostavam informacii za makedoncite vo Pert, poopsirno drug pat.. za sega samo da soopstam deka Goce Arnaudov i Jasmina Mukaetova doagaat vo Pert na skoro pa se ocekuva koncert so 600-700 posetiteli.
wolf_pack Ohhh Goce, mojot omilen pejach od MK :) Dame prema toa galerijata ima baagi zgodni momi vo Pert, keep us updated:)
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a mozebi i zas tamu site se slabi ;)
Уфф камо и така да си остане:) Благодарение на патлиџаните и пиперките е така, замисли doughnuts и бургерс да владееше кај нас[:0][:D] Дали вашата заедница во Перт е многу блиска мегусебно заради тоа што градот е толку изолиран од другите метрополи?