South Beach Miami ???
South Beach Miami ???
MacieinMiami I havent heard anyone mention Miami at all. Is there just not a great interest? I must be the only Macie in Miami [:)]
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I must be the only Macie in Miami [:)]
So, as ur the only Miami Macie....tell us more about Miami, Macie[;)][:D][:D]
wolf_pack There are Macedonians there Maci, just gotta dig em out[;)]
micko sho be nema narod u miami...sho lazete ... t.e. i da nema narod...palmi imaT
VeGaS Ma sve imaT, samo Rage ti ja nemaT
MacieinMiami Wolf Pack, You ROCK!!! I think because of your responses, I still am on here. Stay true [:)]