A little Help with translation

A little Help with translation
Judgment of 20 February 1969
The Court delivered judgment, by 11 votes to 6, in the North Sea Continental Shelf cases.
The dispute, which was submitted to the Court on 20 February 1967, related to the delimitation of the continental shelf between the Federal Republic of Germany and Denmark on the one hand, and between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Netherlands on the other. The Parties asked the Court to state the principles and rules of international law applicable, and undertook thereafter to carry out the delimitations on that basis.

These is a legal document about some case, i need to translate the Headline to Macedonian..
Thank you
BorisVM Shto ti treba tochno?
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Shto ti treba tochno?

Ми треба превод на македонски од насловот
Мислам дека се работи за континенталните земјени плочи.
Оние што кога ќе се судрат се прави земјотрес
Unreal that the equidistance principle was not a necessary consequence of the general concept of continental shelf rights, and was not a rule of customary international law
-Дека принципот на еквидистанца не е потребна последица на генералниот концепт за правата на континеталните плочи, и дека тоа не е правило од вообичаеното меѓународно право.

е сеа ова consequence не знам дали треба да се преведи како заклучок или последица ?
BorisVM Posledica.