Windows-1251 -> UTF-8

Windows-1251 -> UTF-8
Кога ќе го сменам CharSet-от од "Windows-1251" во "UTF-8", имам комплетно изместување на целата страница...
Има ли некој идеја зошто тоа се случува?

btw, еве за какво поместување се работи!

ВЕРЗИЈА 1 -> е со CharSet=Windows-1251

ВЕРЗИЈА 2 -> е со CharSet=UTF-8

OooOo Nemozhesh samo charset-ot da go smenish i stranata automatski da ti bide UTF-8.

Strelec Зш?

n/a Ацо, "дреамвејверот" по набавна го купи или?
Strelec Не зезајте бе луѓе, јас навистина проблем си имам!:(

На порталот имам и кирилични букви, а не сакам на Google да ми пишува вака: The summary for this Macedonian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

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Zatoa shto UTF-8 korsti 1-4 bytes per character dodeka drugive se 1 byte = 1 character. Mora stranata da se konvertira vo UTF-8.

Strelec I ne e do Dreamveawerot... Druga maka si ima ova!:(

OooOo Plus toa i na bazata kje morash da i napravish konverzija.

Strelec А има ли на web некоја алатка за конвертирање? Си сретнал ли? Да знам дали да барам!

Strelec Најдов...

How to convert a file from one encoding into another?
If you are having files where the text is in a certain encoding (lets say windows-1251) and you want to have it in another (UTF-8 or else), you need a unicode text editor where you can determine manually the encoding of the source file and also what encoding the file should have when you save it. A free software that can do this is "UniRed". Its a bit old (2003) but it is working very fine. You can get it at

To convert a file, simply open it in UniRed and then select "File"-"Properties". You get a dialogue where you can set the current encoding of the file. Select the proper Charset so the letters display correctly. Then do "File"-"Save as" and in the dialogue select the targets encoding. Thats it!

How to convert a complete Database to Unicode (UTF-8), using Windows.
First, create a dump file (use Mysqldump or phpMyAdmin). Then, open the file in Notepad. Do NOT open in Wordpad or Word. Notepad can handle large files not too well, but if you take some time it works.

Then save the file directly after opening it to a new file, and select "Unicode" below the field for the filename.

Then, load the database back up to the server. Make sure you do not upload it as a binary file. Maybe Zip it before uploading. Reload the file into the database using:

mysql --user=root --password databasename file.txt

You will be prompted for the root password. The file will be read into the database "databasename".

OooOo Aj zirni go fajlot shto ti go prativ na PP