Macedonia's Alpha Unit a success

Macedonia's Alpha Unit a success
Macedonia's street crime police unit, commonly known as the Alpha Unit, has had exceptional results. Since being established in January 2005, they have apprehended perpetrators of 665 criminal offences, 1,174 people under judicial warrants and 650 drug addicts.

The unit acts in urban environments, with the teams moving undercover and reacting instantly to any reported problem or crime they observe. While intervening, they wear jackets with a police inscription to identify themselves.

Their scope has expanded over time as they obtain equipment and personnel. All members of the unit have undergone special training, including at police academies. What is essential about the group is that people approve of their actions and their popularity is increasing. One notable achievement was last year's capture of two armed robbers who stole 19,000 euros from the Komercijalna Banka branch in Skopje.

In a scene that could have come from a movie, one of the robbers made the customers in the branch get on the floor, and ordered the tellers to give him the money. A brief car chase ensued, and only 15 minutes later Alpha members arrested the robbers and returned the money to the bank. Nobody was injured.

"This is a good warning to all those who may even think of committing similar crimes," said Komercijalna Banka's director of payment operations, Biljana Mitevska. Besides Skopje, Alpha teams have been formed in other large cities such as Stip, Kumanovo, Bitola, Prilep, Tetovo, Gostivar and Ohrid.

Police say it is too early to identify a decline in street crime. By the end of this year, they say, it should be possible to do so.

The EU's EUPOL-Proxima Advisory Police have made favourable remarks about the unit. Brigadier General Juergen Schulz, the head of the mission, said in an interview for Dnevnik that Proxima supported establishment of the unit and supervised its work, and that it was doing a good job.
achtung_panzer Shto znachi deka alfa- edinicite mozhe brzo- brzo da bidat raspushteni... ne veruvam deka namalen kriminal im odgovara na site chlenovi na orkestarot SDSM-VMRO (sose pridruzhnite instrumentatori)...