Do you have any regrets about past love interests?

Do you have any regrets about past love interests?
The cool thing to say is "I live my life without regrets". In an ideal world that may even happen. But in my view, if you are honest with yourself then I'm sure that you would say that you do have some regrets. There is nothing seriously wrong with recognising and admitting that you have made mistakes. By doing so you open the possibility to improve yourself.

There have been many times in my life when I haven't pursued some women. Looking back on it all, I think that the main factor was a shyness that took me so much time and effort to overcome to a certain degree. I still have moments when I literally freeze up when I'm in the presence of a woman with whom I would dearly love to establish a relationship. Luckily those moments are rare these days.

I will be very interested in reading about other people's comments here. Hopefully we can all learn something from each other.
Unreal No regrets. If i can be born again i want to live my life the same way i'm living it now and do all things that i've done so far. (this when love is about)
dejan I haven't been in a serious relationship to have any regrets:)