Macedonia (Roman province)

Macedonia (Roman province)

Unreal Andriscus
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Andriscus, also spelt Andriskos and often called the "pseudo-Philip", was a fuller of Adramyttium, who claimed to be a son of Perseus, last king of Macedonia.

He occupied the throne for a year (149 BC-148 BC). Unable to obtain a following in Macedonia, he applied to Demetrius Soter of Syria, who handed him over to the Romans. He contrived, however, to escape; reappeared in Macedonia with a large body of Thracians; and, having completely defeated the praetor Publius Juventius (149), he assumed the title of king.

His conquest of Thessaly and alliance with Carthage made the situation dangerous. Eventually he was defeated by Q. Caecilius Metellus (148), and fled to Thrace, whose prince gave him up to Rome.

He figured in the triumph of Metellus (146), who received the title of "Macedonicus" for his victory. Andriscus's brief reign was marked by cruelty and extortion. After this Macedonia was formally reduced to a province.

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