Who wants to be a president of the eMakedonija?

Who wants to be a president of the eMakedonija?

Have you ever fantasized of becoming a president? Or perhaps a First Lady? What would you do in the Oval Cabinet? Would you like to have a sallary of a politician?
If you are a human, the answer is probably YES! The only question is how to achieve all that if you are not primarly into politics, a party member, or work in some public sector?

You can participate in one of the kind political entertaining TV reality show-u Who Wants To Be a President and fulfil your drems. We are offering you a chance to present yourself on television, run for the President, fight for your ideas and program, and win substantial money award. In this reality show, the TV audience and Internet visitors vote for the president of the Union Region, and there are no presentations of any real politician or party.
After succsessfull broadcasting season in Serbia and Montenegro, TV reality show Who Wants To Be a President has become popular in the whole region.
On June 3-4th 2006 we have scheduled a recording of the presidental candidates from Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia and Macedonia. During the first day candidates will compete for the president of their own country, and on the next day they will confront and run against their political opponents from the other countries.
On the shooting of the show candidates have five minutes to present their ideas and program of governing the country, solving the problems in the region, and to convince us and the audience that they would make better politicians than the ones we already have. Our candidates can both be serious or fun. We aim to present new faces, fresh ideas and interesting concepts.

The recording of the show will be held in Novi Sad in the TV Panonia studio, and the show covers all accomodation and travelling costs for all participants.

If you are interested and wish to apply, please visit www.eMakedonija.org