What can we learn from women?

What can we learn from women?
I think there are certain things that women do that makes them perceived as more desirable to men. Men can learn from these things and implement them so that we can also be perceived as more desirable.

Example: women tend to be more patient when it comes to relationships. The common mistake that a guy makes is to try too hard to get a woman to like him. Don't be so keen to please a woman. Do you ever see a woman being keen to please a man who she has just gotten to know? Not likely. So, take your time. Take things easy. Don't go overboard with your compliments. Don't try to get her in bed on your first date. Once she sees that you're not so keen she'll think to herself that maybe you have other prospects and she's not the only woman you're lusting after. That will make them want to do more to make you want her.

Another example: women tend to leave it to men to control a conversation. At first this may seem like a good thing for men. But here's the problem: If all goes well then there's no problem, but if the conversation seems to be going nowhere in a hurry then she won't look bad - you will. So what do you do? Ask her as many questions about her as you can think of. This will divide the burden equally on both of you. Then let her talk as much as she likes about herself. Get involved and share information about yourself too, but make sure that the focus isn't always on yourself. Another problem that often happens when the man is expected to take charge is that it's up to the man to come up with exciting and entertaining things to talk about during the whole conversation. Sometimes, when a man senses that he's starting to become boring he'll try to overcompensate by making suggestions that make him appear as being desperate. This can quickly turn into a vicious cycle.

One more example: women tend to make more effort with their grooming. As much as we like to deny it, how a person looks still plays a significant part in relationships. The more attractive a woman makes herself look the less she has to do once she attracts a man. So then the answer is simple: men have to try as hard as women to make themselves more attractive to women. Have you noticed that men with good looks tend to do less talking with women when they're having a conversation? In those kind of situations I have observed that the woman tends to make more of an effort to appear attractive to the man.

If you have any particular observations and/or suggestions relating to this topic which you think will be of some help to other men then feel free to post your comments.
david69 Pa bate dobri ti se zabeleskite i sovetite.Od sekogo mozeme nesto da naucime i sekogas treba da bideme spremni za toa i nikogo da ne potcenuvame na bilo koja osnova;dali e maz ili zena,bel ili crn,nas ili tug ..
SydneyGuy I was hoping that there would be more comments/advice posted on this topic from other members. It looks like some men are not that interested in helping each other. I'll get back to this topic on another occasion and then I will post something else which I hope will be of some help to other men. My thanks to david69 for at least acknowledging that this topic even exists.