Winter Aphrodisiacs

Winter Aphrodisiacs
Winter Aphrodisiacs: donít let your libido go into hibernation

As the colder months set in around Australia, donít let your libido go into winter hibernation. It is common knowledge that the winter months bring about a marked decrease in ones sexual libido and to help prevent this RedHotPie has assembled this hot list of essential aphrodisiac foods you need to stock your cupboards with this winter to maintain your sexual vigor. The history of foods as aphrodisiacs throughout the ages is undeniable proof that the succulent flavors and invigorating aromas of particular foods evokes a sexual response and an increase in sexual prowess.

Now before you run out to the local Chinese herbal Shop and buy the freshest Tigers loins, rhino horn or pelican penis, we suggest you try these more conventional, and palatable, aphrodisiacs. These food items you most likely actually have lying around in the dark recesses of your kitchen cupboards and if not they should be readily available at the local grocer. Stock up on these winter aphrodisiacs so you will be on top of your game when you hook up with other RedHotPie members.

Ok letís start in the Fruit and Veg department:
The banana tops the list of fruit aphrodisiacs. Bananas are loaded with chelating minerals and the bromelain enzyme, a chemical which improves the male libido. Of course you would have to factor in the ludicrous price of bananas in Australia these days. Viagra might be the cheaper option.

Though not a crowd pleaser with the blokes, celery is one veggie you boys should be making sure you get 5 daily serves of. It contains the male hormone androsterone which has been proved to stimulate the sexual arousal of females. As appealing as that does sound I doubt the lads will be passing around celery wedges at the next weekend Aussie Rules footy game.

The peach is another seductive fruit by virtue of its shape and other characteristics. It has been attributed with seductive qualities and is loaded with vitamins and minerals that contribute to the bodyís well-being.

In the category of nuts, gingko nut is very popular. This nut improves blood circulation to the Ďextremitiesí of the body. And yes, by extremities I do mean the penis, and the increase in blood flow there will have the obvious result of improving the libido.

Looking to spice up your sex life? Try mixing up your dishes with a few of these herbs and spices. Basil, cardamom, clove, garlic, ginger, ginseng, pepper, chili and palmetto are a few herbs and spices that will help maintain a healthy libido.

Ginseng is another herb that is in a league of its own. Literally translated as ĎMan Rootí, this super herb has stimulating effects that increase not only your libido, but also overall energy.

Coffee has long been held in great esteem for its ability to jolt the mind and body but recent scientific reports have also proved that coffee stimulates the specific region of the brain that governs sex drive.

Finally, rounding out our hot list of aphrodisiacs is the love doctors often prescribed shell fish, the oyster. Oysters are incredibly rich in zinc, one of the most essential nutrients to a healthy libido.

And in closing, I ask you to bear in mind that the most sexual aphrodisiac is the one between our ears, the brain, the greatest sex organ we have. So remember to maintain a healthy approach to sex through the colder months if you want to maintain a stimulated libido throughout winter.

Angeldust I shall give up coffee for a while! I shall never again look at a stalk of celery with that same boring effect it has on me.

For a get-together, I would suggest chocolate. There is nothing more seductive then feeding your love chocolate covered strawberries! (Ask them if they are allergic first!)
Angeldust P.S. You can cover those expensive bananas with chocolate, too!
SydneyGuy As I've said before, there is no better aphrodisiac than oral sex
Originally posted by SydneyGuy

As I've said before, there is no better aphrodisiac than oral sex

For your information oral sex isnt an afrodiziak its forplay.
keep that in mind:)
Angeldust Yah.