Deja vu all over again?

Deja vu all over again?
Now that VMRO-DPMNE have won the parliamentary elections I have this feeling that they will waste all their opportunities to make real and long lasting changes for the people of Macedonia. I say this because that's what happened the last time they won the parliamentary elections. I would really like to know how things will be different this time.

There is already talk about proposed changes to the way people will vote in future elections. The idea of giving voting rights to Macedonians living outside of the country goes against established democratic principles in other countries. As I have said before, it doesn't make any sense to give voting rights to people who are not expected to pay any taxes (which are ultimately used to improve the well being of the citizens of Macedonia). Elected representatives determine the outcome of legislation which then has an impact on the people who vote for them. The problem with giving voting rights to foreigners is that their lives are not likely to be impacted by the people they elect to the Macedonian parliament. The only people who should have the right to vote should be the citizens who intend to live in Macedonia and pay taxes in Macedonia.

Unfortunately, VMRO-DPMNE has a very poor record as far as economic management is concerned. I just hope that this time around they will do a better job than they did the last time before they were voted out of office. If they didn't learn anything from their past mistakes then the people of Macedonia will once again suffer from the consequences.

Having said all of the above, it's important to say that they deserve a chance to prove that they will deliver what they promised during the election campaign.
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... The idea of giving voting rights to Macedonians living outside of the country goes against established democratic principles in other countries.

Not really SGuy. Voters of Italy for example were given a right to vote even if they are out of the coountry. Other eurpoean countries have similar regulations. Even the voters of The Freest of All Free Nations regularly vote in their embassies throughout the world.
Maybe motivation for this change is rising eyebrows (knowing that VMRO has a solid support base among macedonian immigration, undeservably though, yet another servant of Brussel's eurocracy), but isn't the exclusion of the said voters abroad done by SDSM also suspicious (knowing how unpopular SDS is among macedonian immigrants)?
Ceki Pa mislam, deka ova dpmne ne e ista kako ta od 1998. Mnogu raboti se promenija. Toa deka se isti partii, moze da go zborvi samo nekoj sto ne gi poznava rabotite. Nekoj od zapad, sto ja sledese vojnata vo 2001, i sega izborive vo 2006. A pritoa zaboravajki, deka mnogu luge ja napustile partijava.

Inace, sto ke napravat, pa sto mislite vie?? Dve albanski partii ke se kolat megusebe i nas ke ne kolat, samo da vlezat vo vlada. Dve skoro ednakopravni partii. Edna da ne vlezi, ke ima problemi. Dvete da vlezat??? Sto ke napravi Gruevski?? Realno kazano sto moze da napravi?

Da ne zborvime, deka toj dobil mnogu pomalu glasovi od sdsm vo 2002, a sami znajte sto sve im pustaja sdsmovci na dui. A zamisli sega ti 2 albanski partii vo vlada!

GOSPOD DA CUVA! I od siptarine i od takvi ko SydneyGuy, sto nerealno gi gledat rabotive. SydneyGuy, ne e do dpmne, ama dui i dpa, razbiras?
Ceki Yet you would almost not have known it from the Western media articles pumped out in the aftermath of the election, which implied that since the election winners (the VMRO-DPMNE of Nikola Gruevski) were last in power during the 2001 war, that Macedonia somehow risked backsliding into ethnic strife. By far the worst offender in this category was the Times of London. Its July 6 broadside by Europe correspondent Anthony Browne darkly warned that "the last time the VMRO-DPMNE party was in power in 2001, its hardline nationalist policies provoked an insurgency among ethnic Albanians, almost plunging the country into a civil war that was averted only by Western diplomacy."

Sydney, ti da ne citas Times of London?
darkjesus Syd.. за прв пат во нашава 15 годишна историја не стана збор за нашите политички "икони" Бранко Ц. и Љубчо Г.:)) тешко чоек да поверува ама ај можда сме мрднале чекор напред. ВМРО-ДПМНЕ ја доби довербата и Груевски ги доби своите 5минути. Е па повелете господине Премиер.