Important Information for Macedonians in Australia

Important Information for Macedonians in Australia
Dear Macedonians,

Australia is holding it's 2006 Census on the 8th of August, 2006. For the first time EVER, this census will include a question on Ancestry. This means for the first time EVER, the Australian Macedonians from Aegean Macedonia and Pirin Macedonia are able to identify themselves as Macedonians and not as Greeks or Bulgarians. Previously the census only asked for country of birth, not Ancestry.

I ask that you all contact Macedonian media (newspapers, radio, etc) and ask them to publish articles about this in the upcoming days. I also ask you to contact every Macedonian relative or friend you have living in Australia, asking them to identify themselves as Macedonians here and make sure they all understand the significance and importance of this.

For Ancestry, put "Macedonian"!
Please make sure all our fellow Macedonians in Australia understand this.

The following is some more information about Australia's 2006 Census and the addition of the 'Ancestry' question:!OpenDocument#Untitled%20Section_4
Frequently Asked Questions



Over the last two centuries people have come from all parts of the world to live in Australia. An understanding of the origins of the people who call Australia home is essential in developing policies and services which reflect the needs of our society. Therefore, we ask about citizenship, country of birth and ancestry in the Census.

Ancestry is not necessarily related to the place a person was born but is more the cultural group that they most closely identify with. For example, a person may be born in New Zealand but have Samoan ancestry.

Thank You and Kind Regards,
zlotty_co_380 Mozebi na 8-mi nema da bidam doma : ( , a moze da se piseme aborigani ama ako se custvuvame taka a , seto e vetar vo magla toa ? Ne e ic bitno sto bile mojte ancestry najbitno e sto our ancestry started to eat red meat. If they didnt start to eat red meat our brain whould not be that size as it is today. Ami zamislete ako nikogas ne probale crveno meso, ke sme bile zakrzlaveni kako zelki. Thank you za mojte ancestry koj sto dosle so Angelina tuka vo krajnite godini vo 18**-te godini vo predminatiot vek.