Makedonski Dance/Electronica Song...

Makedonski Dance/Electronica Song...
Zdravo everybody,

I apologize for my lack of writing in macedonian, as Im not fluent in writing just yet, but I have a BURNING question!

There are two dance songs in Macedonian that I downloaded but have lost them and wiped them off my computer, making me very very sad :'(

There was one song called "Kalayna" I'm pretty sure, and there's this other song.. I can't remember, but I know a lyric:

"Jac pravi nema chekena se ljubi"... something along those lines :S
I think her name could have been Diana or something, but I can't remember. If annnnybody could help me or offer me some macedonian dance artists/songs they know of, please give me a shout! Thanks everyone