Stipendii - Scholarships for Macedonians

Stipendii - Scholarships for Macedonians
CfA: Doctoral Candidates from South East Europe for the Field of Pea
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Sat Aug 5, 2006 9:58 am (PST)
University of Hamburg
Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy (IFSH)
Co-operation Network Peace Research and Security Policy (KoFrieS)
Dr. Patricia Schneider
Academic Co-ordinator
Hamburg, August 1, 2006

The IFSH is looking for two Doctoral Candidates from
South East Europe for the Field of Peace Research
We offer you
othe opportunity to write a dissertation
oa sandwich-scholarshi a sandwich-scholarshi <WBR>p, that means alternate
stays in H
We expect from you
othat you are a graduate of the University of Prishtina/ Kosovo or of the
University of
Novi Sad/ Serbia or of a University in Macedonia and that you still have good
relations with your university so that the regional academic cooperation can
othat you have (very) good langue skills in English and German because the
dissertation should preferably be written in German. Later on it is also
possible to file
an application to the University of Hamburg to write the thesis in English.
If the
candidate has no good knowledge of German he/she should have at least the
willingness to improve it during the project period at his/her own expenses.
othat you have completed at least a four-year course in no matter what
othat you have proven interest in peace research and security politics
respectively in
the peace building processes in South East Europe and an interest in
supporting the
Academic Network South East Europe
osynopsis for a dissertation project (2-6 pages, including posing the
formulation of the question, used theories and methods, time schedule). The
choice of
the topic and the literature research should be finished because 24 months
for a
dissertation in the field of social science is short on time.
More information about the scholarship
othe scholarship starts on September 1, 2006 in Hamburg. The first six
months should
be spend there. Within the first year the scholarship holder should attend a
selected courses of the "Master of Peace and Security studies".
othe duration of the scholarship adds up to 24 months
othe donator of the scholarship is the DAAD, the awarding of the scholarship
decided by the IFSHothe monthly scholarship for the stay in Germany runs up
to 715 Euros plus an
allowance of 60 Euros for the health insurance. For the stay in the home
region a
monthly scholarship of 150 Euros is paid.
othe stay in Germany and the home region should alternate every six months.
Therefore the costs for the arrival and return journey up to 425 Euros will
be refunded
four times. Altogether 12 months in Germany and 12 month in the home region
be sponsored.
ofor the whole duration of the scholarship a single payment for research
(books, copies, conference fees etc.) of 425 Euros will be provided
More information about the dissertation
othe scholarship holder should support the "Academic Network for South East
Europe". Moreover, the theme of the dissertation should match with the aims
of the
network. You can get more information about the network at
_http://www.academic http://www. ahttp_ (http://www.academic network-see. net/) .
Also an accordance with the research plan of
the IFSH, particularly with the work field of the " Centre for European
Peace and
Security Studies" (ZEUS) is desirable (for more information:
_http://www.ifsh. http://www. ihttp://www. ifhtt_
(http://www.ifsh. de/zeus/htm_ english/zeus. htm) ).
owhen successful the dissertation can be handed in at the University of
Hamburg (after
the examination of the admission requirements) or at the university of the
region or at any other university at one#180;s own account
Required documents
oletter with complete post address, Email address, home number, cell phone
ocurriculum vitae with picture
oSchool-leaver#180;School-leaver#180;<WBR>s certificate qualifying for university
(German "Abi
oCertifications of academic degrees and, if at hand, references from previous
oCertificate of English and German language skills (both can be handed in
English: TOEFFEL 230 (570 paper based), 5.5 IELTS, Advanced C or any
examination of equal value
German: DSH, Test DAF or any examination of equal value
oif possible, further documents expressing special qualification or
ocertificates and other documentary evidence must be provided in German or
Translations must be officially certified. Only complete documents received
on time
will be accepted.
The deadline for the application is August 19, 2006 (in-box)! The
applications can also
be handed in via Email (including scanned documents) or via Fax.
Please direct any inquiries to:
Dr. Patricia Schneider from the Institute for Peace Research and Security
Policy (IFSH)
Falkenstein 1, D-22587 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40-866077- Ph
Telefax: +49 (0)40-866 36 15
E-mail: [email protected] E-
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