University/College in Ontario
University/College in Ontario
I was wondering if any of you are running a Macedonian students club or association at your schools? I'm a member of the Macedonian Students Association at York University and i'm interested in finding out if there are any other groups such as this so that we can organize larger events. Dances, parties, get the picture...

Zelen So here's a bit of an update.... anyone who is interested in joining is welcome to... just send me a PM with your full name and email address... lates
DAVIS hi zelen, since you are a member of the macedonian students association maybe you could answer my question. this might sound stupid but i was wondering if i can join, eventhough i do not attend york. but i live in toronto. SO I SAYS TO HIM, I SAYS.......
fastarrow zdravo, zainteresiranost ima, prasanje e dali ima makedonki na york?[:)]