100 Najdobri FIlmovi na site vreminja
100 Najdobri FIlmovi na site vreminja
BorisVM 1. Casablanca 2. Sedumte Samurai 3. E.T. 4. Gospodarot na prstenite Nekolku od mojot izbor.
Originally posted by kopacot
Crna Macka Bel Macor MissHell Zakon :)))
Jes jes.. I know :))) da ti go pratam filmo ? hihi =)
n/a Kolku dena ke go zemam ? 100? :P
n/a Thanks Legal, for doing all the hard work..[:D][:D] I couldnt agree with you more, all those movies are extraodinary and I'm sure leave a very memorable and significant meaning to us all in one way or another..[:)][:)] It just dosnt get better than that..[;)][:)] ..FOXXY..
n/a me miself and irene - najfilm na site vreminja sto pati da go gledas ,ne e dosaden abe idi u picku mater be eeej
AaaAa Scent of a Women; Once upon a time in America; One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest; Silence of the Lamb; Schindler List; English Patient;Doctor Zhivago;The PIano; Fargo;Rain Man" beautiful MInd; matrix; American beauty';hmmmm Before the Rain..... and so on
melpomena Posle Casablanca se drugo izgleda prosechnost. "Ilse, I'm not good to being noble, but it doesn't make much to see that the problems of three litlle people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. Not now. Here's looking at you, kid." (Rick) Cogitationis poenam nemo patitur...
melpomena Sepak eve nekolku filmovi: Breakfast at Tiffany's The Godfather (site delovi) Michael Colins Contact Ukradena ubavina Mirisot na zhenata Minority report Cogitationis poenam nemo patitur...
kickol 1.Bese ednas vo Amerika 2.Lovci na Eleni 3.Kum 1,2,3 4.Amadeus i red drugi ali ovie vo sekoe vreme ....
slasa a be borise loku da te ucam zar ne si go gledal Ludi Svejganki . i rektor vo Krevet :-)))
Originally posted by slasa
a be borise loku da te ucam zar ne si go gledal Ludi Svejganki . i rektor vo Krevet :-)))
slasa ... [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D] ... vaka se nemam odamna nasmeano [:D][:D][:D] Tuku aj da ne mu ja rasipuvame temava na Boris. [:)] XXX (Triple X) ... pa ushe ako go gledate vo kino ... sami vo cela sala ... ozvuchenje do daska ... mozhesh sho sakash da pravish [}:)] ... NEZABORAVEN FILM [:D] Gospodarot na prstenite ... hmmmm kaj go gledav toj film [?][:I] Whitebaby
Whitebaby 1.Godfather ... remek delo [^] Michael Corleone: My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a President or senator. Kay Adams: Do you know how naive you sound, Michael? Presidents and senators don't have men killed! Michael Corleone: Oh. Who's being naive, Kay? 2.Gone With The Wind ... si go obozhavam ovoj film, ushe da mozhat da gi voskresnat Vivien Leigh i Clark Gable pa da go snimat i vtoriot del. (knigata - prodolzhenieto "Scarlet" e odlichna) Scarlett: Sir, you are no gentleman. Rhett: And you Miss, are no lady. Don't think that I hold that against you. Ladies have never held any charm for me. 3.Scarface 4.The Piano 5.Sphere Sigurna sum ima ushe nekolku, ama ne mi teknuva momentalno [:D] Whitebaby
Legal-Eagle 1. Wizard of Oz - the moral of the story was there was no place like home and it was given to me as gift when i was in my mid-20's by a special person. 2. Ben Hur - The the epic scenes and the dramatic chariot race where an extra was killed but that was NOT cut from the film 3. Zorba the Greek - Ideally one film that most ethnic men should watch on how NOT to treat women 4. Cat On a Hot Tin Roof - Elizabeth Taylor make the slip a very fashionable and wearable number on its own 5. Gone with the Wind - the hissy fits that scarlet threw, and the fact that rhett frankly didnt give a damn. 6. Three Coins In the Fountain - ahhhhhh the film that inspired me to travel to the trevi fountain and make a wish, which i might add did come true ... so becareful what you wish for. 7. Singing In The Rain - learnt the lines to this film because i use to watch it at boarding school all those weekends when my parents didnt come to pick me up to go home and i had to board over the weekend as well... i am sure they loved me, but this filmed gave me may hours of light entertainment, which led me to take up tap dancing but only for a short time 8. ShowBoat - because i love my mista man, and because fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, i am gonna love one man till i die, can't help lovin dat man of mine ... loved the can can scene in the film. 9. Cleopatra - another classic where Lizzie ooooooouuuuuuzes sex appeal and is hypnotic with those violet eyes of her's. A true rendition that women are more powerful than men and can bring them to their knees. 10. Ghost - This is a very personal and sentimental favourite, i saw it while in Michigan USA and it was a touching story about SAM and MOLLY there isnt a day when i dont think about that film and its significance to me, even after all these years. 11. Grease - WOW this was the first film i saw at the DRIVE-IN, which marked the beginning of my ..... oh hmmmm.... well i dont know what it marked but it was the first time i was allowed to go to the movies unaccompanied by a guardian. 12. The King and I - the fullness of Anna's dress had me mesmerized for hours on end and the fact that she never stayed with the king always had me beat. My list is endless, like i once remarked, they dont make films like they use to .. among my favourites are any films including Elvis Presley, Albot and Costello, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and of course any of the films by Alfred Hitchcock .......there are so many more but i just cant think at this given point in time[:)] You are all, Hic, entitled to MY, Hic, opinion!
Legal-Eagle Oh how could i forget my favourite actress Audrey Hepburn, any film that she starred in especially, My Fair Lady You are all, Hic, entitled to MY, Hic, opinion!
n/a Haha ne se loshi i tie ali gledajte gi : 1.Van Vajlder - komedija 2.The Transporter - akcija 3.Solger - akcija Ludnica od filmovi
DJ_SHEMA 1. Casablanka 2. The Last Emperor 3. The Sheltering Sky 4. A Beautiful Mind 5. Bitter Moon Redosledot na filmovite e sluchaen
graf 1.Conan the BARberian 2.Preditro 3.Terence Hill and Bud Spencer "Watch out, were MAD" 4.MAd Max 5.THE PROFESSIONAL
StormAngel 1.The man with the iron mask 2.The gangs in New York 3.The Beach 4.How high 5.The recruit 6.8 mile 7.What women want 8.Lord of the rings (site prodolzenija) 9.American Pie (1,2,3) 10.Armagedon (site filmovi na Bruce Willis) 11.Terminator (site prodolzenija) 12.Bad Boys (1,2) 13.Filmovite na Jim Carrey 14.Indiana Jones 15.I mnogu mnogu drugi! Pozdrav![:)]
n/a 1.Ocen`s 11 2.2 fast 2 furious 3.The Transporter 4.Once upon a time in Mexico 5.Catch me if you can 6.Gangs of NY 7.Equilibrium 8.Leathal weapon 4 9.S.W.A.T 10.Underworld mislam deka se dosta od moja strana , neli !? :P
AaaAa neshto postaro Gentleman's Agreement Lawrence of Arabia THe sound Of music Vertigo The Apartment The best years of our lives Scarface Full metal jacket The Man Who Knew Too Much
Originally posted by kopacot
Kolku dena ke go zemam ? 100? :P
Ahah .. :) neznam bre.. tolku nogu ?! neznaef..
n/a Scarface Al Pacino. ! [:D]
The`bItCh 1.The peacemaker 2.Spy kids 3.Matrix revoluciite 4.underground 5.underworld 6.how to lose boy for 10 days !?.. 7.blade 1,2 8.legaly bland 9.In dreams 10.Od samrak do zori.. 11.Gospodar na prstenite.. 12.E.T. 13.XXX
ragazza Nekoj od nasite favoriti Zerocools i na Zerosbabe :) 1. Kum posebno 1 i 2 del 2. Scarface 3. Nicija zemja 4. Rane 5. Lepa selo lepo gore 6. Bad boys 1,2 7. Meet the parents 8. Oceans 11 9. Pretty woman 10. Pulp fiction 11. From dusk to dawn 1 12. Desperado (posebno selma na maz mi ljubimicita ) 13. Top Gun 14. Analize this analize that 15. Tomcats ( ova od zero e:) 16. Dumb and dummer 17. Face Off 18. Goodfellas 18. Taxi 1 2 3 19. The Gladiator 20. Rush Hour 1, 2 21. My big fat greek wedding 22. LionKing ( ova od Zerosbabe:) 23. Training Day 24. Bridget Jones Diary i za na kraj nesto so Jenna Jameson za maz mi ubo da spie :)))
bliznak 1.E.T. 2.Gospodarot na prstenite 3.Bad boys 1,2 4.The Gladiator 5.matrix
GoDsHaNd Donni Darko Scarface Godfather Matrix Dune City of god
n/a 1.Meet Joe Black 2.Profesionalec(sprskiot)
MissHell How to lose a guy in 10 days Tomb Raider 1 Tomb raider 2 Stigmata My big fat greek wedding Top Gun Cruel <neshto> so Rhyan Phillippe Blood in blood out Scary Movie 1 Scary Movie 2 Fast and the furious Van The Man Legaly Blonde 1 Legaly Blonde 2 XXX Miss Secret Agent Maid in Manhattan Exit Wounds Matrix Crna Macka, Bela Macka (neznam bash kako se vikashe) Underground Ahm ne mi teknuvat na pojkem sea.. :) sum gleala 100 filmoj .. amnezija amnezija .. :)
n/a Crna Macka Bel Macor MissHell Zakon :)))