Jovan Pavlovski
Jovan Pavlovski
Thief Jovan Pavlovski e roden 1937 godina vo Tetovo.Toj e istaknat makedonski pisatel i publicist,avtor na 34 knigi poezija,proza i publicistika.Dobitnik e na najvisoki priznanija za literatura i publicistika.Vo dva mandata (1992-1994;1994-1996) e pretstdael na Drustvoto na pisatelte na Makedonija.Osnovac na knigoizdatelstvoto MI-AN.Zaedno so Misel Pavlovski,vo 1994 godina,gi pokrena informativno- politickite spisanija "Makedonsko vreme" i negoviot angliski pandan "The Macedonian times".Sega e niven glaven i odgovoren urednik. Profesor vo penzija na interdisciplinarnite studii po novinarstvo na Pravniot(porano na filoloskiot) fakultet vo Skopje.
Whitebaby Abe zoshto na angliski? [}:)] Whitebaby
Originally posted by Whitebaby
Abe zoshto na angliski? [}:)] Whitebaby
Od mrza,srce,od mrza![:D]. Posle kucanje na biografijata i na nekolkute pesme na makedonski,morav da produzim so copy-paste,a na internetov samo na engleski mu gi najdov... Ama nemaj gajle...Odraboten strav cela na makedonski ke ja napisem... Ete ti 2-3 zabavljaj se so niv![;)]
Thief I od Petko sve na makedonski ke moram da gi iskucam...Da mu ja potrazim samo poslednata zborka sto ja izdade...Malu lokal-patriotizam da pokazem,zatoa ovja poeti gi odbrav...Sledna prilika i na Jovana da mu zemem uste nekoja zbiika(u momentov samo "Odraboten strav ja imam)
Od mrza,srce,od mrza![:D].
Sram te bilo. [}:)] Tatko mi stalno vika "Mrza gza ne rani". [^] I nemoj mene "srce" zhiti se, zakon me fakja so tebe!!! Pa posle Whitebaby zaveduva maloletnici. [}:)] Whitebaby
Thief Pavlovski e avtor na zbirkite poezija:"Odraboten strav","Avgust","Medeja","Identitet","Oksidiranja","Preraskazuvanje na entitetot","Strogosta na ziveenjeto","Poslednite 48 casa na profesorot po istorija","Stvarna promena",kako i na knigite stihovi za deca:"Miso iso so o","Na site svetski strani,samo Ani,samo Ani","Tevedzirka",kako i na poetskata slikovnica "Reka-a-a-a!"Izvonrden roman koj raskazuva izmisleni slucka,na vistinski lokacii vo Tetovo i tetovsko e negovoto delo "Toa Radiovce vo koe pagam dlaboko".Izbori od poezijata na Pavlovski:"Mentalen prostor","Zrelo doba","Gradenje i razgraduvanje"(trijazicno:na makedonski,angliski i ruski),"Povlekuvanje na stvarnosta" i "Poezija"(izbor od poetskoto tvorestvo na Pavlovski na 18 jazika),kako i izbori od sozdavanjeto za deca:"Bliski nesta" i "Pesni,mnogu vazni pesni".
Thief Od zbirkata:"Obraboten strav" Toa sto se zanimava so minatoto Toa sto se zanimava so minatoto, sto go dopira ona sto vo nego e stvarno, toa e negovo prvo izednacuvanje so prosecniot zivot. Sila sto mu go menuva odnesuvanjeto. Sto trae. Duri podocna,koga ke bide premalen, doraboten od pojavite(glavno eksplikativni), sto gi dopolnuva kako razraboteni senzacii, toj ke se izednac so nestata vo sebe. Duri potoa, duri mnogu potoa, ke pocne razgraduvanjeto vnatre vo nego.
Thief JOVAN PAVLOVSKI b. 1937 Born in Tetovo, a professional journalist since 1956 and a member of the Writers' Association of Macedonia since 1962. A correspondent of Nova Makedonija from Paris and Moscow. An author of over thirty books of poetry, prose and journalism. A winner of high acknowledgements for literature and journalism. A president of the Writers' Association of Macedonia for two mandates.
Thief TO IMITATE THE FLIGHT OF BIRDS IS TO DIE He genuinely takes off and apparently: his craft deconstructs all possible theories of the motion of solid object through the air. In the airy commotion it reaches the maximum of vertical pressure. Its presence above our heads is both a challenge and a reason for unrest it announces a new, lasting identify an unexpacted redistribution of things and the self-protection system. While doing it, Otto commits a mortal sin: he, a reptile, imitates the flight of birds, trying to displace things from their usual places and drag the reptiles into airy commotions. His attempt transcends him in the realm of dreams, he crumbles. People sigh relieved. But beyond the frontier of the visible Otto Lilienthal's craft still glides on. Enlarged.
Thief THE GETHSEMANE NIGHT OF JACQUES FRISCH Merely shadows over Lyons prison. And the soft murmur of a prayer-father Oiseau prays. As Jacques Frisch confesses you cannot tell if he condemns or curses: "Nothing is worse nor more shameful than a generally established, humiliating situation. People crazy with fear and toil are eager to kill. I was one of them!" Tonight the structure of his personality will be put in jeopardy, and the cold of the world will inhabit him and soon he will turn into his forefathers. Still, he is content: he has met his vital need for destruction which filled and emptied him again and again. And happy: he will identify himself with his parents! Maybe he knows: he only prolongs the public challenge, the interaction of several complex situations. Father Oiseau beholds: the convict commences a slow, heavy, wonrous, everlasting ascent. It is merely an odd kind of insanity, he thinks himself reconciled with death, (Ionesco: Frisch deserves death, since he is indifferent to it!) Thus he deprives death of its mysterious, transcedental flavour. Ultimately, Jacques Fricsh has one wish left: to accelerate the separation of spirit from flesh so that now he is able to begin the exploration of prohibited areas. (Based on the foonote on J. Frisch's death in the "Anthropology of death" by L. V. Toma)
Thief WHEN HE CONSIDERS, YET When he considers, yet: he had to be possible in life! He gets bogged downin details, and behold: whatever he does - all leads to self-denial, exhaustion, and his soul changes from capricorn to iris, from insect to customs official. Satisfied, he opposes dream and demolishes the extreme parts of his own past. Thus, I will save my soul again, he claims, and prepare its future content! And he perceives, oh God, how clearly perceives; The more he digs into himself, the more he gets poorer and poorer! Something is missing, something utterly tangible, which may him fill up the cracks in time, to withhold the drifting apart of events within himself, forwards and backwards. And when he considers: O.K., now things are all right, he reveals the ruins within himself, in horror! He digs up only insignificant pieces within them, some small parts, and wants to give up, to sigh.
Thief AS THE GIRL BECOMES IMMACULATE As the girl becomes immaculate things simplify within him. He is freezing. As if the sun of established prejudice has multiplied. The formula of simple living vanishes into thin air: going home, to work, a game of chess with friends! Now, there it stands, before him, the unbearable whiteness, the soft pleasure, a skin like skin, and he is distant, behind changes which linger around him, dead cold. - Save yourself at least! she whispers in her ear. - Save yourself at least! she repeats simply. He does not listen to her. Fearful, he pushes her away, unbinds her arms from his neck, her whispering braces him: Why save just one if we cannot all be saved! he wants to explain Karamazov to her. He waves, and diminishing, tiny leaves the hostel room with the jacket in his hands. He is sad and heart-broken, almost an enlarged prototype of an immature form, an utterly new image of himself.
Thief THE FOSSILS OF BERTRAND PALISSI I cannot give up learning for fossils are, indeed, a proof of the ancient biological activity of the Earth: a tree-trunk of the silificated tree, prints of organic substance, analysis of the hydrogen which reveals the missing groups and all that repeats throughtime leaves and returns. The presence of gigantic reptiles indicates a relatively mild climate. The plants connote the same because some families of herbs seek a warmer sea. New animal species appear gradually with time, while others disappear. A stratographic level of the sea phaeacia can hold and husband a good fauna of invertebrates. Through them I approach the world, its mists and gulfs, and apparently: I discover it. I touch and touch: forominifers, radiolarians, syculas of graptolite, conodonts, flagellates, pollens and spores, some Devonian fish, whole mammoths preserved in the quartal ice of Siberia - these are signs denoting that the limit of existence has been excended and that I was right. And despite uncertainty, despite my coming death, I am still an archaeoteryx, the first animal ever to fly with feathered wings, and if I dissolve during the great flight no doubt: it is the history falling apart, it is actually, the world returning to its origin.
Thief OD ZBIRKATA "OBRABOTEN STRAV": ZNAE:POVEKE NE E COVEK NA GRUPATA Znae:poveke ne e covek na grupata, tokmu zatoa sto odbiva da go prifati ona sto se slucuva nadvor od negovite sonista. Nesilstvoto,na primer. Podelbite,isto taka.