Labina Mitevska Site
Labina Mitevska Site
n/a Hey hello to all Macedonian and non Macedonians in this forums. I had confected a site about Labina Mitevska cause I liked her a lot after I saw her in "Prezde Dozot". She cute.[:I] The site has been there since 2001 i guess but hasn't been very popular as suscriptions to web-searchers dont seem to work very well. [:(!] Im ready to receive suggestions about the site, or new info about Labina, cause it's hard to find, see ya all.
Thunder from down under where the macedonian flag is it acctaly takes you to a greek site try instead of cos the greeks have registered Labinas not bad :)) now you make me want to see the other 2 movies :)) are you mexican lev? cos there is special forum here for mexicans as well :)))
n/a yeah Im Mexican I've only seen Before the Rain. I want to see her in i want you, she sings some songs and she looks hot with short hair and has a great shape in thet movie. yeah Im curious, why they they make a forum for mexicans in a Macedonian forum are there many Mexicans interested in ur country?
n/a For some reason, that link to the Alexander the Great 2004 Movie does not work, it takes you to a blank page that says Be the first one to post a message. Here is another link, to that same site that works, you just have to keep clicking on "next 40" or if you want to see the most recent post, click on "most recent" Here is the link:
I wonder why those greeks did that.
Because they steal Macedonian history. See this message board where they can't answer to our question.
Cyber-Man Great job man. But please change the site with anpther site for ex: , or Best Regards!
n/a Link changed. I wonder why those greeks did that.