Mi fali...
Mi fali...
fio [img]http://www.cnn.com/HEALTH/9605/27/biotech.bananas/biotech.banana.jpg[/img] A vas? [8D]
Mz_Nikkki mi fali straf
NatusH na mesto stap, straf si napishala :o)))))))))))
deni kids
NatusH looooooooooooooooooooooooool :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Mufla граф мејт, очигледно не си доволно информиран мејт, атентат беше извршен врз српскиот премиер мејт, а не врз српскиот претседател МЕЈТ !
sfetle Mufla da ne go utna fontot? :)
Mufla не, разговараме на македонски и поприродно е да пишуваме кирилица, не мислиш така ? :о)
sfetle ne gledam deka nekoj drug pisuva so makedonski font :)
fio ќе почнеш :)
sfetle веќе почнав [:D]
Mufla така требит ! :о)
graf fio did u cry when the serb president was shot dead ???????
fio Graf is now known as the Fart-Machine
mafisKumA Stram da mu je na toj sto rekol nisto nese uci od mirc ili od forum. Gledas deka se ucime za healthy eating, nutritional values and the versatility of certain foods. [^]
Mufla АХахахахахАХхаххаахах
SwEeTbAbE auuu abe bato kako si ostanal bez nea?[;)][:p][:D] mene mi fali[;)][:D][:D][:D]
Astrogirl We know ti fali, ama tell us something we don't know?[:)]
graf Mi fali deka imate lugi tamu sto milslat deka uste imate Yugoslavia and use the flag of a dead country ahhahahah
fio Mi fali teta "tri kila banani" od fruit market, mi fali bigpond.au :) Zaebana rabota :)
yURI a kar ti fali za da drajvash po stritojte?
yURI i pazi koga ke se kapish vo virojte poso ima mnogu sarkoj
mafisKumA ke odam vo shopo (to quote my mother) [:p][:p][:p][:p]
Bananas Are Good For You
The Nutritional Composition of a Banana (medium size 100 g) Water 75.1 g Protein 1.2 g Fat 0.3 g Carbohydrate 23.2 g Energy 95 kcal 403 g • Bananas are a good source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber. One banana has 15% of the vitamin C, 11% of the potassium, and 16% of the dietary fiber needed each day for good health. • Bananas also contain a rich supply of vitamin B6, providing 20% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of B6. Vitamin B6 is significant in the synthesis of antibodies in the immune system. It also helps in protein metabolism, red blood cell formation and functioning of the central nervous system. • Bananas have no fat, cholesterol or sodium. • The vitamin C in bananas helps your body to heal and defend against infections. Vitamin C also is valuable in the absorption of iron, synthesis of connective tissue, and blood formation. • The good source of potassium from bananas is helpful for your body to maintain the fluid balance in blood and tissue cells. Potassium is also an essential mineral for protein synthesis and the building of muscle because it stimulates nerve impulses for muscle contraction
fio I like bananas, I respect bananas, I find bananas interesting, but I don't love bananas. My lady does. Love them, that is. I reserve love for my lady and my dog, and since they eat them every day, so do I. But eating a fresh banana every day has gotten sort of boring. That's why I have collected 104 recipes for bananas. That's certainly not all the banana recipes in the world, but if I can accumulate three hundred and sixty five recipes (this is where you can help), having a banana everyday won't be so hard to swallow. To show my interest in bananas, I researched their nutritional value, as compared to apples. A banana has less water, fifty percent more food energy, four times the protein, half the fat, twice the carbohydrate, almost three times the phosphorus, nearly five times the Vitamin A and iron, at least twice the other vitamins and minerals as an apple. That's how I got my respect for bananas. Bananas can be used in an amazing variety of dishes: as relishes; as a vegetable with pork, lamb chops, bacon, sausage, corned beef, beefsteak; as a stuffing for goose, duck, turkey, or chicken; as sauces, spreads, jellies, jams; frosting and candies; filling for pies, cakes, tarts, doughnuts and turnovers; as custard, pudding, ice creams and parfait; in soups, stews, casseroles, souffles, ragout, and croquettes; they can be fried, par boiled, broiled, and baked; made into flour for breads; eaten raw and as fresh fruit in salads. So you see there's little you can't do with a banana. My lady even collects those little stickers that come on bananas, and uses the peels in the compost heap. You can buy BANANA POSTERS and BOOKS here. I don't know why my dog likes bananas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some of the more interesting recipes for bananas I have found: BANANA Doughnuts BANANA Toast BANANA Bread BANANA Pancakes BANANA Relish BANANA Stuffing BANANA cutlets BANANA Dumplings BANANA Pie BANANA Chutney BANANA and Peanut Butter Sandwich Rhubarb and BANANA Fool and, of course, Cream of BANANA Soup Oh Lordy, there's MORE recipes here (#14–#104), and even more on the Internet! (#105–#208) If you need Ounce to Milliliter conversions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facts about Bananas Bananas aren't grown on trees. They're part of the lily family, a cousin of the orchid, nothing but a very yellow and plump member of the herb family. With stalks 25 feet high, they're the largest plant on earth without a woody stem. They are thought to have originated in Malaysia but spread throughout Asia, India and Africa well before Columbus discovered America. Unknown in this hemisphere before then, bananas came to the New World in 1516 when Spanish missionary Friar Tomas de Berlanga brought over the first root stocks. The word banana is African, though, a word carried to the New World by Portuguese slave traders. They knew about bananas way back in history, for Alexander the Great found the people of India eating bananas in 327 B.C. In Alexander's time, bananas were called “pala” in Athens. North America got its first taste of the tropical fruit in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. Each banana was wrapped in foil and sold for 10 cents. Today the average American consumes about 25 pounds a year of the mellow yellow, every one of them imported from Latin America, where the climate favors the warmth-loving plants. Rich in potassium, vitamins B, A and C, bananas are not only popular but considered healthful by most of us. In fact, there are funny numbers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that a banana can cut the risk of death from strokes by as much as 40 percent in certain cases. For more information on bananas, including free recipes, send a stamped, self addressed business-size envelope to the International Banana Association, 1101 Vermont Ave., N.W., Suite 306, Washington, D.C. 20005. Ask for the free brochure, “Banana Times.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When is a Banana Ripe? Most of us know that the color of a banana's skin indicates its degree of ripeness. But there's ripeness and then there's ripeness. Here's a precise guide to using bananas. Green -- unripened bananas, used in soups and stews. Yellow with green tips -- partially ripe, used for broiling, baking or frying. All Yellow -- ripe, eaten raw or in waffles, puddings, cakes or pies. Yellow with brown freckles -- full-ripe, raw or in salad, fruit cup or other dishes calling for uncooked fruit. All Brown -- over ripe, if flesh is firm, still in prime eating condition. Blackened areas -- bruised fruit and should be avoided. Raw, unripened fruit can be irritating to your digestive system. Imperfectly ripened bananas are composed of starch; but as the natural ripening proceeds, the saccharine material is converted into dextrine and glucose. Cook the starchy, unripened fruit as you would use a potato, or let them ripen at room temperature to sweeten. When they are the color you need, bananas can be stored in the refrigerator. The skins may turn dark, but the pulp will stay at the desired ripeness. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preparing Bananas Green Banana Pulp To make green banana pulp, bananas must be carefully peeled so that all traces of the green outer skin are removed. If the bananas stand before cooking, cover with cold water so they will not become dark. Cook in boiling, salted water for about a half hour. The cooking should be done slowly as with too rapid cooking the outer part of the banana becomes soft before the interior is done. Bananas must be well cooked and soft or there will be a slight green taste. Drain, and put bananas through a potato ricer or a puree sieve. When preparing bananas for a pie filling, proceed as rapidly as possible and use a glass, plastic or silver knife as steel blackens the bananas. The bananas may be sprinkled with a bit of lemon juice after being cut to retard browning. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fried Bananas Fried bananas are truly delicious and may be fried in two ways--first peel and cut lengthwise in half, dip in flour and fry a golden brown in hot oil. For the second way--peel the bananas, cut in half, roll in flour and dip in egg and milk mixture and then roll in fine bread crumbs--fry a golden brown in smoking hot oil. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD VALUE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Water Food Pro- Carbo- Cal- Phos- Vit.A Thia- Ribo- Nia- Ascor- Energy tein Fat hydrate cium phorus Iron Value mine flavin cin bic acid -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apples 84.1 64 .3 .4 14.9 6 10 .3 90 .04 .02 .02 5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bananas 74.8 99 1.2 .2 23 8 28 .6 430 .09 .06 .06 10 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Source: The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery, Wm. H. Wise & Co., Inc., New York. (I don't even mention POTASSIUM in Bananas because it's off the charts! 370 mg.)
fio Nego nekoi lugje ne gi cenat bananite radi nivnite vitamini, tuku radi nivnata forma :)))))))))))))))))))))
yURI lol
graf fio u are in love with banan's
Thunder from down under
Originally posted by graf
Mi fali deka imate lugi tamu sto milslat deka uste imate Yugoslavia and use the flag of a dead country ahhahahah
Mate I will ask you to be more tolerant with fio He has a rare desist of being obsessed with dead things
pLAY_gIRL Graf did u fart?
NatusH I LIKE BIG BUTS AND I CANNOT LIE!!!!!!! mi falit od nikki gazot :))
pLAY_gIRL JuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhUUUUUUUUuuuuuuu!Nate MwAh
NatusH IKKIN Hwam ~~~~JuHuuuuuuuu nIkkI naTe JuHuUuUUuuU~~~~ mwaH NIKKI
buc svasta
Mz_Nikkki pa da de strafche mi fali :) a ne stap tebe da ti fali stap u taa ;)
NARCIS` nikki tebe ti nedostiga na zare...
go_mk Mate, Yugoslavia is dead. Change your name and flag!
Originally posted by fio
[img]http://www.cnn.com/HEALTH/9605/27/biotech.bananas/biotech.banana.jpg[/img] A vas? [8D]
Dieselsx man dont know about you but that flag gives me the creeps
Originally posted by go_mk
Mate, Yugoslavia is dead. Change your name and flag!
Originally posted by fio
[img]http://www.cnn.com/HEALTH/9605/27/biotech.bananas/biotech.banana.jpg[/img] A vas? [8D]

Мате, малсе касниш со поракава, него да ти одговорам, што има врска ако сум стаил за аватар знаме на Југославија, можеби државата е мртва како име, јеби га, така решиле големите сили, меѓутоа за многу луѓе никогаш нема да умре. Зашто у средно у МК се учи латински, иако е мртов јазик? Зашо на Медицински факултет се учат латински имиња на сите болести и органи, иако латинскиот е мртов? Зашто во Македонија, а посебно вие дијаспорците ко користите старото знаме на Мк, сонцето од Вергина, кога тоа знаме е мртво за Р.М., не постои више. 1000 зашто, 1000 затоа. Ако сакам ќе ставам за аватар знаме на 2ра пешадија на 3тата дивизија на римската војска и никому ништо. Ама тогаш нема да се побуниш пошто ем нема да знаеш што е тоа ем нема да ти смета. Знам дека на многу од вас ви боде знамето очи, посебно на оние кои во најмала рака биле истерани од Југославија, или пак на оние кои биле “тврдокорни“ (пф) Македонци што знаеле само да се бусаат у гради и кои сакале самостојно да живеат. Ете, самостојни сме (?!?!), како живееме? Прашај ги постарите кои сеуште се во Македонија (лесно ти е тебе на другата страна на светот) како живееле и како живеат сега. Во иднина те молам не ме замарај за знамето или за државата, биди малце покреативен, а ако сакаш дискусија за YU, повели на некој друг форум (политика и сл) да ти објаснам некои работи.