Macedonian song - help!
Macedonian song - help!
AngelDust Hey, I'm looking for a macedonian song, I don't really know it's name only that the meaning of the name of the song in english is something like "icy but sweet". I also know that the name in macedonian was something with started with "lo" the sound, don't know how u write it) and the secong word with "mo". Does someone know what song I'm talking about? Thanks!
AngelDust ok u dont know it or u're just ignoring my msg?
OooOo just give us some more information .. I don't recall it right now
AngelDust the problem is that that's the only thing I know about it. Maybe u can translate me "icy but sweet" to macedonia and somehow I'll find it..
OooOo "icy but sweet" = ladno ali slatko
ozonce nema takvo neshto u mkd :) da ne e bugarsko?
sfetle da ne e od Toshe "Ledena Medena",odnosno naslovot i e "Studena"
AngelDust hey it's sound like "ledena medena" is the song i was talking about does anyone know where i can find it?
AngelDust I found it yeah! thanks!
AaaAa Icy but sweet LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL good one :)