just a simple question...
just a simple question...
abbibabbi I attended a Macedonian Wedding the other day and as far as i knew untill that day i have never encounterd anyone from Macedonia. Well to keep this short I would like to hear someones explenation as to why Macedonians are the rudest people I have ever met. Nothing against your culture or race, would love to hear some reasoning though.
dimkoska The Macedonians are really friendly people. Who are you, and why are you asking this kind of question?
mafisKumA abbibabbi the majority of Macedonians are friendly, helpful people. Please donít let your one bad encounter solidify your eternal opinion of the Macedonian people. Keep in mind that there is good and bad in every nationality. Please give us some examples as to why you think the Macedonian people are rude, and we shall attempt to clarify matters for you. It would also simply things if you would inform us as to where you are from. Regards
N_U_L_A Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss Abbibabbi Welcome to the VMís forums. I found that we have something in common. First of all, both of us joined to the VM on the same day, 14th June 03. Second we could share our thoughts in English, maybe in another language, too. I am quite happy to learn something about your culture (language, music, literature, religion/s, history, geography, ethnography, customs, values, etc). Do you want to share that with us/me? If you could, I strongly believe that we will realise that we have much, much more similarities than differences. From that point of view we will realised that impoliteness is not culturally determined. Generalisation is a good method of thinking in some circumstances but often lead to labelling, especially in terms of humans relationships. The way of thinking expressed in your statement leads to tension. It is prejudice, stereotype and chauvinism. Love Nula
dimkoska Dear Abbibabbi To tell us that Macedonians are the rudest people, with out explenation, is an insalt. The rudest one in this case is only you, with your the only one very short post
mafisKumA dimkoska bas fino aj uste nekolku vakvi odgovori i stvarno ke mu se dokazi na lujgeto deka sne epten vini lujge ic nesne rude [:(] pa pazete malce ko ke odgovarata na vakvi topici please
dimkoska mafisKumA, ako za tebe ne e navreda nekoj da te narece bez pricina rudest, za mene e. Gledaj deka covekov ima samo eden post, i ne ni kazuva zosto ne vrega. Toa e mnogu grubo od negova strana.
Whitebaby You have to tell us first why you think that Macedonians are the rudest people you have ever met??? Da ne ti akna nekoja kopra??? [:D] Pa i ti si nashol kaj da zapoznavash Makedonci... na svadba... tuuuuuuuuuuuu... to sve stara imigracija GARANT!!! By the way... we are very friendly people... well at least most of us. [:)]