Organizing a Youth Event in Toronto.
Organizing a Youth Event in Toronto.
makgq For the Macedonians in Toronto, can you remember the last time there was a dance organized by the youth. I cant. If anyone is interested, post a message with your thoughts. The serbian community always has parties, and they are packed. The interesting part is that you will find many Macedonians go there also. This is because We never organize something, its always the Church that organizes it and not many people show up, except on Christmas and Easter(but thats twice a year which really SUCKS). So how are we suppose to keep our culture if we only attend events once or twice a year. With the ease of mailing lists We can organize an event that will be a SUCCESS. So I call on everyone that lives in TO or the surrounding area to post a message if you are interested, if you would like to attend such an event(party(zurka)). Thanx for reading. Cao. LG
kewlrats Hey guys! Organizing is alot of work, but in the end it is worth it. The event was organized by SIYAA and was a great success. I was priveleged enough to be asked to deejay part of the night, so thank you to the organizers. I hope more of us can work together like this and get something big started. Much love, Dalibor (Kewlrats)
makgq OK. I was there at the party. HONESTLY the deejaying SUCKED BIG TIME. If there was another event I WOULD STILL GO because there is nothing better. But when you call something CLUB NITE you gotta play pop music, if you dont have any new macedonian pop tracks, ask around, i GOT tons. And you dont fuck around where you play a macedonian song and then english, then again macedonian song and then reggae. DID THE DEJAYS SUCK, cant say but THE ORDER THAT THEY PLAYED THE MUSIC SUCKED.(BIG TIME). And having an ORO, WHAT THE FUCK, AND A TAPAN. GUYS it was done with an oro back in the days when your parents used to go out in the selo. GET A REALITY CHECK. MAN i got to say but we are really behind in this. HAVING THE PARTY WAS A SUCCESS., BUT FOR SOME THAT WERE THERE THEY MAY NEVER WANT TO COME BACK. Playing "golema svadba" HOLY SHIT MAN, you play that at church dances and weddings, not something you call a CLUB NITE. R E P L Y i would really want to hear what you have to say.
OooOo makgg chestitam za ova shto go napisha. Zatoa ednostavno ne se druzham so nashi lugje i ne idam na zhurki niti konvencii. Od FOLK, NARODNO i TURBO FOLK nashata imigracija ne slushnala nishto podaleku. Slushnale mozhda deka postoi Makedonski RNR i Makedonska zabavna muzka? Slushnale za Vlatko Stefanovski? Bodan Arsovski? Garo i Paramecium? Anastasia? Mizar? Sanatorium? Arhangel? Turbo_J & Nokaut? [:D] Ma daaaaaajjjjjjjj .. toa ne e muzika .. samo koga Vaseto kje zapee, im se diga stapot na pola od niv. Vaska Ilieva e svetica za imigracijata nasha. Treba da ja proglasat za Svetica sea u nedela zaedno so Majka Tereza. Ti ibam da ti ibam prostata Makedonska imigracija
makgq OVDE VO KANADA dolgo vreme ziveam, no ne sum seuste zaostanat kako nekoj. Tesko bilo da najdes nova pop muzika sto e makedonska. KAKO NE E TESKO ZA MENE BE. Jas naogam. Jas razbiram deka (mora) da se pusta angliska muzika HH, R&B, Reggae no mora da se pusti i nesto novo od zabavnata muzika koja e makedonska. Pa i neli e toa celta na taa zabava, da se zapoznaes so nasata makedonska pop muzika. Imaat nekoj mislenje deka nema nikoj da saka da doaga na zurkite ako ima mak pop muzika bidejki ne gi znaat mladite pesnite, JAS VELAM ke gi zapamtat ako doagaat na zurkite no ne kako taa sto bese vo MISSISSAUGA. Ako ima nekoj od organizatorite sto go organiziraa toa vo MISSISSAUGA im cestitam sto sobraa tolku mladina.(iskreno) NO stram da im e sto ne se ni potrudile da se informiraat kakva muzika se slusa vo MKD i kako se pravat zurki. No sepak e dobar pocetok. R E P L Y. After all the forum is for us to find an agreement even where we disagree. PEACE. MAKGQ.
MKoloski The Macedonian Orthodox Youth Association of North America (MOYANA), the National Youth Auxiliary of the American-Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Diocese established in August 2001 serves for the purpose of uniting and activating the Macedonian youth for the preservation of the Macedonian identity and the Orthodox Christian Faith. MOYANA is more than just an acronym for the American and Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Youth; MOYANA is about preserving the future of the Macedonian Diaspora of North America. Join the MOYANA mailing/discussion list to receive updates on news about Macedonia and the Canadian and American-Macedonians, events, and to be able to participate in religious and cultural discussions:
xstatik very intersted.. and I know many others would be too.. its a shame that Toronto.. with the largst Macedonian community outside Macedonia doesn't have anything to offer the Macedonian youths.. I look at Detroit ( Macedonian community and they have a lot happening there.. Its about time someone starts something like that here...
makgq Well at least one person replied back. WHAT THE FUCK. ARENT THERE ANY MACEDONIANS IN TORONTO. I can understand that you might like going clubbing listening to dance, house, etc. But wouldnt it be nice if once in a while you went where you can hear New Macedonian pop music or whatever flavour you like, make new friends, learn a little about Macedonia. I mean learning something about Canada is simple ( We live here), trying to keep our roots is harder and it is up to the individual to make sure they know where they come from. Post your reply, argue with me if Im wrong, I will argue back untill I am proven wrong. Cao. LG
xstatik come on... there's gotta be more people interested in this.. I'm getting a little tired of going to Serbian parties to hear the latest Balkan pop music and to meet new people.. not that there is anything wrong with the Serbian parties but us Mace's can do better..
makgq I see nothing wrong with going to serbian parties. BUT we need our own MACEDONIAN PARTIES.
Astibus why do we need macedonian parties?????? To keep the mak's together?Not to forget our heritage? Whats the point in these things?So my great grandson TOM HONKOVSKI can say he's descended from Macedonians?like it will matter then by that time he'll also be descended from anglo saxon,irish,french and native american and who knows what else.
makgq Thats exactly the point, so your great grandson TOM HONKOVSKI is NOT a descendant of an anglosaxon, french, ... If you want him to be I got no problem with that, your choice. BUT for those that want him to be Macedonain, the parties increase the chances of you meeting someone who is also Macedonian. If you dont want this you simply dont have to come to any Macedonian events and dont have to bother with keeping your roots.(ITS THAT SIMPLE). Reply with your thoughts, I'm very interested to see what your views are. LG
Astibus My thoughts are simple.... You cant control who you or your kids will love even if you go to 1000 Macedonian events. I was born in Canada the blood in me comes from Macedonia but what about my character? What does it mean to be a Macedonian? Is it the blood in my veins? or the cement in my head? or both?
makgq You're right, your character is shaped by where you live and WHO You choose to socialize with. What does it mean to be Macedonian? Leave this for a second. What does it mean to be Canadian? - Well accodring to the fact that you were born here, i Guess that makes you Canadian(or Canadain-Macedonian)or if you have emigrated here and have a Canadian passport that also makes you Canadian. Now we go back to what it means to be Macedonian, applying the same rules as to what it means to be Canadian, thats one way of looking at what it means to be Maci, but i doubt you will be satisfied with that definition, because you probably wont agree with it. Do you call yourself Macedonian, and why.
Astibus I call myself many things,whatever the situation calls for but mostly i call myself Mladen. I have a problem i feel like a traitor living here,i mean we say look at the siptari and how evil they are and all this shit but look who are the ones helping their families,whose lobbbying to western politicians? We call ourselves Macedonian but i think only because of the pride we feel whenever we utter that name not because we actually care about or feel Macedonian.
xstatik back to the original topic of this thread.. the youth events.. is anyone else interested in these types of events???
Canmak Xstatik......there are alot of youth events organized in Detroit and I mean alot... Now I know they love throughing parties so maybe you can talk to them to organize one in Toronto, I know they like partying there
makgq We need an organization here in TO.
Canmak Well from what I understand as was told by one of the youth groups (yes they have more then one in Detroit) is that the youth themselves organized the group on thier own initiative. They didn't go through the church. What they have done is throw parties and made donations to the Mak churches in Detroit and from that they have recieved backing from the community. I guess it takes someone with a drive to start it all up......I know the internet is one of the ways to grab peoples attention and one of the ways they advertize the event they throw. I also know they print alot of buisness cards with there internet address and hand them out at mak they make sure people know about there site. Talk to Kewlrats on the MDP site if you are interested in finding out more
xstatik i'm definitely interested... I would help organize but the time it takes to organize something PROPERLY is something I don't have now in between school and work..
kewlrats Hey Makgq.. sorry about not replying in so long. Been busy. Sorry you didnt like the deejaying. DJ Vardar was the main dj, I was the back-up. I had to go to a wedding first, so I came later on in the night. We did our best. When we'd be on one type of music, people would as us to switch to something else. So it went back and forth. I kept hearing "when are you going to play Macedonian music" or "when are you going to play reggae" over and over. The music selection wasn't mine, I just played what was requested by people there. (Trust me, I got sick of playing Mashala Mashala three times in a row, but that's what people wanted to dance to). At least the organizers put it together. It's about time the youth started up something, as the older generation isnt helping much anymore. I'm planning on coming back soon, this time with my own equipment (border issues kept me from bringing my personal turntables last time) so things will go alot smoother. I have alot of new Macedonian songs (both dance and folk) and will do my best throw a kick-butt party. [:)] pozrav od detroit
makgq anyone that wants the latest macedonian pop/dance music email at [email protected] latez