Ke bidam Tatko/ I am going to be a Dad
Ke bidam Tatko/ I am going to be a Dad
Canmak FRANKFURT, Germany - German supermodel Heidi Klum is expecting her first child with Canmak, moderator on Virtual Macedonia Forums, Klum said Tuesday. AP Photo Canadian Press Slideshow: Heidi Klum Klum, 30, and Canmak, 28, have been together for about a year. "I will take a short maternity leave," Klum told reporters after the presentation of her new fashion collection in the northern port city of Hamburg. She declined to say when the baby was due or whether she already knew the sex of the child. "It doesn't matter as long as it's healthy," Klum said. In an interview with the Weld am Sonntag weekly earlier this year, the model had expressed her desire to become a mother and have "two or three children." Klum, who has appeared in Sports Illustrated magazine's swimsuit issue, separated last November from her husband of five years, celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino. ___
OooOo Canmak = Flavio Briatore?
OooOo Slika od Flavio Briatore Canmak [img][/img]
Canmak [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D] What is she saying he is the father.........pfft thank god I thought I would have to pay child support[:p]
OooOo damn you are ugly dude :)
Canmak No only to my mother I am ugly[:p][:D]