Bugarska rabota
Bugarska rabota
Thunder from down under bugarive placat na Guest Book [:D] Nikolay 2/7/2004 1:05:54 PM City - Grad: Montreal Country -Drzhava: Canada I was once a member from this forum, I believe I posted around 1 message nad then I was banned and called "Baniran provokirasht Tatar". I created a thread called "Ethnicity of Macedonia (Aegen, Vardar and Pirin)", in resume this thread was showing statistics from the end of the 19th and the beginning of 20th century. Those statistics were coming from France, Russia, UK, Germany, USA, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. In each one of the stats, there was no mention of a Macedonian nation and on each one except the Greek one, the Bulgarians were the majority of the population. After the posting I was banned and the answers started to come, the Macedonians were proud that they "burned" me, with their "arguments". They were proud I couldn't respond to their questions because I didn't have any weapons to counter their "proven arguments"... Some even said "Good job Thunder from down under! Now the sucker won't return.", of course I won't return and repond to his theories....HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO RETURN WHEN YOU BAN EVERY BULGARIAN AFTER HIS FIRST POST!!!! Maybe you don't know what is a forum, here is the definition in case: a medium of open discussion or expression of ideas. If in the Macedonian history forum there is only Macedonians, it shouldn't be called forum but "Who will invent the biggest bullshit". If you people are really sure your theories are real you shouldn't be scared to let us in."
Maverik Bravo thunder, samo moze da kazam
"Good job Thunder from down under! Now the sucker won't return."
sapeski А шо мајка бара да се врати?