Homer MakeDonski Demeter Somebody prefered to say that Demeter is Greek name because she is appear to be Olimpian goddess. They have argument as Demeter -latin form from Demertos-Greek name ,again no well argument's for the name's origin and future developing . This is my view about this subject I will argue with two arguments : 1) Graecia Interpretatio 2)Gender Changing I) Graecia Interpretatio or 1)Demeter is converted from the Cult of the first God of Mother into the Olimpian mithology .. Olimpic mythology . Name Demeter ====== DEMETER -DE//METER- "DE-GDE -KDE-K'DE-KADE is Mother Earth" ? standing for the epizode when Demether has gone into the underground looking for her daughter story is not very clear over there , but in the under world She is appear uder the name of Semele Demeter Demeter *Deme/ter *D E M E / T E R *D->*Dz *Dz E M E *DS E M E * ' SEME -as seems what is into the soil during the winter times (Thus Demeter is a agruculture goddess ) *' ZEME -ZIME-Winter [as for Semele =Zemele or Sem(e)la(=Zeml'a)'land,earth'[Old-,,Bulg.''zemlja,Russ.zemlja,Lith zeme,Latv.zeme] from the site : or as we could supposed Z E M (e) ZEM(eo) Z E M (Eo) *o->*L palatalization form ZEM(EL) ZEMe(LL)' Z E M e (LL) e *Z->*S SEMELLE Legens continuing that She probably has succided to find her daughter ,and after the time spent into the underworld ,again appear to be back between the Olimpian god's but ,now under the name of Tiona Demeter Dama Dona Diona *D->*T *Tiona maybe with a meaning of *R+Tiona *RTiona Sprouting -For the seems when is spring time it is . maybe this story ancient people had used to gave explanations for the seasons changing winter for 9 mounths spring and Tiona od R Tiona awaking of the life to the Earth ,probably I am saying nothing new here .Yet (Vide. A New System or an Analysis of Ancient Mythology by Jacob Bryant, Vol. III, p. 73). The 'arc' had something like its parallel in the "Damater or Demater" (i.e. the mother) of several ancient nations, which word typified "The womb of Nature." The "arc" gave forth a number of men and living creatures just as mother earth or the womb of Nature gives them forth. The pomegranate contains, within the area of its small size, hundreds -- nay, thousands -- of grains, and so typifies or symbolizes the womb of Nature. It is a symbol of fecundity and fertility. Again, the pomegranate tree is almost ever green. It bears leaves during the whole of the year. So, it is a symbol of all everlasting life. It was held to be sacred by the ancient Babylonians. From all these facts, we can understand why the leaves of a pomegranate tree were given to a child or to an adult at the Nahn or the sacred bath ceremony. When used in the Navjote ceremony of a child, its signification reminds one of the words used by a Christian child's god-parents in the baptism ceremony, viz., "It (the child) may so pass the waves of this troublesome world, that finally it may come to the land of everlasting life." But is that fact enought for claime to be made on that way ? At page 349.of Lidd-Scott " Greek-English Lexicon "publish in 1869 y.when we had neutrality into the linguist.research ,abouth Demeter is wroten as follow : -ΔΗΜΗΤΗΡ,τεροs and τροs,η :an acc. Δηιμιτραν aslo occur,as if from a nom. Δημη-τρα,,Epigr.ap.Paus.I.37,2,and has often been introduced by copyists for Δη-μητρα, v Ar. Pl.64: - Demeter,Lat.Ceres,goddess of agruculture and rulal life,mother of Persephone;seldom mentioned in II.(2.696..,5.500.,I 4.326) c.f. ακτη ),once in Od.(5. I 25.),the chief autority for her legends ,being h.Hom. Cer.:- as a name for bread ,Opp,H.3. 463 ; v ,sub ακτη,καρποs. (An old form for γη μητηρ,mother earth). Here we have to make the things clear . Here we have ti make a split between the Mother Earth Cult and Cult what been establish when the Hellens had arrived. For one more time I will bring foreweord this side because saying a huge thing : =============== Q:How is it that the Maltese Fertility Cults have been such a secret? It’s likely that the early people who had written language never knew about them. __________ A; Simple very simple Hellens were destroyers.Since they're arrived ...cult of Patricharcath been established ________ Earth Morher Cult and Mothernity Cult of the Father and "reestablishing of the Olimpic mithology" Origin of the word of Demeter could have and this explanation. From Moter Earth Cult ,one of the supposing or possible meaning of that name Someone sayes that in Greek Meter from Demeter means Mitra or Womb Let's see even in the text above : "The womb of Nature." μητρα-ΜΗΤΡΑ-Womb same soruse page 1007 ...-απο or εκ μητροs from one's mother's womb's,Pind.P.5 . I53,Aesch. Cho.422 .. also η ,Μητηρ alone for Δημητηρ,τη Μητρι και τη Κουρη ορτηυ αγουσι Hrd.. -"meaning ...womb " or ................ MATER-WOMB ................. If womb is place where life is begining *MaKe *MajKe *MaTi *MA TKA _____________________________________ english |womb ,motherhood ,maternity _____________________________________ macedonian|matka , maternica, utroba _____________________________________ latinian|uterus _____________________________________ italian | ventre _____________________________________ spanish| utero _____________________________________ potugal | maternidade _____________________________________ greeks |mitra _____________________________________ All this word's have explanation in >mater< - mati-mother Searching the root of the word's on the way .From Macedonian word :Matka-Maternica-Matera --(Ma)tera-tera-ter(us)+ U -Uterus While they have one argument as Demeter -latin form from Demertos-Greek name ,again no argument's for the name's origin and future developing . Demeter use to be worship mostly in Thrache under the name of DAMETER And it seem to be their main or everyday goddess- II) And from Olimpian mythology had been converted in Roman mythology The Romans equated Neptune to the Greek Poseidon, but the latter was not originally a sea god at all. His name means simply 'husband of Da' - i.e., Demeter or Damater, 'mother Da' - and he was a god of the earth, as shown by his responsibility for earthquakes. Like his wife, he was also associated with horses. Poseidon thus has nothing to do with the astrological Neptune.
Homer MakeDonski II)My second argument is gender changing 3)Demeter been Converted in Christianity as well as St.Demetra From the book "Cultire Shock" -a Guide to Customs and Etiquette -Greece- by Clive L. Rawlins. / [email protected] Culture Shock Greece: A guide to the customs and etiquette by Clive L Rawlings. £9.95 A wonderful book detailing customs, local laws, religion, transport etc within Greece. I highly recommend this book for anybody who wishes to learn more about Greece than which beaches are sandy and which bars serve Guiness. Superb. SJ Price does not include postal charges, please click here for further information _________ Reflection's _________ page 48-49 Even the Greek Orthodox Church demonstraties this reflection . Many of it's "saint's" are half -rembodiement of pagan heroes and deities.For example,St Demetra,an uncanonical saint whose following is still strong in certian places sush as Elefisina(Eleusis).In her the old corn goddess,Demeter,has a revered it transmogrified,place in the hearts and members of the post-pagan,"Christianised"world.or take the title "Mother of God":Theotokos.This concept,stricly speaking, is contradition that Jews and early Christians would have died to deny.If self generation is indicative of deity,divine motherhood is logically imposible.It has no place whatsoever in he New Testament,and is specifically and repeatedly rejected in the Old Testament.But throught the Greek Earth-or Mother Goddess cult,the idea was so firmly embeded in Hellenised minds and practises,that room was eventually made for it in the new religion.Yet other examples may be found on many hill-tops of Greece,dedicated to St Elias(the prophet Elisha).St Elias?Since when did the elcectic people par excellence,the Greek,have anyregard for this destroyer of syncretism?.Everyone who is biblicaly literate knows that it has nothing to do with the prophet Elisha save for a slight proximity of sound. It is not Elios who is intended,but Helios. The aspirate > h<,represented in Greek by a simple breathing mark(*),often falls silent,meaking easy the connection. Venerations for the holy prophet thus becomes that for the sun-god,whose cult was perpetuated on the mountain tops of old Greece as he rose to spread his rejuvenating warmth across the globe. ________________________________- INCORPORATION OF PAGAN BELIEFS page 97-98 -"This is more to the Greek Church than to religious awareness. As a proud bearer of the best in Hellenistic culture it has claimed the right to preserve and fashion that inheritance according to its own lights.Claims were frequently made to include unbelieving philosophers as harbingers of an contributors to its theology;for example,the philosophical absolute was often equateted by its thinkers with the Christian God -a very different thing from Paul's 'God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ'.The Church has incorporated pagan believes and superstition that are diametrically opposed to its tenets into the Church practices.Lawson's book ,Modern Greek folk-lore and Antient Greek Religion ,detailed much of this over eihty years ago; many have amplified it at both popular and academic levels since. Take another example: the status and veneration of Mary the mother of Jesus,and outstanding example of how the Mother-Goddess motif of the old pagan world has been incorporated into a theology.The very term "Mother of God" is a self -contradiction if self-existence-an absolute concept of monotheism,based on Exodus 3:6-has any meaning.Further,it undermines the Oneness of God-as Jewish and Islamic theologicans are quick to the point out.Early leaders waived these objections,fearing the immenence power of the Mother image in the minds of their people around the Fertile Cresent,and admitted into their creeds despite oppositions. A host of less imporatnt borrowings exist at lower levels.For example,the place of Artemis(an important goddess ),has been accorded to "St Artemidos"-changing her gender in the proces ! Lady Kalo ,a minor goddess ,became St Kali.The same proces transmogrified male deities into saints.Something pagan rites-even animal sacrifices-became part of the Church functioning ,thought this latter aspects ussualy took place in the remother parts od Greece. Instead of conclusion review : Demeter ->St.Demetra->St.Dimitros Artemis -> St. Arthemidos Lady Kalo->St.Kali Do we know for some other example ? Here is another site where is writen as follow Ida herself - Ida Mate(r) - was taken into Greek as Damater, later Demeter. (Since Greek tends to place the accent near or at the end of words, and the Greeks who borrowed Ida Mate(r) may have been no more aware of her origins than were those who borrowed Atano-djuwaja and lost the sun goddess connection, it makes sense for the name of the goddess to undergo further linguistic changes as a unit, not as the sum of its parts.) Name of Ida Mate(r) if is correct could be connected with the name od Dameter -Demeter on this way : Dame/tera because Dama could be from Dona ~>Don as we have even in today Italian language as reminding rest of Her Glory Dona ->Lady Dona from the second part of the name of MakeDon . *Ida(ma) Mate(r) *I Dama *Mate *Dama *Mati *Dona * Matja *Dona *Make *Don * Make zdrAVEite Homer MakeDonski
Homer MakeDonski Demeter is Dionisys mother by their mythology, so let's try to follow his steps Following the steps of Dionisys We are going straight to India ,where He had been for two times : -as a Goddess of vegetable -as a Goddess of the wine Dion-is-ys From the site ; Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "-The origins of the cult of Dionysus can be traced to prehistoric times. Dionysus was originally a nature god of fruitfulness and reproduction of all trees and vegetation." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dion-is-ys is a sun by the Sunshine (olimpic)Mythology of the main goddess of Zeus and Semele - Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dionysus us also described as the son of Semele, the Earth Mother.[54] “He is not only son of Semele, of Earth, but son of Semele as Keraunia, Earth the thunder-smitten”.[55] It was appropriate in her case as bride of Zeus, the god of thunder. Euripides has rendered the conception into immortal verse in his Hyoppolytus." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hindy *D->*H *D->Dz->Ks->X->H Hindia Dindia Din/dia Dion/Dia Dion/Gia Dion/Gea Hindy The native population for their's country today will tell you that the original name is Bharat Bha/rat *B->*M Mha/Rat M'a/'Rat Ma/aRat Mha/aurat Mha Ma/Women Bog/ or God/Women ----------------- Dion/Gea --------------- Dion/ *Gea->Geneka- Dion /(*G->*D) Dion/*Deneka->Dzeneka- Dion/*dZene-ka->Zene-ka->Zena(women ) ________ God/Women ________ Dion-is-us as a sun of Zeus and Semele Zeus- Z->S e->i u->v s->a ------- Zeus Siva ------- Siva as underworld main Goddess in Hindyism Semele-one of the name of the Mother Earth Goddess Following hime we could see few things -religion as one for all -religion as main factor for the toponims names
Homer MakeDonski Semele As name for toponims Himallai S E M E L E *S->K'S->X->H E->I M-M E->AE L->LL E->AE->AI ___________ S E M E L E- H I M AE L AE H I M A LLA I _______________ Haimos i.e Balkan S E M E L E *S->*Z Z E M E L E Z as sonant from bissonant DZ~KS~H *DZEMELE *K'SEMELE *HEMELE *H E M E L E *L->*O *H E M E O E *H I M E O/S *HAIMOS where the OS is suffix means as usual -nothing HEMOS ,Haimos ,Aimos .. meaning ,my opinion Earth
Homer MakeDonski Za suffixot "OS" napisav deka znaci kako i obicno nisto !
where the OS is suffix means as usual -nothing
Dali navistina e taka ? Ako pojdeme od logikata spored koja nestata ne se sozdavaat od i poradi nisto i sekoe nesto ima svoja namena, taka i za suffixot "os" MORA da ima odredena primena koe i pokraj toa sto barem, najmalku jas sum toj edinstveniot sto ne go znam takvoto negovo znacenie ,sepak kje se obidam da go otkrijam preku negovata prakticna upotreba . Analizirajki go sledniov primer : -------------------- Thea->Theos ----------------- Se prasav sto se moze da se zakluci od navedenovo : -se cita deka namesto bukvata A e zapisan nastavkata OS znaci deka suffiksot OS" izvira" od bukvata A i.e." korenot mu e tamu" Sepak uste pogolemo prasanje treba da se postavi zosto e postoela potrebata od voveduvanjeto na toj suffiks kako takov ? Koj e rezultatot od negovata prakticna primena ? Ako nestata gi sogledame od aspekt na odreduvanjeto na rodovskata grupa na eden odreden zbor ,koj sto e usvoen vo slucajov kako necije ime ,togas nestava se malce pojasni . Od zenski vo maski rod za treto lice ednina . -Suffixot "OS" se primenuva togas koga se ima potreba od preimenuvanje na zborovite ,na iminjata pod koi sto bile poznati Bogovite vo stariot svet . -Suffiksot "OS"se sozdava kako rezultat na edna potreba na edno vreme , koga edna religija zapocnuva da se zamenuva so druga ,poradi odredeni pricini . Prasanjeto koga : Togas koga odreden ethos go ima usvoeno zborot THEA kako ime za BoG i koga drug ethos go prevzel istiot zbor i mu go dodal suffixot OS na nacin da preku nego objani deka se slucuva promena na rodot vo tretoto lice ednina , i deka od "TAA" se transformira vo "TOJ" ili dijalekicki "ONA" vo "ON" tuka na sajtov e spomenato na ovoj nacin Theos | Greek word for a (male) god; the feminine form is Thea I seto toa so koren na zborot DON ,kako sto sum napisal nekade deka go pretpostavuvam za takvo . A eve zosto mislam deka i samiot zbor Zena go ima vo DON From the site above : Don meaning Women ---------- The **szony in Hungarian: (n) woman, female; mistress/missis, lady; wife. In Croatian: (f) 1. woman, lady 2. wife 3. domestic, cleaning woman. In Greek: gunh, gunaikos, h woman, lady; wife; mistress; widow; servant. In Persian: (zan) meaning 'woman', in Zend-Avesta: ghena also 'women', in Sanskrit: (gn?) meaning 'wife, divine female, kind of goddess', or (jani), meaning 'woman, wife, mother', and also 'birth, production', as a verb 'generate, beget, procreate'. [Bibl.10,11] All this points into a common origin of not only of these words, but also of the cult of respect for a "Great Blessed Woman" originally maybe as an ancestor, later as a God. The mythologists call her "Mother Nature" or "Earth Mother". Today the Blessed Virgin is her representation. ------ Here we could go with adding the letter z to make a bissonante form of D Don *Dzon *Dzen *Zen Zena If we supposed that D->G and that is refleced into the bissonant's as well than we could find the rest of the variant's for the word women based at this rooth ,word Don Don *Dzon *Dzen D->G *Gzen *Gen *Genh-Greek or different orthography ???? ,???a???s ,? -is this mean's giving a birth ? or wife ? Don *Dzon *Dzen *Zen Zan-Persian: (zan) meaning 'woman', in Zend-Avesta: ghena also 'women', Don *Dzon *Dzen D->G *Gzen *G(z)en *Gen *Gena Gna -in maybe case in Sanskrit: (gn?) meaning 'wife, divine female, kind of goddess' Don Dj-another bissonat in use tosay as well *Djon *Jon *Jan Jani (jani), meaning 'woman, wife, mother' ----- All this points into a common origin of not only of these words, but also of the cult of respect for a "Great Blessed Woman" originally maybe as an ancestor, later as a God. The mythologists call her "Mother Nature" or "Earth Mother" At this part of the text I will make a separation that we have two word's Make -as mother Don as for women if it's according by the meaning of Don ~women what bringing a life Don(ese) Life Ona sto bi go naglasil e deka spekuliram od ovoj aspekt : Make Majka -> Bog stoi za zenski rod vo vremeto na matrijarhatot i do togas se izveduva Bog od majka a so patrijarhatot Bog se izveduva ne od prviot ,ami od vtoriot del na zborot Don -Dion-Deus-Dzeus-nesto koe vazi za onie pleminja koi go vospostavuvaat kultot na tatkovskoto , Taka da imame situacija deka kaj site onie narodi koi se vo kultot na Majkata Bog da se izveduva od Make Bog Bhagavan ------------ a ostanatite etnosi koi sto evoluiraat podocna nemaat vakov spomen i nazivot Bog go gradat od Don ---------- Mozebi e smelo od moja strana da tvrdam deka koga zborot bil celina kako MakeDon da postoela "zensstvenost " vo predstavata za Hierarhijata na Bogovite nesto sto ako se pogleda vo hindyizmot moze i te kako da go potvrdi moevo izlaganje ,za da taa se zamene so "maskost"vo negoviot prizvuk togas koga veke nemame celina na zborot ami toj se uoptrebuva kako dve razlicni celini i.e. od MakeDon da doagja do Make /Don ,kade sto site zborovi glasat vo zenski rod DON DZON DZEMELE DZ-GZ GZEON GZEMA GZEAME GZEON GZEO(N) GZE A G(Z)EA GEA - DEA DEA+OS DZEOS DZEUS ZEUS od kade vekje imame imenuvanje vo maski rod DEOS-maski rod ili napisano so podrugi bukvi ΔΕΟΣ Ι ovaa promena na polot iskazana preku suffixot "OS" sepak se bazira na potrebata na dadenoto vreme . Dojdencite ,koi najverojatno i voeno -iako nemora da znaci -ja osvojuvaat prethodnata civilizacija ,koja go imala MATRIJARHATOT i kako RELIGIJA i kako opstestveno ureduvanje ,da se zamenuva so Patrijarhatot kako nova opstestvena forma na ureduvanje vo hierarhijata i na Bogovite i na opstestvoto . Megjutoa ova mora da se naglasi tokmu taa promena e toj faktor na podvojuvanje na ednite od drugite ,na starosedelcite od nadojdenite Faktorot ne e nisto drugo tuku religijskata pripadnost koja e razlicna i kaj ednite i kaj drugite Homer MakeDonski