Johnny Depp buys his own island
Johnny Depp buys his own island
OooOo Johnny Depp buys his own island 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star Johnny Depp has bought his own desert island. The actor splashed out $3.6 million on his very own island in the Bahamas. The Oscar-nominated actor already shares homes in France and LA with partner Vanessa Paradis and their two children, 5-year-old Lily Rose and Jack, 2. The mile long island is called Little Halls Pond Cay and comes with six white sandy beaches, a central lagoon surrounded by palm trees, its own private harbour and staff quarters. Johnny is the latest in a long list of famous names to buy their own sun-drenched hideaway. Celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Tony Curtis & Nicolas Cage all invested in private islands in the past. Depp is currently filming the sequel to 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'.
OooOo Od mnogu doverlivi izvori doznav deka ostrovot na Johnny Depp se granichi so ostrovot na Gospodinot micko. Lesno e koa si milioner, je*i ga :)
micko abe vol! ... toa beshe tajna ebate belja. me zamoli djoni da ne kazuvam da ne mu ripale mnogu da go slikaat znaes da chuvas tajna EJ!
Thunder from down under badijala si go prodal i ti, da ne se brzashe i 4 milioni ke mu zemeshe na jonnie, ili od micko begashe?
OooOo vtoroto kje da e [:D]