Of lele!
Of lele!
AaaAa Ko i sekoja godina , po ist standard, staro dobro prasanje : Avionski karti za Makedonija. samo shto ovoj pat ne e dajte eftini, nego dajte kaj ima voopsto ako ima za od prilika Avgust, vrakjanje septemvrtri. Sve shto najdov e nad $1200 . Blagodarim unapred
Thunder from down under dejan agencijata se vikat "aviotravel" telefon : 9471-4556 -----03--- treba da svrtish ti dejan od brizbane pred 94714556 milka se vikat zhenata sho e imat agencijata , makedonka e
dejan fala fala. Pa se znae koi ke prodava eftini karti:p
kopacot Departing Sydney flying to Skopje in August 2004 EGFF9 Gulf Air Company G.S.C./KLM from $1322* Enquire ELHH1 Lufthansa/Singapore Airlines from $1410* Enquire ELX51 Crossair Ag/Cathay Pacific from $1427* Enquire ETK4P Turkish Airlines Inc. from $1459* Enquire EKLP6 KLM from $1513* Enquire
Thunder from down under kopac , za nazad peshki neki si idet dejan , mlad e nemat gajle :)) tie karti se one way kopac
kopacot pa za one way....ne ke prajt idi mi dojdi mi.....sea ke dojt i od ko ke go naprajt ajvarot esenva nek se vrakat...za povratni ne vidov...izbaraj dejane :)
Thunder from down under gledaj da go zenime nekako ko ke dojdit tamu, barajmu nekoja grkina ili nekoja bugarka ,mnogu obozhaval takvi
melpomena abe AaaAa prasha za karti od USA za Mk ne od Avstralija, aman :) AaaAa kje go prasham Boris od kaj zema karti...
dejan Preku Vardar ke patuvam za nazaat thunder:p Nai eftinio e gulf air kopac;) Da, stasan sum za da me zhenite:p bugarkite, i toa kako!
Thunder from down under dejan read this travel advice/warning from the foreigh office ! Australians in the Republic of Macedonia should exercise caution and monitor developments that might affect their safety. Australians should be aware that tensions exist between Republic of Macedonia's ethnic Macedonian and ethnic Albanian communities and that localized incidents of inter-ethnic violence continue to occur. Australians should defer non-essential travel to the region bordering the Serbia and Montenegro province of Kosovo, including adjacent areas of southern Serbia. Safety and security risks exist in all parts of the region north and west of the cities of Debar, Gostivar, Kicevo, Tetovo, Skopje and Kumanovo and the northern sections of the border with Albania. Apart from designated crossings, the immediate border area with Serbia and Montenegro is a military restricted zone and is subject to closure at short notice. There is a risk of landmines and unexploded ordinance in the area. Pickpockets and bag snatchers are active. Australians should only carry sufficient cash for their daily needs and secure their valuables against theft. Photocopies of valuables such as passport, tickets, driving licence and travellers cheques should be kept separately. Prior to travel, Australians should ensure they have a variety of financial options available to them including credit cards, travellers cheques and US dollars cash. In particular, automatic teller machine (ATM) locations should be confirmed with your card provider before travel. Visitors to the Republic of Macedonia must declare all foreign currency on arrival. Failure to do so may result in detention and forfeiture of all funds when attempting to leave the country. The Republic of Macedonia is in an active seismic zone and is subject to earthquakes. In the event of a natural disaster, Australians should follow the advice of local authorities. Local Law and Customs All foreigners in the Republic of Macedonia are required to register their place of residence within 24 hours of arrival. Registration is automatically completed as part of hotel check-in procedure, but Australians staying in a private home are required to register at the nearest police station. Failure to do so can result in fines and delays in departure. Australian males who also hold Republic of Macedonia citizenship may be subject to compulsory military service while in country. Prior to travel, Australian/ Republic of Macedonia dual nationals should seek advice from the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Macedonia. Australians are reminded that when overseas, they are subject to local laws. A violation of local law may result in a jail sentence, served in a local prison. Some Australian criminal laws, including - but not limited to - those relating to money laundering, bribery of foreign public officials, terrorism and child sex tourism, have extraterritorial effect. Australians who commit such offences outside of Australia may be prosecuted in Australia for those offences. Australian authorities are committed to combating sexual exploitation of children by Australians overseas. Australians may be prosecuted at home under Australian child sex tourism laws. These laws provide severe penalties of up to 17 years imprisonment for Australians who engage in sexual activity with children under 16 while outside of Australia. Entry and Exit Requirements Visa conditions are subject to change. Since 31 July 2003, the Republic of Macedonian authorities no longer issue visas at the border crossings. For up-to-date visa information, Australians should contact the nearest embassy or consulate of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, well in advance of travel. Contact details for embassies and consulates accredited to Australia can be found at: http:www.dfat.gov.au/protocol/ .
ozonce Makedonija e nedostapna!!! Toa ti e isto kako edno mome od Negotino koe uporno se pravi takva, na kraj ke ostane stara moma :))
dejan $1200! lele kade! Tuka naj eftino sto najdev e $1930!
Thunder from down under kaj najde be dejan za $1930? so emirate airlanes?
dejan najdev na www.studenttravel.com.au se javiv jas deka sajtot ne mi kaza nisto. Znaes po eftino thunder?
dejan cekaj, ne e studenttravel. www.studentflights.com.au :p
Thunder from down under toa e najeftino sho go imam slusnato dejan ama site gledam sega so emirate airlanes patuvaat,mislam deka e najeftino dejan i najdobar service imaat emiratite, samo shto ima malu zaebancii shto treba da zastanesh vo mnogu zemji i da smenish nekolku avioni, ako odis sam dejan ne e mnogu golema razlika ako patuvas cela familija e mnogu poeftino, ako sakas ke ti najdam broj od agencijata od kaj shto zemaat karti site nashite how much is with qantas dejan? fly emirates dejan support the mighty magpies :) thats collingwood football club
dejan Znam deka makedonci odat so emirate, dajmi broi ako imas:) qantas...i don't know actually. tie studentflights.com e samo za studenti.
dejan Sum go cital, ama jas go citav na FYROM o_O Ne mi go smeni mislenjeto ova, deka vo sekoja zemja, bilo koja, Francija, Belgija....moras da 'exercises caution'
AaaAa Decki fala mnogu za infoto, ke go zapisam u slucaj da nekad se najdam co avstralija ...
Originally posted by AaaAa
Decki fala mnogu za infoto, ke go zapisam u slucaj da nekad se najdam co avstralija ...
na celoto samo da ne zaboravish :o)
DJ_SHEMA AaAaa Se javi vo Mac travel vo CHicago i ohrid travel vo New Jersey taka?
Originally posted by DJ_SHEMA
AaAaa Se javi vo Mac travel vo CHicago i ohrid travel vo New Jersey taka?
Da ohrid travel mi najdoa $1200 u avgust i $900 za u septemvri, ama kasno mi e vo septemvri, sakam nekade sredina na Avgust.
Strelec Ануш, најевтино ќе те фати доколку воопшто не отпатуваш... размисли за една таква комбинација!:)
Thief Kаде ни ги „врбуваш“ за Канада, сега почна да им сугерираш и да не доаѓаат наваму?! Ц ц ц ! [:D]
Strelec Ти уште не си напишал нова колумна?
Thief Eeee, имав маки и проблеми (за дел од нив знаеш), па изумив! [:(] Деновиве добиваш, ветувам! Само, раздели ги некако, малку напорни стануваат за читање, треба многу да се скролува...