Matchday programmes Macedonia - Holland
Matchday programmes Macedonia - Holland
glahuis Hello, We're looking for someone who can supply us with matchday programmes from Macedonia - Holland from some weeks ago. With matchday programmes I mean the (little) magazine which informs people about the match. They were hard to get by supporters, because they were only available for press, is my information. Do anyone know who can help us with these programmes? Of course we will pay for them. Kind regards, Gertjan Dutch Programme Club
StormAngel 1:1 1:2 2:2 Maybe this can help
DJ_SHEMA blue ovoj baraj programa na koja pishuva koj igral ova ona. Toa obichno ide so sekoja utakmica. glahuis, to tell you the truth I didn't know that we even produced one for the press. However, somebody may come up with one.
StormAngel Shema,mi se cini deka ednata stranica ima i forum za Makedonskata reprezentacija. No kako i da e,neka si gi proveri on stranicite,moze ke si najde toa sto bara. glahuis, The web sites I provided you with are with the goals and some other discussions about the game,however,I believe that maybe you can also find more about the game Macedonia-Netherlands.[;)] If not,tell us,we will try to provide some other web sites.
DJ_SHEMA The xtratime forum has some discussion.