Junior Eurosong Contest
Junior Eurosong Contest
n/a Do site pa ajde sega da se pokazeme eve prilika da glasame za nasiot prestavnik na Junior Eurosong Contest koj ke se odrzi denes 20-11-2004 vo 2015h. vo Lillehamer,Norveska Da i pomogneme so nasite glasovi
Divider OK, you have my vote. How do we do that?
n/a Our singer is with the number 7-Martina Siljanovska from Macedonia The vote will be by telvoiting, today start from 2015h. macedonian time, or 0715 norves time pls pls vote ,the song is great and the name of song is "PARTY"
Divider What about people not in Macedonia or Norway?
n/a only the state with the own singer may vote
Divider Shame, shame, shame. Well, you vote for me. Alright?
sfetle Spanija pobedi,a Makedonija se plasira na 7-moto mesto..shto ne e tolku losho..;)
n/a Good, too bad I was unable to vote.
DonVito nice to hear that