FREEDOM EQUALITY , Rigas 1798 g. - makedonci
FREEDOM EQUALITY , Rigas 1798 g. - makedonci
n/a [ edition of Corfú, 1798] [ págs. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 ] Rigas FREEDOM EQUALITY T Or R I Or S or first Patriotic Hymn battle to they are of a great mandate Until when, brave, to live single like lions, by mountain ranges, sickles, I mount? To inhabit caves and to see only forests, to flee from the world, in miserable slavery? To lose our brothers, mother country and parents, 5 friends, children and relatives all? Better we live free a moment that forty years servants and captives! As what it serves to live if you are enslaved? Sight how to fire they always burn to you. 10 Or you are vizier, notable or dragomán, without reason the equal Tyrant loses to you; all the day dominates to you with its order, and to drink your blood always it treats. Sutsos, Murusis, Petrakis, Scanavís, 15 Guicas, Mavroyenis, mirrors that to watch. Brave captains, pop, legos, agas to inicuo knife died; and so many without story, Greek Turks or, life and property lose without reason. 20 You go now with ardor all, to oath to render before the Cross; an advice of made an effort patriotic let us choose that in order everything puts. The Law is first and single guide 25 and caudillo of the Mother country a single man; that equal anarchy is to servitude and to live like beasts, vile misfortune. Let us raise to the sky our arms, of our God heart crying out: 30 Positions still on the Patriotic ones raise here to the sky the hands doing the Oath Oath against the Tyranny and the Anarchy "Oh King of the Universe, I swear to You to never be of seeming of the Tyrant, neither to serve it nor to let seduce to me nor to never render to me to its promises. While it lives in the world, my single aim 35 it will be to be firm to annihilate it. Faithful to the Mother country, I will shake the yoke without never separating to me from the general. The sky thunders against to me and it consumes to me returned in smoke, if I break the oath " 40 Of the East to the West, North to the South, a single heart for the Mother country! In freedom all with their faith live. By a glorious combat, in march, united! Bulgarians, albanos, Armenian, Greek, 45 Moors and targets, in a common eagerness, the sword we fit by the Freedom. Our fierceness resonates everywhere. Whatever by the Tyranny emigrated to his earth they return now all already; 50 who know of the art of war all to the Tyrants run to win Rumelia calls to you with opened arms, sustenance, site, honors, glory offer. Until when you will serve other kings? 55 They see and I know the pillar of your own nation. Better it is, yes, by the Mother country to perish that in saber to shine tassels of the intruder. Whichever to us they follow enemy, already are not; brothers will be unfaithful ours although. 60 But those that, dared, opposite are raised, although ours they are, those will die. Suliotas, maniotas, glorious lions, By how much in caves, sleepy, hidden? Tigers of Montenegro, eagles of the Mount Olympus, 65 hawks of the Agrafos, a soul thirst. Brave macedones, ahead! Fierce, saciaos with blood of Tyrants! In Christ brothers of the Sava and the Danube, with alzaos arms all in the hand; 70 your blood boils in right rage. Poor men, rich, you swear death to the Tyrant. Brave and striking of the Black Sea, until when the oppression of the Barbarian? You do not wait for more, invictos of Cólquide, 75 unámonos all in the Straits. Island dolphins of the sea, dragoons, you fall like rays, dadle to the enemy. Marine birds of Crete and Hidra, the outcries of the Mother country you take care of already. 80 Brave children who in its fleet you serve, the Laws order to open fire to you. Malteses, a single body we are, with impetus lanzaos against the Tyrant! The Hélade calls to you, protests to you, cries to you, 85 with maternal voice it requests your aid. What you wait, expectant, Pasvanoglu? It shakes to the Balcán and in him it nests; to owls and crows the azor ignores; if to win you want, únete to Christian 90 Silistra and Braila, Ismail and also Kiliá, Benderi also demands and Khotín to you; it sends your troops, they venerate to you, then they cannot live in Tyranny. Georgian, above already, you do not fall asleep 95 in Bursa you have example that to imitate. You, librepensador pachá of Alepo, nonafternoons in leaving to opened field, álzate immediately with your troops, you do not yield to firmanes of Istambul. 100 Lions of Egypt, first mission is to cause that your bey a king becomes; that it does not see imposed Istambul Egyptian and thus the wolf bursts that it presses to you! Thirst one in heart, soul, ideals, 105 you lower the Tyrants by root! Fire we pledged to all Turkey that from Bosnia it is arrived until Arabia! You crown with the Cross your flags, you thunder against like the ray the enemy! 110 Never you never think how is of fort; that as hare shakes and one shakes. Three hundred kirdsalides demonstrated that nor with tubes it can resist. To what you hope then? You are dead? 115 Still on, you leave your quarrels back! Fierce cash settlements like our parents, that to the fire they lay down by the Freedom. To the arms, brothers, like those, to free to us of the vile slavery! 120 The wolves die that to the yoke uncen to us, that to the Christian and Turk with viciousness they press! Fulja the Cross in the Earth and the sea, Póstrese before Justice the enemy; of this it whips sálvese the Humanity, 125 living, Earth brothers, free!
Bicho Bitushanec, da si zhiv brate!!! Of, of koga kje go vidat ova grchinjata i buKarchinjata [:D]. Idam sega da gi sekiram...[}:)]
n/a Opasen su ti ja majke [:)] Servi, Vulgari i Karamanci+Arvaniti+Etiopci (se narekuvat Elini) uplav imaat od mene [:p]
Homer MakeDonski bitushanec=uplav za antimakedoncite [;)]
Bicho A eve vi ja i na grchki. Da si ja imate za sekoj sluchaj! Inaku od grchki direktno ako se preveduva popravilno e da glasi: NA JURISH HRABRI MAKEDONCI
Misirkov "mazestveni Makedonci, dignete se kako zverovi..." Rigas e Vlav po poteklo no vo istorijata slovi za grcki borec. Pesnava ja napisal da gi okurazi narodite na Balkanot da se dignat protiv turskoto vladeenje i gi spomenuva Makedncite. Interesno, za pesnava najmnogu prasina digaat Bugarite (so Grcite) i povtorno sakaat da ne "regionaliziraat" vo nea kako grcki geograafski poim. Interesno e znaci kolku se slozuvaat koge imaat zaednicki interes - negiranje na Makedonija. Kako kontra na toa grcko-bugarsko stanoviste, ima edna srpska pesna koja podocna kje ja postiram koga kje ja najdam.