zosto national geographic ovaka razmisluva?
zosto national geographic ovaka razmisluva?
dejan http://community.webshots.com/album/173114247rBhABM/1 dovolno e da chitate edna 'slika' za da znaes kako razmisluvat... dali grcite i bugarite se krivi za ova?
Thunder from down under Dejan, have a look at the page 1126 picture , you need to save it and enlarge it, it reads : SCENE IS A MACEDONIAN VILLAGE : ALL WOMAN OT THE TOWN DRESS ALIKE but in fact is a woman in afganistan so what do you think? how come is like that and why?
Thunder from down under what is wrong Dejan? spaek your mind man , don just leave links, people dont have a time to work it out what you mean, just say it in one line what is it that you dislike,andbothers you so we can partisipate, it is hard to work it out where you stand on that issue and what....................... do you know what i mean dejan ?
dejan i don't know what you mean? o_O i was only wondering why they say things like that? i don't know much about how the greeks, serbs and bulgars got their way with propaganda, that's why i make these posts.
n/a Аз сам клонирано блгарче. Бех баниран и еве ме пак.:-)
dejan ne go kliknav toa, samo prvite strani gi videv i toa:p ama interesno!
Misirkov Procitaj "National Geographic" Vol.189 No.3 (March 1996)- napis od Priit J. Vesilind. Spomnuva Makedonci i bugarski i grcki ekspanzionizam. Kako sto gledas, NG ne se istoricari, a i da se moze da se tendenciozni ili pak tolku da znaat. Bugarite porano poseben akcent stavale na "blanketing foreigers" vo Makedonija.